Starting the weekend with an adventure at Maritime Museum in Stockholm

Good Saturday morning!

I cannot believe that I’ve actually slept today without waking up in the middle of the night. I guess I was exhausted but on the other side its good with a little rest. I did not have enough these days and I still need to keep my fighting spirit up. The last 30 days has been filled with many challenges and confusions especially for Austin and Aaron. I had to gather the last piece of energy yesterday and decided to take them out. They were eager to go to the Maritime Museum. We made a stop at McDonalds first.

Of course a little bit of plastic was definitely more interesting than the food 😂 … But somehow we managed to leave after 1 hour, happy and few pounds heavier.

Aaron and Austin were happy to look around the museum. They even found a place where they could play.

Them being happy despite the circumstances we adults are in is probably the greatest gift a parent can get. I would feel totally devastated if I would be the reason behind tears.

The visit did not last long. They got pretty much bored running around so I’ve decided to use that energy and take a walk back to Stockholm City. This was the first time they walked 3 km with me. Austin got pretty much exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I put him in the stroller. Aaron still had some energy and took a last picture with the lion statue .

But well…even the most energetic child gets tired…

Any last words?

Well… if you want to teach your kids something and want them to explore all sides of life go to museums, theaters, cinemas. Spend time with them. Having parents involved in their activities will make them grow into independent individuals. They will be more expressive and willing to challenge their boundries. If you like taking walks like me, take your kids with you. Aaron and Austin became very innovative on the way. They used the street lightening and benches to create a game where they collected points by running and touching them.

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The way I celebrate Mother’s Day

Hello my dear people! Welcome to another amazing post ☺️. The season for happy mothers shall begin 😂 nah … I’m joking. But it’s actually Mother’s Day. I started a little early to be honest. In Poland we celebrate on 26th of May and in Sweden on 28 of May. I’m going by the Polish date. But instead of making this day all about me I choose to do something fun with my kids.

We’ve discussed a few days earlier about going outside to eat and play. Unfortunately the McDonalds in Globen ceased to exist so we could only play. I took the kids to Tolv Stockholm which is placed in the same building as Tele2 arena.

My boys were super excited when they saw so many different games in the arcade room 😂. They had a difficult time settling for one game for a longer period of time.

I think the most fun attraction for kids are those mini settings for bowling. I feel really happy that I took my boys to Tolv Stockholm. Except games, there are many restaurants, bowling, karaoke and night club. You can even find a small hotel in the building.

For me seeing them healthy and happy is the best gift I could get as a mother. Maybe it sounds a little too corny 😅 but it’s simple as that. Because if not for them I wouldn’t be able to celebrate this day. To have this little devils in my life is filled with unexpected events but I wouldn’t exchange my role as their mom for anything else.

Life is an adventure and it’s much more fun when you spend it on making your children happy. Still I do not forget to set boundaries, else I wouldn’t be able to leave that place 😂.

Since there was no McDonald’s and kids wanted to ride bus back home we’ve decided to have pizza for dinner at home but before that a snack at a nearby fast food building, without it I would have two dissatisfied kids.

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Yesterday & Today : A long day with my kids 👩‍👦‍👦

Yesterday was one of the toughest days ever. I slept 2 hours on my way to Cracow from Warsaw. My body was numb because of swelling. My kids were jumping all over the plane. Moreover I caught on a stomachflu on my way from Pakistan to Poland which ended being pretty bad today morning until I took a pill with medicinal charcoal. Travel after covid seems like a ride through hell. I don’t know my body anymore.

Today I started my day with some calculations of my bills. That shit really collects if you are away from home for too long. But at least I got a strategy. Now I need one extra source of income. I called to CSN to make some changes and hopefully I will get study aid for 100% instead of 75% as I got now.

Then my kids & I hit the city. Aaron was tired from the travel the day before so he wasn’t pleased but I made a deal with him, “Happy meal toy”. After that he got more energy and once we arrived we went to a McDonald’s in Medborgarplatsen nearby his new kindergarten. After that we went to search for a pharmacy in order to find a face mask and we ended at the ” Saluhall”. A candy stand caught Aarons eye.

We still had one hour to go before going to the kindergarten so we made a stop at the park. The kids had a lot of fun. Not only was there a big place with the sand. There were many other attraction such as the statues of ponnies. Aaron and Austin loved them so much they had to ride it.

Then finally we went to the place that will support their growth. A preschool with Swedish, English and French language profile. There were so many toys and animals so they fell at first sight with their new school. I could barely take Austin away. But what a relief for me. The teachers are nice, the school does not have many kids in their sections and all teachers can speak English. Maybe there is not so much place to run around inside but I think its much better than the typical Swedish kindergarten spaces where the kids do whatever they want and teachers only chit chat with each other.

After the visit Austin went to sleep and Aaron took a sip of slush.

God, what I’m tired 😴. But it was fun 🤪.