General information

Ashwini nakshatra is positioned from 0 degrees to 13.20 degrees in Aries sign. Ketu rules over Ashwini nakshatra. The symbol of this nakshatra is a horse head and its not without a reason. If you have any planet in Ashwini nakshatra just like in case of horses you can be wild, driven, hard working, ambitious. You probably will be fond of speed and individuality. Since Ashwini is in Aries your forehead could be wider than the cheekbones. As a person you will be good natured but may have many insecurities and thus a big need to fulfill your sense of entitlement. You are very prideful as well, thus you rather do things on your own than ask for help.You do not take criticism very well.


The Aries energy makes you very independent, thus you would prefer to have your own business rather than work under somebody. Usually after the age of 30 you may get business opportunities or advancement at work. You will have talent for creative work. You may get employed in fields such as music industry, litterature, marketing. See the position of Ketu and Mars in your horoscope for more details.


As Ketu rules the nakhatra and Ashwini is in Aries ruled by Mars, the native can experience headaches and inosmnia. In case of women, menstrual issues would be there. Physically though both males and females will be quite fit.


Pada 1 : May have the face of a goat, small eyes and nose. They can easily end up being lost in their ego as they try to dominate.

Pada 2 : Resourceful and driven. Artistic qualities. Likes fine things in life. Practical.

Pada 3 : Good decision making skills and resourceful. Scientifically inclined.

Pada 4 : This pada is health focused. They have the drive and intelligence to become doctors or philantropist.

Introduction – Nakshatra

Hello my dear readers and followers! According to the transit (gochar) chart today my moon is going through Purva bhandrapada nakshatra which is associated with occult behaviour, ruled by Jupiter. Thus, I asked myself why not proceed and introduce you to one of the most wonderful things in vedic astrology. Although I will not discuss in depth every of the nakshatras in this post, I hope you will get a better understanding of what a nakshatra is, what is consist of and what’s the gain of knowing its meanings and associations.


There are 27 nakshatras, meaning 27 different star constallations in vedic astrology.

  • Ashvini
  • Bharani
  • Krittika
  • Rohini
  • Mrigashirsha
  • Ardra
  • Punarvasu
  • Pushya
  • Ashlesha
  • Magha
  • Purva Phalguni
  • Uttara Phalguni
  • Hasta
  • Chitra
  • Swati
  • Vishakha
  • Anurdha
  • Jyeshtha
  • Mula
  • Purva Ashadha
  • Uttara Ashadha
  • Shravana
  • Dhanistha
  • Shatabisha
  • Purva Bhadrapada
  • Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Revati

Each nakshatra has a meaning which I will teach you about when I write a post dedicated to each nakshatra. Each nakshatra has padas which are ruled by a planet and connected to a zodiac sign. Pada is like a division.

What is a nakshatra?

It is like a magnifying glass, showing us hidden information like description of someones appearance, character, career and health. You can predict events based on nakshatras too. If you ever wondered how an astrologer can know the apperance of your spouse, that’s how it is studied. Venus, Jupiter, darakaraka and 7th house lord has a nakshatra which will tell you a lot about your spouse and your marriage. Nakshatras does not only tell you that but has the ability to tell you the name of your spouse as there are sounds associated which each nakshatra and pada.

That’s all for this short introduction! Keep checking posts, I will update with information whenever I find time.

Thank you & see you soon !

Meeting place of spouse

Hello my dear people!

What do you say about learning the basics in astrology with focus on our spouses?

If you are with me, let’s start!

Venus for a man signifies wife and Jupiter signifies the husband. Some people say that even Mars can signify the husband for a girl but some others argue that Mars stands for boyfriend. Let’s focus on Venus and Jupiter in this post.

For the meeting of your spouse you will need to analyze both your birth chart and navamsha chart. First of all check the house where the Venus/Jupiter is in. Then check the sign it is in. If you want you can go even further and check the nakshatra for more clues about the place of meeting. You should get some details about your spouse by looking at these nakshatras as well.

In 1st house the spouse would come to you.

How? For that you would need to check where the lord of 1st house is placed and the surrounding planets in that house as well as I mentioned, nakshatras.

Usually 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 7th house would involve our family, neighbours, parents/mother or the people we meet. People that do cousin marriages or arranged marriages would have their Venus/Jupiter placed in these houses.

2nd house is about wealth and family traditions so either you could meet nearby a bank or in a family function. 2nd house represents the throat too so food stals are possible, maybe dental clinics ?

If Venus/Jupiter is in 3rd house you could meet your spouse in early age at school, you could meet thorugh your siblings and cousins ( or as I mentioned your spouse could be your cousin), neighbours, when communicating as in social media, email, blogging, videos, workshops.

In 4th house your mother could introduce you to your spouse. But you could also meet them nearby or in a kitchen. 4th house has a direct aspect on 10th house, so if you are working in a restaurant or hotel, your spouse could be one of your collegues. For more details check the lord placement and nakshatra.

Venus / Jupiter in 5th house could indicate that you could meet your spouse while having fun, doing sports, while doing something creative. You could meet at a concert or vacation. As it aspects 11th house, you could have a relationship with a friend that will turn long term and eventually be your spouse.

In 6th house you could meet your spouse while exercising, at doctors office, at veterinarian as 6th house rules pets, while doing service to others, while doing your every day activities. As 6th aspects 12th you could meet in a foreign place or a place like library.

Venus /Jupiter in 7th house could indicate that you will meet your spouse either thorugh a business meeting or in court, through your social circle, maybe at someone elses wedding.

Venus/ Jupiter in 8th house you could either meet on graveyard or in a secret place. If you have Venus in 8th then you could meet your spouse while transforming your/theirs appearance or wealth. In case on Jupiter maybe you are learning secrets of occult sciences or plan to change your belief system and that’s how you meet. You could meet in a chat room or any place that no one else knows of.

Venus/ Jupiter in 9th house indicates that your spouse could be a foreigner, you could meet in a university setting or in a religious place, while travelling.

When in 10th house you would meet your spouse while workign towards your goals in career or business. They could be working in a similiar work environment like you, thus collegues becoming lovers is possible. 10th house is the house of father so you could be introduced by your father or their father.

Venus/Jupiter in 11th house could indicate that your spouse could be your friend or a friend of a friend, you could meet your spouse while gaining something like in case of inheritances, while fulfilling your dreams and desires, on a party or gathering.

In 12th house your spouse would definitely be a foreigner, with diffrent ethnicity/religion than you. You could meet in foreign lands, hospital, university, while doing imaginative activities like drawing or writing fantasy novels, It could be a quite place like I mentioned in case of 6th house, a library. 12th house is a house of hidden enemies so maybe you and your spouse would start of as enemies disliking each other and then eventually you would fall in love.

Now let me show you few charts including mine 🤣….

So these charts are mine… you saw them thousands of times 🤣….

Nevertheless, I had two marriages so I think my analysis can help those than married more than once.

Spouse no.1

I met my 1st husband on We were chatting. He was a Nepali citizen.

Now look at my birth chart. Jupiter is in 3rd house of communication in Libra. 3rd house lord Venus is in 8th house of secrecy, sex, taboo subjects. The energy of 3rd house and 8th house is exchanging.

Explanation: At that time having relationship with a foreigner was a taboo topic. There was a lot of ups and downs in communication. Being together, breaking up, being together and so on. We had communicated secretely most of the time and sexual tension was there too. It was my first boyfriend so you know … 1st times leave a deep mark on you.

Now look at Jupiter in Navamsha. Jupiter in 12th house and 12th house lord in Mars in 7th house. 7th,9th and 12th house are the houses of foreign lands. So we met face to face overseas. There has been a lot of secret planning behind the meeting, as I said… it was very taboo in my family to be with someone that is not Polish nor Christian. My mother was against the marriage. She was raising me alone so she had a lot to say. If you have Venus and Sun together in 8th house expect one of your parents being against your relationship.

Spouse no.2

Now 9th house according to me is the 2nd spouse. Details about 2nd spouse can be quite tricky to find so don’t take everything I say right now too deep into your heart.

I met my 2nd husband on Instagram, a chat room as well. Now look 7th house from Aries is Libra, that would be me, the Jupiter. His 7th is my 1st, so spouse came to me. My 8th house became his 12th house in this case meaning we met in a creative foreign place, a yeah I was pretty much into creative and spiritual quotes and photos on instagram during that time. He messaged me from a fake account (imagination – domain of 12th house) called menfashion1 ( Venus = fashion , Sun= men and 1).

Now, the secretive comunication remains, no matter how many relationships I will have. It could be only about different spheres of life.

Now look at the Navamsha. We met face to face the day we we going to marry. My 9th house is his 1st house. So 7th from his 1st house would be sign of Cancer, Sun. We married in a local court in Pakistan.

If you start reading the chart of Navamsha as birth chart, meaning from Leo as 1st house, Jupiter would be in 9th house. 9th house is far away lands, 9th house lord Mars sits then in 7th, the house of marriage and the 7th lord in 6th – meaning a court marriage.

As you understand now I’ve shown you how much times it takes to analyze a chart from all diffrent angles. We did not only find out where we will meet the spouse but how we could get married as well.

Let’s take a look at another chart.

This is a chart of my younger brother that is not dating or anything so a totally different scenerio as I need to look twice before I write anything.

For a male, we look at the Venus placement. His Venus in in 4th house.

What does it say?

First you would think he will meet his spouse thorugh mother but I believe he will meet his spouse in a kitchen or something to do with home. We have Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury placed in the 4th house. It quite feels like there could be a party or gathering either in home or restaurant/hotel environment and that’s how they will meet. The future spouse could be at work, maybe working with catering which is very possible. Our mother loves parties and gatherings but it could actually be work thing not a family gathering.

Now let’s look at Navamsha.

Venus is in 11th house from ascendant, indicating parties and social life. 11th house lord Mars is in 9th house. It could be either some kind of after party like in case of religious events like getting baptized and such or someone from work getting married. I believe this will be the circumstances of the meeting. Now I got to live long to see that 🤣 …

Until next time !