My future tarot card years

2023 – Major Arcana 8

2024 – Major Arcana 9

2025 – Major Arcana 10

2026 – Major Arcana 11

2027 – Major Arcana 12

2028 – Major Arcana 13

2029 – Major Arcana 14

2030 – Major Arcana 15

2031 – Major Arcana 7

2032 – Major Arcana 8

2033 – Major Arcana 9

2034 – Major Arcana 10

2035 – Major Arcana 11

2036 – Major Arcana 12

2037 – Major Arcana 13

2038 – Major Arcana 14

2039 – Major Arcana 15

2040 – Major Arcana 16

2041 – Major Arcana 8

2042 – Major Arcana 9

2043 – Major Arcana 10

2044 – Major Arcana 11

2045 – Major Arcana 12

2046 – Major Arcana 13

2047 – Major Arcana 14

2050 – Major Arcana 17

2051 – Major Arcana 9

2052 – Major Arcana 10

2053 – Major Arcana 11

2054 – Major Arcana 12

Plenty of Towers, death and strength cards…

A life of Sun Venus in Pisces, 8th house.

Tarot Year Card: The Star (17)

If previous year did not belong to the best ones, rest assured. This year will gift you opportunities to grow in all spheres of life. If you had been sick the year before expect an improvement of health. If your business did not show any positive results, this year will be quite prosperous with many proposals and collaborations. If you got your heart broken in the previous year, this year may surprise you by giving you a seriously commited partner or an engagement.

The Star cards meaning is all about wish fullfilment and so it may mean that things which were difficult to obtain previously will be obtained with ease. This year will fill you with optimism and hope. You will be generous to those that are not having it easy as you will have the understanding of their hardships. It may be a year where you will nurture others. If you are a medical students, perhaps its a year you will get your doctors license. For those that were expecting a baby, the Star year may make them parents.

The Star tarot year could make you more imaginative which could make you pursue a creative career. You could become famous during this year as well. Nevertheless of the outcome, you will win over every challenge as the Star card indicates celebrations of all sort.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world!


Tarot Year Card: The Tower (16)

With the Tower signifying your tarot year you cannot predict anything. It is recommended though to keep every spheres of your life structured and to work towards aims slowly but steady as the changes of plans will occur very likely and will be very sudden. Does it mean that a year of The Tower will be a negative one? The answer to this question is No.

Sudden changes are not always bad. Maybe you lost a job but all of a sudden you get a better offer than the one you lost. You could become a parent without having any thoughts of becoming one and will need to adjust to the new situation. You could have cleared your exams although you were not preparing for them or you could win money on lotteries as its an events which can happen suddenly.

Nevertheless, no matter what happens be ready to raise yourself from the ground after every fall as staying on the ground for too long will not benefit you in any way.

Thank you & Have a nice day!