My future tarot card years

2023 – Major Arcana 8

2024 – Major Arcana 9

2025 – Major Arcana 10

2026 – Major Arcana 11

2027 – Major Arcana 12

2028 – Major Arcana 13

2029 – Major Arcana 14

2030 – Major Arcana 15

2031 – Major Arcana 7

2032 – Major Arcana 8

2033 – Major Arcana 9

2034 – Major Arcana 10

2035 – Major Arcana 11

2036 – Major Arcana 12

2037 – Major Arcana 13

2038 – Major Arcana 14

2039 – Major Arcana 15

2040 – Major Arcana 16

2041 – Major Arcana 8

2042 – Major Arcana 9

2043 – Major Arcana 10

2044 – Major Arcana 11

2045 – Major Arcana 12

2046 – Major Arcana 13

2047 – Major Arcana 14

2050 – Major Arcana 17

2051 – Major Arcana 9

2052 – Major Arcana 10

2053 – Major Arcana 11

2054 – Major Arcana 12

Plenty of Towers, death and strength cards…

A life of Sun Venus in Pisces, 8th house.

A card for each zodiac sign

Hello! What a great night ! Not totally sure in which nakshatra the moon is right now but I feel the power. Thus, I’ve decided to do a special reading for all zodiac signs. The questions asked will be ” What should (zodiac sign) know about the nearest future” ? Let’s get started…

♈️ Aries – Seven of cups

Dear Aries sun sign, moon sign and ascendant your nearest future will offer you a lot of gifts and surprises. Finally things which you had been waiting for a long time will come to its fruition. Remember though to keep balance and don’t take anyone for granted because your happiness may be interpreted as you being cooky and result in your luck going against you.

♉️ Taurus – The Chariot reversed

If you a Taurus sun, moon or rising expect some stagnation in your endeavors. You may feel blocked from every angle and feel restless due to that. This is not a time for wild guessing. The universe is telling you to think twice before taking any action. I know you may feel depressed because you are not used to standing in one place for this long but trust in the divine and use this time to complete what you’ve started a long time ago. It’s time for you to look back and reflect upon your actions and results of them.

♊️ Gemini – Six of pentacles

Dear Gemini natives don’t be afraid to be generous even if you feel like you have less than others because in the nearest future you will be paid twice as much joy as what you had given to others.

♋️ Cancer – Queen of pentacles

Dear Cancer natives, you had shown the best of your qualities and you will be repaid greatly. Expect generous gestures and a lot of family love. Don’t be afraid to nurture others. If you’ve tried to get pregnant your wish may get fulfilled. The best is yet to come so be patient.

♌️ Leo – Three of swords

Dear Leo natives be careful of your surroundings. There may be someone breaking your trust or even heart. If you felt like something seems suspicious about your partner three of swords is teling me your intuition may be right. Nevertheless, don’t take the events too much into your heart. Better now than feeling guilty that you’ve lost all your life for the wrong people.

♍️ Virgo – Queen of pentacles + Ace of wands

Virgoes you will feel the power and zeal of life. Perhaps you will be more creative. You could be passionate about something you always thought was interesting or start something new. Nevertheless, you have the talents, don’t let them wither like a flower without water. It’s time to bloom dear Virgoes!

♎️ Libra – Two of Pentacles

Dear Libras a time is coming to you where you will need to juggle a lot of financial decisions. You will feel drained due to the feeling of responsibility.

♏️ Scorpio – Eight of cups

Dear Scorpio no matter what happened escaping the reality will not fix the issues. Even though you may feel disappointed at the moment don’t take rush decisions as you may regret it later on. If you feel withdrawal in your relationship instead of taking some time alone look your partner into the eyes and tell him/ her about your concerns. A relationship is about two people. The disatisfaction could be a result of you not healing properly from your previous relationship but don’t let it hamper you from achieving a better and healtier future.

♐️ Sagittarius – King of wands

Dear Sagg natives you will get the opportunity to be your own man/womanin the nearest future. Be ready for more responsibility such as decision making. Don’t forget though that you are just a person and so are your employees. Sometimes its better to hear a 2nd opinion before pursuing an idea, remember that.

♑️ Capricorn – Queen of swords

Dear Capricorn natives, you may be a single parent repressing your pain in some way. Don’t let it take over you. You have got so much to offer. In the nearest future expect a revolution in your surroundings. If you had felt like no one is listening, the time has come for others to take your words seriously.

♒️ Aquarius – Four of swords

Dear Aquarians don’t push yourself too much as you may end up being sick or at least exhausted to the point of no return. You could be a victim of criticism and gossiping as well. Don’t let it destroy for you. Take rest and do not hesitate to share about your pain with others.

♓️ Pisces – Four of cups reversed

Dear Pisces natives, if you had felt a deep longing and wanderlust things are about to change. You will feel motivated to change your future. There wil be enthusiasm and zeal for life. Focus and show gratitute for every opportunity you get. Let go of regrets and you will see new opportunities coming in. Stay in the present and look forward to a better future.

Thank you ! God Bless you all!

Tarot Year Card: The World (21)

Did you dream about discovering the world? Maybe you always wanted to move to that dream house of yours? Did you wish to feel happy with yourself?

I have good news for you. The World tarot year card makes it possible. It could be a year when all your dreams may come true. You could travel overseas for studies, work or to family. Maybe you had a long distance relationship for a long time. In that case, this year could be about moving in together. If you are single , it could be a year where you will have an possibility to meet someone that could turn from a friend into a lover. You could get married as well as its a beautiful beginning which the World card signifies as well.

This year could be about teaching and learning as well. You could be an advisor or you could be advised by other people. A year influenced by the World card is filled with philosophy and optismism. You could be reading more and exploring more about various topics. This year could be about being involved in publishing as well as its a way of reaching to foreign places.

If you had been working on a project. This year you will obtain the fruits of your labour. Those that felt their life has been stagnating finally will be getting a signal to move forward in life. By the end of this year you will feel a sense of belonging.