Speculating about second half of life? A prediction based on Navamsha (D9)

Good afternoon everybody!

I am a little gloomy today as I keep having dreams about people which I used to cherish a lot and on the same time I go through the analysis of my life. I go through this quite often as I am getting older, perhaps I am starting to feel time passing through my fingers as my children become more independent. No matter what reason … a thought passed through my mind while sorting out my clothes recently “I used to be so colorful before I married these freaking Capricorns“. And yeah… both of my husbands are born in December and both of them put me in a state of despair and lack of excitement in life. But this post is not about them.. so let’s cut to the real topic – speculating out 2nd half of life using D9 for prediction.

Instead of taking house by house I will be analysing what matters to me the most, else I will get pretty much lost in my thougths. You saw those two at least a hundred times by now 😅 My Lagna chart and Navamsha. So lets start!

Appearance & personality

Most of my youth I spend transforming, going through ups and downs and my life reminded of a drama show. I was pretty much losing and gaining weight , changing appearance. As per the Navamsha if I look at it as a Lagna chart I will be quite anemic in my 2nd half of life. The ascendant lord is together with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars signifies the physical. And as Mars is in 10th house of Navamsha with Ketu I believe I will be very active as Ketu is the headless demon and will copy Mars. It is connected with my natal 6th house which signifies health so I believe that my health condition will force me into losing weight. The reason behind it is because the Sun meaning the focus of my mind as its in Cancer in Navamsha is on health related issues. In the natal chart Cancer is in the 12th house and 12th house is about losses. So thats how I think I may start thinking about weight loss or maybe my health will get worse. But lets go back to the Navamsha lagna lord.

Venus in sign of Scorpio will make me very magnetic in a sexual sense. I suppose like in the case of wine, that it tastes better with time 😅. Mercury will make me jovial. And as I met a lot of harsh and conservative people in my youth, I believe I will meet a lot of deep and attractive individuals, especially men as Venus and Mercury in 7th house are the people that I meet. Many of them will be human as my 4th house in lagna chart is in Scorpio sign but may be kind of secretive or have deep wounds and traumas.

I may have a more visible gap between my front teeth and short curly hair.

Resources & career

Scorpio rules 8th house in the astrological belt counting from Aries sign and 8th house is the house of research. Its a technical sign. Venus is about beauty or better said aesthetics, while mercury is the communication. 7th house of navamsha is connected to 10th house of navamsha due to the Mars. I believe I did not choose to study media technology for nothing. As Aquarious is the sign of new age and networking , internet … I do believe that my profession will have to do with technology or at least sustainability with the use of innovations. Then as 10th lord is connected to 9th house I will need to obtain a higher degree of education. In conclusion, I do believe that I will earn either through creative online services as online shop or through teaching on the subject of media and technology, graphical design or communication. Ketu stands for languages too as in programming. Nevertheless, my career will not start until the age of 33. Around the age of 36, I will experience a significant betterment as I will be mature, just like my Saturn. Navamshas 2nd house is in Gemini sign which means that I could actually do some multitasking in the career areas. In my lagna Gemini sign is in 11th house and the Scorpio is in the 4th house which I believe is another indicator of earnings through teaching as 4th house stands for the pedagogics as its originally ruled by the Moon.

Another thoughts I am getting is a creative kind of business like selling candles as there is quite a lot of fiery and dry energy around the profession houses.

Romance and self expression

When it comes to romance and self expression I believe that my DNA cannot be fixed. Both my parents indulged in flings and no matter if I want or not I will attract people without wanting to. If I go that way I should not count for more than short term relationships as God has decided that I wll marry only 3 times in this life at max. So yes, I may actually end up marrying again at the age of 32 would be the timing of me meeting the 3rd and last husband.

I will be more creative the older I get as my Sun will not be as blocked as it was when I was a child. As you can see Saturn in navamsha aspects Sun and the Cancer sign which the Sun is positioned in is connected to 5th house. I will do a lot of writing and a lot of detail oriented work. I will be creative but it will be more expressed as critical design. Same with writing. If I will write something it will not be bubbly and dreamy. It will be based on real stuff. I will be more cautious in the way I express myself, I believe I can blame my past experiences for that.

Thats pretty much for now 🤔.

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Thank you. Goodbye !

Good afternoon my dear readers!

In less than 6 hours, our life will get a reset. Something will end, so that something else can begin. This year has been filled with lessons. Not all of them were pleasant but sometimes the best lessons come unexpectedly. Nevertheless, last year I’ve promised myself to clap myself on the shoulder and I think I deserve it at the end.

I end this year, with a Bachelors degree, food in the refrigerator, a roof to sleep under and my two babies and a hamster being my closest family. Tommorow will be my reset but today I am so grateful. I am grateful to those who lend me their hand when I needed it the most. I am thankful to my teachers for seeing my efforts and making it easier for me to progress in life. I am even thankful to the kid that made me jobless, at least I can challenge myself and work hard to get a job that I will find satisfying.

I always felt there is more to life than what I had. I am feeling quite uneasy today knowing that getting to that point will require from me gathering more courage, more breathing exercise 😂 and a lot of changes both inside and outside. My way is quite blurry today. I know I will surely fall down a few times, my heart will beat faster than ever and I will end up crying seas just to turn into a lion afterwards. Good thing I found a pair of red undies, I heard it brings luck. I will surely need it.

Reading the last post of 2021, I can surely summarize this year as a success in one way or the other.

You can read it here.

Thank you . Goodbye !

See you next year !

Maturity of the planets and events connected to them

Hello! 😋

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on the topic of astrology but well… you even stagnate while learning sometimes. In the recent month’s I’ve taken more interest in Varshphal. That is yearly horoscope or differently called solar return. And so I dig a little and found out that every planet has an maturity age and by the end when they reach maturity some events connected to these planets will take place. But before I jump into analysis of my birth chart let me tell you when each planet matures.

Jupiter matures at the age of 16. It is believed that at that time humans have already created a set of principles and a belief system which they follow through out life. As Jupiter represents wisdom as in education , husband for a girl and children as well as religion and travel, some events connected to the significance of Jupiter will take place between the age of 15 and 16.

Sun matures at the age of 21. As it stands for authority, recognition and career between 20 and 21 we should be able to choose our career path. We could get our first job or be rewarded for something we did. As Sun stands for father too, something related to your father could take place.

Moon matures by the age of 24. By that time one should have gained mental stability and show signs of a mature mind. Moon stands for mind, home, mother, family, nourishment thus something connected to these should take place. Maybe you will purchase your first apartment? For that you will need to check planet placement in your birth chart.

Venus matures at the age of 25. Between 24 and 25 we could meet our partner or we could have a lesson about love and relationships. By that time we should be mature enough to lead a one to one relationship.

Mars matures at the age of 28, which means that between the age of 27 and 28 you will take action towards something or the opposite, you may lose courage, depending on house placement and planets surrounding mars. By the age of 28 we should have grown enough to understand how we can control our anger and how to use the energy for our benefit.

Mercury matures at the age of 32. As it’s a planet of communication and business by that time something related to our communication like planning , organising , leadership may take place but does not have to. It could be related to writing as Mercury ruled Gemini represents hands or something analytical as Mercury is ruling the sign of Virgo as well. If you are a scientist, it could mean that you will reach a new level when it comes to your career or you could get a reward or a degree . As with the other planets, placement such as house, planets sitting around Mercury and lord placement of that house should be checked for getting a clear idea about the event that will take place between 31 and 32. As Mercury stands for siblings too, something related to your younger siblings could take place.

Saturn matures at the age of 36. As it’s about responsibility and duty in our life, an event that will will happen by the age of 35 and 36 will require greater maturity and the willingness to serve our karma. By that time we will be aware of our duties and responsibilities towards others.

Rahu matures at the age of 42. By that time Rahu loses its strength and a person is able to let go of their illusions and become aware of the fact that money is not all the happiness in the world.

Ketu matures at the age of 48. By the age of 47 and 48 one should know their spiritual path and come to a realisation that clinging into people or things does not serve any purpose. It could be a time when one gets detached from the world.

So finally 😂 let me tell you what happened to me. And you can practice using my birth chart.

Between age of 15 and 16, I’ve decided to study textile design in high school and I’ve got an award for my achievements at school.

Between age of 20 and 21, many things happened. I had to grow up and master the courage to save my relationship and so my kids dad came to Sweden and we moved to another place. I’ve also decided that I want to pursue a career where I can be creative and give service.

Between the age of 23 and 24, I’ve pursued higher education at university. I’ve also became a mother during that time and had to learn to handle the pressure of home and school and all the criticism that I’ve gotten from my classmates for having children.

Between the age of 24 and 25, it’s said in 2018/2019, I’ve gone through a transformation and I’ve got a few lessons connected to marriage and relationships. I’ve started also to gain more knowledge about astrology. For me that was a big boom 💥. I felt like I was floating in the air. Everything I knew felt so unrealistic. I’ve decided to divorce during that time as well and I made it before my 26th birthday.

Between 27 and 28 I’ve actually remarried. Why? Karma is a bitch 😅 and I guess divorcees with kids are hot. Mars is in 7th house and 7th lord is in 7th house too. Mercury which also resides in in 7th house stands for contracts/written agreements and so I did nikah at the court.

I am 28 right now + 3 months 😂 . And I am super excited for what Mercury will give me at 32. But as Mercury is in 7th house I hope next step will be business, not a divorce. I am not so sure though when it comes to the events connected to Saturn at 36. At 42, I suspect my mother will get sick or I will have a big argument with my husband. At 48 I suspect Ketu will either give me a good position at work or will make me away from everything that has to do with materiality. There could be something related to death too.

Wow! It’s been so refreshing sharing something new with you. Soon I’m gonna start my own channel on YouTube where you will be able to discover yourself a new together with me 🌟.

See you soon !