Midsummer in Sweden

Hello my dear readers!

I’ve been quite busy these past few days. I´ve been actually working at the kindergarten in Lindigö, Sweden – the island of the rich 😂. Then the weekend has been divided between doing school assignments, doing house chores but I even had the chance to grill at my brothers place and I think this was the first party without any alcohol involved which I really enjoyed.

So what was the occasion ? Well, the very known holiday in Sweden where the day is longer than the night – Midsummer.

What do we do except having grill party’s ? We can dance around a huge cross decorated with flowers or enjoy strawberry and rhubarb cake. Many cities organize festivals where you can enjoy folk music.

Summer is the best time for Swedes as they can connect with nature on another level, making the Midsummer preparations more joyous than Christmas. If you ever would like to take part in this magical celebration you must visit Sweden between 24-25th June.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with a new post !

Traditional breakfast: Nehari & Puri Chana Halwa🍲

Today’s breakfast was nice. I felt like I was amongst my own people. These days I noticed that Ahads brother is smiling more. I guess my presence is making them relaxed. It makes me happy actually, that I found a similar language with them despite me not knowing any basic urdu.

I got to eat Nehari, a beef stew and Puri Chana Halwa, a thin crispy bread and bean stew combo.

The Nehari was quite oily because of the meat but very tasty. I liked how the salt and sweetness has been balanced. When eating the stew, the beef melted in my mouth. I loved it. It tasted even better when Ahad dip the bread in the stew and fed me 🥰.

I did not have much of the Puri Chana Halwa but I liked the use of chickpeas. The Puri is quite oily so I would not recommend this for someone that need to watch their diet.

I drink milktea to it. I just love that drink full of spieces. I feel so healthy when I am here. Whenever I am in Sweden I feel so depressed. But over here everything tastes better. I guess eating together and talking, having fun is what I missed the most. I feel so stable right now despite my mother calling me irresponsible. I would do this 100 times over if I knew I would end up feeling psychically better. I don’t regret coming here a bit. I really needed to go away from my traumatized life in Europe.