Tarot Year Card: The Judgement (20)

Have you looked a lion in to the eye? If not, you will get a chance this year. This year will be about being truthful and not going around the bush. You will be both giver and receiver of criticism. You will need to fight for your intergrity.

Some conflicts of the past may pop up. Maybe you had a case at the court going and you will finally get a final verdict. Those that hoped for healing will need to wait as people will not let you rest. This will be a year where you will need to evaluate your efforts and if you feel that you have not reached you goals, you will have the opportunity to give it a last try. Your relationship with people will need an evaulation as well.

You will need to question your decisions and the influence others have on you? Did you learn your lesson or do you still make the same mistakes regarding friends, your work, family ties, health?

Nevertheless, remember that life has been a rollercoaster ride before and you overcame it. I believe that you will succeed at overcoming it once again.