A man is a man’s wolf …

Hello my dear friends!

I’ve been pretty tensed the last 2 weeks due to the thesis in media technology. Not without a reason too. I did not know who would be rating my work but deep down I felt that the person that has always given me a hard time at school would do it and even give me extra baggage to carry as always. What makes it especially hard is that he is Polish and I am Polish too. Out of some reason this teacher is always finding reasons to make me work hard for my degree. I am done with two parts of the scientific courses in Media technology but only because the 2nd time a different teacher was giving me a grade and was focused on helping me clear the subject instead of making it into an competition. But I feel like this teacher is having some kind of grudge against me or sees me as a competitor.

My thesis has been reviewed once by another teacher and she did not pickpoint the issues with my research questions or the way I use my references. The only thing she pickpoint on when it comes to my method chapter is that I should try to explain more with my own words how I did things and only use scientifical articles as a reference. But this teacher wants me to explain every details that probably a child would understand even at this moment without me explaining it. The things which the teacher pickpointed cannot be solved in one week and he knows it. He could give me simply a fail mark but no, he prefers to challenge me and then stamp on me. It must be fun to make it more difficult for a woman with two children. But okay. Challenge is taken and I feel more than ever that I need to work my ass off and one day take his position so that there won’t be any uneccesary actions towards students and everything will be fair and square.

See you my dear people! I have some work to do …

Adventure at Tekniska museet, Stockholm

Hello 👋

Today was a day, busy and full of excitement. Me and kids made a spontaneous trip to Stockholm. The kids had so much fun but let me share with you some more details.

First of all, we went to have some lunch. The kids favourite is Happy meal because of the toy and the chicken nuggets. Aaron got something made out of paper but he was still happy, while Austin got a small owl mascot. On our way back Aaron saw a cow sculpture, it somehow caught his attention.

After that we went to buy some clothes and Aaron choose a toy and dress for “his” baby sister 😂. We still had some time left before we could enter the museum so we went to have some mango drinks and we had some cake.

Then it was time to head to the museum but we still got there few minutes before our booked time. So the kids decided to play outside.

Once we got inside the museum the kids went all “loco”. They were pressing buttons, running around, going inside tunnels and sliding down, playing games.

They drove a car.

Created their own game character 😅.

Played a virtual game.

They hit a bat.

And entered a colourful place with a lot of gamefication.

They were surrounded by a complete new world. And seeing them happy, makes me happy even though the adventure got more pricey than I excpected.

If you have children, taking them out to museum, theatre or cinema is the best learning experience a child could get.

Right now, I must admit I am “todmüde” 😂. See you tommorow !

Pray for me 🙏

Hello my dear people! It finally happened, I’ve submitted my thesis around 3PM today. And I cannot believe that I actually did it. After so much struggle… Right now all I have left is to wait … and pray that all the reading, interviewing and writing did not go to vain.

Not many people know but I’ve travelled the world in order to get the data to be as unique as possible. I’ve been in Belgium and Austria, then I interviewed a Spanish designing company. I went to three different museums in Sweden. You probably would never imagine but transcription of interviews is a real hell. It takes at least 4-5 hours to transcribe an interview that did not last for more than 20-25 minutes. I think the biggest challenge I had was with the Austrian museum where I sat in a busy coffee shop in the museum building and people kept screaming and running around. Luckily, I’ve recorded everything that has been said, else I would’ve been in trouble, a big one.

So what’s the next step?

If I clear the thesis, next will be trying to get an internship or just some other job to pass the time. I’ve applied for a Master program at KTH, starting this autumn, but I am not sure if I will get in. More than tourism, I would love to explore innovation, networking, design and teach others.

I am pretty exhausted. I did not sleep well these few days. I lost a lot of minerals from my bloodstream drinking tea like crazy and my eyes are killing me from all the light exposure. But before I go to hit the bed after a long battle, I would like to invite you to read the short abstract below.

Feel free to comment or message me to share your thoughts : ) Happy Sunday to you !