Kindness, consideration, respect – should be taught at home, not school !

Good afternoon my dear readers !

Today I’ve actually worked for few hours as a temp in the sewing class and I must say this is the first time in my my whole career as a substitute teacher that I’ve met so evil-natured children. I will not tell you which school I’ve been to because kids are under protection but I can tell you what they did and what I found unaccaptable.

That kids do not like certain subjects does not give them right to abuse their power or act in an unaccaptable manner like running around the classroom playing football or keep throwing pens on the floor while I keep picking them up. Morever it is not okay to destroy for others and to disrespect someone that tries to help you.

Today I had to actually have a talk with these individuals at the end of their class and make a point that their behaviour is really embarrassing. 12 and 13 years old kids acting as if they are 6 and do not know the rules, treating school as a playground instead of an institution that is the beginning of their journey to becoming a responsible adult.

I am really surprised that none of them were taught about kindness, consideration and respect. It’s the basics of life. But it does not seem with these young people and it truly makes me concerned and sad for their future. Luckily, I am not set to work in this environment for long. I plan to switch to a desk job next spring. Being a teacher to people that do actually don’t want to learn anything feels like a waste of energy and time. But to you who really found a calling in teaching a big respect to you. You are awesome !

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A man is a man’s wolf …

Hello my dear friends!

I’ve been pretty tensed the last 2 weeks due to the thesis in media technology. Not without a reason too. I did not know who would be rating my work but deep down I felt that the person that has always given me a hard time at school would do it and even give me extra baggage to carry as always. What makes it especially hard is that he is Polish and I am Polish too. Out of some reason this teacher is always finding reasons to make me work hard for my degree. I am done with two parts of the scientific courses in Media technology but only because the 2nd time a different teacher was giving me a grade and was focused on helping me clear the subject instead of making it into an competition. But I feel like this teacher is having some kind of grudge against me or sees me as a competitor.

My thesis has been reviewed once by another teacher and she did not pickpoint the issues with my research questions or the way I use my references. The only thing she pickpoint on when it comes to my method chapter is that I should try to explain more with my own words how I did things and only use scientifical articles as a reference. But this teacher wants me to explain every details that probably a child would understand even at this moment without me explaining it. The things which the teacher pickpointed cannot be solved in one week and he knows it. He could give me simply a fail mark but no, he prefers to challenge me and then stamp on me. It must be fun to make it more difficult for a woman with two children. But okay. Challenge is taken and I feel more than ever that I need to work my ass off and one day take his position so that there won’t be any uneccesary actions towards students and everything will be fair and square.

See you my dear people! I have some work to do …

Being a teacher of Household Management for the 1st time

Hello my friends!

Today I wake up at 5 AM & I know already am gonna feel so tired by the end of the day. Being a teacher is different right now, compared to the times I was an elementary school kid. It seems like many teachers are not allowed to sit down and I must say that standing for many hours can be a real killer for your knees. I felt like sleeping already at 5 PM yesterday. But today is a brand new day, new challenges, new experiences.

I arrived in school quite early because it was at least 45 minutes before my shift. The school was closed and I did not have a way to go inside. I had to go all around to be able to enter through the main entrance. Then the challenge was to find the right administration office since there were two different. But somehow I found my way. I got my key that I can keep until the last day of my work and the schedule printed out and I must say I was quite surprised when I saw that I got extra time before and after each class. One side of it makes me happy because I can prepare myself but on the other side too much time in between classes is not fun and I would prefer to finish earlier than walk in circles for hours.

Nevertheless, the class was fun. I’ve got introduced to the routines and regulations. The kids did some baking today and next time there will be even more baking. To be a household management teacher is really so much more than just cooking and baking. Before and after class I need to wash all the apron. The plates need to be nicely washed. There is trash that needs to be thrown. And before I even throw anything I need to sort it out.

I’m so excited for next Tuesday ! Yay!

Thank you for reading & until tommorow !