Planets and its aspects

Good Sunday to you all!

I’m actually having a hormonal unbalance affecting my emotions at this time, thus I thought why not cover the aspects on houses, since it shapes the quality of certain positions in the birth and divisional charts. Digging into something can help a little to change the way you feel. At least in my case.

So before I share with you the knowledge I gained about planets and their aspects let me remind you of an important rule. And that is natutal malefics and benefics. Look at the house signs and their lordships as these have significance in terms of the results. If you have 1 benefic and 2 malefic planets in a house but then you gain aspect from another benefic then you could say that you will experience both positive and negative results in that sphere of life. In other words, the more benefic influence on a certain house , the more gains and positive results.

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury have a 7th aspect from where they are placed meaning if you have any of these in 1st house it will aspect 7th, in 2nd house it will aspect 8th house , in 3rd house it will aspect 9th house etc.

Mars on the other hand aspects 4th, 7th and 8th from where its sitting. If you have Mars in 2nd house it would aspect 5th, 8th and 9th house in your chart. If you have Mars positioned in 3rd house it would aspect 7th house, 9th house and 10th etc.

Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu aspect 5th, 7th and 9th house from where they are sitting. This means that if you have Jupiter in 6th house it would aspect 10th house, 12th house and 2nd house.

And last but not least, Saturn. The planet which many fear because it creates delay and frustration as it wants us to work harder. Saturn will affect house which are 3, 7 and 10 houses away from its position. If you have Saturn in 2nd house then it would affect 4th , 8th and 11th house in your birth chart. In that case your life would be without conveniences until Saturn matures at age 36 as Saturn would delay the good stuff, even such thing as benefits from government would be delayed and not easily obtained.

I’ve looked at my birth chart today and it did not do me any good as it was like reading a sad story, I could feel the pain of my past. But the good news is that 2nd half of life may be better so well Saturn is terrible but running away is not an option.

Hope you have learned something new ☘️🧸.

Thank you for reading !


Purpose of birth

Hello my dear people !

To those that had been following my posts on the topic of astrology before got to read about life path and atmakaraka and amatyakaraka which would signify our souls desire. This time I would like to teach you a method which I’ve learned recently. As always I will be using my own birth chart for the analysis.

Birth chart (D1)

So for this method you have to understand the original order of zodiac belt. Meaning the start is at Aries and the end at Pisces. Now look at your ascendant. If your ascendant is in Leo as in my case look at your 5th house as originally Leo as zodiac sign comes after Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. In my birth chart the zodiac sign sitting in 5th house is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which sits in 3rd house in the sign of Libra. As you know Sagittarius is a teacher and even a preacher, 5th house stands for creative pursuits, children, education. Now look at 3rd house. Libra signifies dimplomacy, justice, scales, relationships. The 3rd house is known as the house of communication. Jupiter does not feel very well in the Libra sign and ask you can see the 3rd house lord is connected to the 8th house by its lord Venus. What you cannot see is that my Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Vishakha. Meaning of this nakshatra is “two branched” or “forked”. The symbol of this nakshatra is “The Triumphal Arch”. The nakshatra is in its 1st pada meaning the focus is on relationships. Now, Venus represents my spouse, while Sun is my ascedant lord. In conclusion what I see is my purpose of birth is :

  1. Using my education and skills to improve my life.
  2. Learning to through communication and creativity handle the ups and downs of marriage.

Jupiter represents a husband in a womans chart. And I can pretty much confirm that Jupiter in the nakshatra of Vishakha is a very difficult position. The reason it’s called “two branched” and “forked” is not there without a reason. There will be situation which will want you to make end your marriage. Your husband will have addictions, anger issues or emotional instabilities. There can be infidelity and mistrust. And only now that I am married 2nd time I understand what I will need to go thorugh in order to eventually end my life in a more blissful manner. Early marriage will be always filled with “forks”. It’s said that 2nd half of life tends to be better but I believe it all depends on our maturity levels, how we had grown inwardly, emotionally. You have to learn to love yourself as your partner will not be able to fulfill all promises. You will need to work hard for a success in the financial area too but irs definite that one day you will reach the archway and celebrate your achivements.

Let’s take one more…

So here we see a native with Virgo ascendant. Virgo chronogically is in the 6th house. In the birth chart 6th house is in Aquarius. 6th house signifies health, work, daily routines, service, worries and obstacles. Aquarius signifies networking, innovation, rebelious actions, emotional detachment. The 6th house lord Saturn is in 7th house together with Ketu. Ketu and Saturn is considered as a deadly conjuction. As Ketu stands for moksha, detachment, separation and Saturn signifies, grief, fear, delays, responsibility. Now look at the sign in 7th house, Pisces. Pisces lord Jupiter is in 5th house and its debilitated. Saturn and Ketu are both in Uttara Bhandrapada nakshatra meaning “the latter blessed one” . Symbol of this nakshatra is a coffin. On the other side Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Uttarashada, meaning “later victory” and the symbol of it is an elefants tusk.

The conclusion of it is that this persons purpose of birth is:

  1. Detaching their ego for higher purpose.
  2. Learning how to controll their desires and stay faithful.

As I mentioned Jupiter is debilitated and it aspects the 11th house of friends ruled by Moon which sits in 1st house together with Rahu and Mars, two dangerous malefics. The native would gain quite a lot of beatings from its teachers but he would also befriend outcast people that would show him a bad path, thus the native could either follow his friends path or just be in their company and lose good reputation due to that choice.

This person would experience a lot of ups and downs in health, especially a lot of mental worries over his wifes health. He would have problems with children as well. Either they could be frequently sick or the childbirth would be delayed or even end with stillbirth. The native would either try to run away from issues of the marriage by taking drugs or by having sexual relationships with other women which would bring him as result even more worries as Ketu is like a cutting knife and Saturn is about karma, thus the native would get hurt by hurting others. The only way for the native to have a peace of mind would be by becoming spiritual and doing rightous deeds, meditating, donating to the less fortunate. As Saturn and Ketu are in nakshatra of Uttara bhandrapada “What goes around, comes around.” is pretty much true.

Now let’s see two different examples …

This is a birth chart of a child. Usually astrologers would not want to a deep analysis on children to protect them from negative outcomes. But I believe that if we analyze a childs behavior from their young age we can lessen the negative effect of karma and make their life on earth more bearable or at least help them to use their raw energy to do good instead of bad.

So this child has Libra ascendant. Libra rules 7th house originally. In 7th house we have Aries sign with Mars in it. Mars is in its own sign, in Ashwini nakshatra ruled by Ketu. As we know 7th house is the house of marriage and the 1st house of our spouse. Mars signifies aggression, action, bravery. Since Mars is its own sign it feels very comfortable there as it reaches its fullest potential. Now we need to see where Ketu is as well to see how Mars energy will be utilized. Ketu is in 4th house in sign of Capricorn and the ruler of 4th house is in 3rd house in the sign of Sagittarius. Here we see communication wise even if there are some sweet moments, the romance is quite dry. The 3rd house lord Jupiter is in 2nd house in Scorpio which again is ruled by Mars. We could go in depth about all the planets and nakshatras involved but since its a child let’s keep it on the surface.

The natives purpose of birth is :

  1. To heal childhood trauma caused by his parents fighting over money.
  2. Controll his anger which not controlled could result in separation or divorce.
  3. Controll the feeling of wanting to dominate the partner.
  4. Becoming independant in business.

The last chart.

The native has Cancer ascendant. Cancer is the 4th sign so the Moon feel comfortable in 4th house. Nevertheless, the Moon is in the nakskhatra of Swati and the 4th house is having a direct aspect of Sun and Mercury. Swati nakshatra is ruled by Saturn. Saturn sits in 6th house. On the other side 4th house lord Venus is in 9th house in Pisces and the 9th lord is in 3rd house with Jupiter in Virgo. As we know Virgo is ruled by Mercury which as I already mentioned sits opposite of 4th house. There are three people affecting the natives mind in this scenario. The mother, the father and the step-mother. Another thing we see is physical abuse, emotional abuse and teaching what is right and what is wrong.

This chart maybe is tricky because so many people are involved in the natives life but let me explain the significance.

First of all the natives mother would be a preacher, thus there could be a certain tension at home due to that. Especially in terms of behavior, respecting others religion and adjusting to the customs of other cultures. The native could be moving far away from home thus the friction. Even if the mother would not be the one creating the tension, living abroad would bring it due to the communication issue. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Uttara bhandrapada ruled by Saturn, which indicates the native would need to watch his mother lay down sick. There could be a lot of maintaining balance especially mental illnesses of some sort, thus the native would need to care more instead of being the care receiver.

Secondly, the father of the native would be both verbally and physically abusive by thinking this will make the native gain and progress in life. As Mercury is Nakshatra ruled by Ketu and Sun in in Bharani it could indicate that the bond of father and son either dies because of communication or simply the father dies or the native gets separated from father thus their relationship becomes restrained and father is no more than just a stranger once the native is in his adulthood.

Thirdly, the natives step-mother. 2nd from 4th signifies it. Meaning the 6th house. The native would not have a cordial relationship with her. It would be quite a restraint relationship due to the step mothers controlling nature.

The natives purpose of birth is :

  1. Suffering in order to understand the poor and sick ones.
  2. Be service minded and care for people unconditionally.
  3. Creating of own path/legacy.
  4. Becoming dependant on itself.
  5. Becoming a healer.

Hope this helps and wishing you a beautiful weekend!

When the sun is peeking at me outside of the window

Hello! What a beautiful Saturday we have in Stockholm. It’s 5th February and there is actually no snow outside. Winters has been short the last 4 years. Even though the world has stopped for days, months or years in many places on our planet.

And here I am enjoying a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. It’s been a while since I really could enjoy some coffee in my own company. Maybe that’s why the sun is shining, so that I could enjoy this day to the fullest, even though there are many things for me to take care of. I feel calm and ready to dig deep into the space of science and knowledge.

I do not feel anxious anymore as I felt few days ago although I still could feel at times, why try when your work will not be appreciated anyways. But I still have a slice of hope that it will not be all that bad and that I will finally reach somewhere.

In a few days is my 2nd sons birthday. When I look back those three years, I’ve grown so much, yet not many people can actually see it. Maybe that’s why I feel so happy that at least the weather is nice when I try to finish what I’ve started. I really want to move forward but I do feel like my wings are cut whenever I try to fly. Being married to Ahad I feel good, very good actually but the distance is killin… both of us actually. That’s why I want to work even harder, so maybe one day our marriage will be shining brightly like a sun.

I thought a lot about the future I want. In my imagination there is still a lot of discovery, travel, delicious food from the all corners of the world, my kids enjoying their childhood and my man being by my side and sharing those moments with me. But I’ve learned that dreams are only permanent on paper. In reality everything changes and what made you once drawn to each other, makes you feel tired. I guess even eating the same food over and over again, makes one sick so … no wonders. Yet, I still want to work hard. My kids need me to be strong, they depend on me, no matter what my condition may be, they look up to me.

And so I am actually ready for another cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Digging deeper is quite a time consuming process. But at least I will not be poor on knowledge although it cannot sustain my thirst.

Have a nice weekend !