Like a magnet

I keep my distance to stay sane

knowing I could lose myself in the intensity.

Sharing the space with you

makes me question my identity.

I lower my gaze in shyness

thinking you could hear the beat of my heart.

In the background of thousands shining stars,

my face turns redish like the planet Mars.

Dreaming about your magnetic smile non stop.

Sweet and alluring like a lollipop,

making me wanna kiss you on the rooftop.

While we stay side by side,

you expose an aura,

that awakens my inner fauna.

And even if we would be miles apart

like a magnet,

you would make me gaze at you like a piece of art.

Me & my little urdu vocabulary

Before I was never inclined towards urdu. I used to learn many languages but the learning process depended on my state of mind. I always felt that I need to feel a connection in order to learn a language.

European and Latino languages come much easier for me than any of the languages in Asia. It could be due to the differences in writing and pronoucation. But also the fact that Asians don’t only speak with their mouths but whole bodies. There are also honorifics that are being expressed and are of more significance in Asia than Europe.

The nearest language to urdu that I’ve heard before was hindi and punjabi. Maybe because a part of Pakistan used to belong to India before and somehow these were mixed into urdu. Urdu is not only spoken in Pakistan but in some provinces of India as well.

The first sentence I ever learned in urdu must have been ” Me apse bahut pyaar karti hoon” meaning ” I love You“. To express love for people has always been easier for me. Usually that’s how I take interest in the more complex languages.

Other than that I’ve learned simple phrases such as ” Ji” meaning “yes” or ” Nahi” meaning “no“. ” Shukriya” means “thank you“. I always mixed it with English while being in Pakistan but this is one of the phrases many people understand. When I try to tell anyone what is my name I tell them ” Meri naam Agni hai“. My name is quite difficult so I always try to go with the nickname. In case of questions about my well being I answer ” Me tikku“.

The words I’ve learned while being in Pakistan were as follow:

Ke Matlab – Meaning?

Ap kesay hou? – How are you ?

Tumhara naam kia hai? – What’s your name ?

Kyu ? Why ?

Sasur – father in law

Mat karo Don’t do it.

Garmi Hot

Pani/ juice/ chai pyo gi ? – Do you want to drink water/ juice/ tea?

Khana khao gi ? – Do you want to eat ?

Chalo na/ Jao gi. – Let’s go.

Chutya Morron

Pesay – Money

Sunno na – Listen

Mazay ka – Delicious

Boti – Chicken

Kon ? – Who ?

Jaldi – Fast/ Quick

Bas Enough

Mein bhi – Me too

I probably have more vocabulary hidden deep inside than what I can think of at the moment. Nevertheless, I am thankful to God for this gift. Sometimes I am feeling like I have got a dictionary inside of my brain. I’m waiting for meri jaan to show his skills in Polish next πŸ˜‰.

Stereotypes πŸ‘€

No need to be Einstein to understand that this world is filled with judgemental eyes.

“Blond girls are stupid.”

“European girls are easy.”

“All Muslims are terrorists.”

These are only few examples of stereotypes created by narrow-minded people. I’m not going to tell you to be overly optimistic. Bad people, stupid people …they do exist. But ! They do not need to be Muslim to be terrorist or do not need to be blond to be stupid. To show disgraceful behaviour to European girls just because they dress casually is very ugly because wearing less should not be read as invitation for sex.

Many of the stereotypes come up because of media and its influence. The scary thing about stereotypes is that it is brought upon so many people. Stereotypes have a flair for being involved into increasement of racism. Even my own mother, a well educated woman is being influenced by media thinking that her daughter is being kept hostage when the truth is far from her imagination.

Let’s work towards a better world where no one is better than the other. We cannot be equal but we should at least make a try. Don’t make any baseless accusations. We should see people one by one. Not groupwise. What one person does should not be effecting the other. The are so many rules and regulations that should protect people if only used in the right way.

I will be honest with you I wasn’t always open minded like this. It only happened after I explored the world, met people from other countries and tried to understand their belief system. Then I fell in love and sunburned skin turn into just a skin and a person my heart couldn’t beat a day without. And although I failed my 1st time, I keep going believing there are good people out there and that love can conquer any obstacle that comes our way.