Just an update <3

Good evening everyone!

It has been a few long, exhausting days but I am still here breathing for you. First of all I would like to share with you that I’ve started the Event & Project management course and it’s quite interesting except that I am pretty much aware of the steps included in the planning of events. I’ve got a few classmates from other countries and it can be quite tough when people mostly chill and my brain works double as fast. I think I do not know sometimes how to take it easy. But on the other side I am happy that I can motivate myself to do so well. I even went to work and then run to attend the class. Tommorow though I have a 6 hours working time. And if everything goes well, by Friday I will earn my first 2000 SEK for the month of October. For many people 2000 SEK is not much but there used to be a time when that much was enough for me. I really miss that time but unfortunetely I’ve got to wait until my late 60s or 70s. Having kids means having expenses.

I am so tired I had to take diet supplements. Whenever I go to work I forget to drink plenty of fluids. My responsibilities at work are not that many but standing and walking around, and of course raising my voice when needed really takes a lot of minerals and vitamines out of my body. Right now I am dreaming about taking a bath but again…unfortunetely I’ve only got shower possibilities.

Well… my dear readers… let me finish this week succesfully and then I promise to blow your mind with amazing content on Saturday or Sunday  😃

Thank you & see you soon !


Kindness, consideration, respect – should be taught at home, not school !

Good afternoon my dear readers !

Today I’ve actually worked for few hours as a temp in the sewing class and I must say this is the first time in my my whole career as a substitute teacher that I’ve met so evil-natured children. I will not tell you which school I’ve been to because kids are under protection but I can tell you what they did and what I found unaccaptable.

That kids do not like certain subjects does not give them right to abuse their power or act in an unaccaptable manner like running around the classroom playing football or keep throwing pens on the floor while I keep picking them up. Morever it is not okay to destroy for others and to disrespect someone that tries to help you.

Today I had to actually have a talk with these individuals at the end of their class and make a point that their behaviour is really embarrassing. 12 and 13 years old kids acting as if they are 6 and do not know the rules, treating school as a playground instead of an institution that is the beginning of their journey to becoming a responsible adult.

I am really surprised that none of them were taught about kindness, consideration and respect. It’s the basics of life. But it does not seem with these young people and it truly makes me concerned and sad for their future. Luckily, I am not set to work in this environment for long. I plan to switch to a desk job next spring. Being a teacher to people that do actually don’t want to learn anything feels like a waste of energy and time. But to you who really found a calling in teaching a big respect to you. You are awesome !

Thank you for reading !

Photo by Stanley Morales on Pexels.com


They ask me if I did not had enough…

Hi! Hello! How are you ?

Today is a Monday, 17th January 2022. And officially the spring term at the Swedish Universities has started. And that’s why many people ask me: Didn’t you have enough of studying?

My answer will always be a “No”. To be honest every day is a new lesson, whetever I attend school or not. But studying is my drug. I cannot stop. If you ever tried to stop drinking or smoking then you know. It’s my way of taking my stressful life into other dimension and just focus on one thing instead of hundreds that I usually do since I became a mom.

This term, I am a student at Mittuniversitetet, where I attend two courses. One is about Action Learning as a Development Method. It’s a pedagogical course so I guess many teacher students will be there. And then English Writing for Business. And of course I’ve written essays, cover letters and CVs in English but this one will be about deeper stuff. At least that’s what I hope for.

Then I am a student at Luleå Tekniska Universitetet with the course of Basics in Programming with C#. I actually never did that much advanced programming although it reminds me of the JavaScript and PHP but let’s see how I will handle it. Why I choose this course ? It’s very simple. I need to know programming in order to be able to attend KTH, at least the Master programme in Interactive Media that I am intrested in. I have enough credits to get conditionally admitted.

Then at Kristianstads högskola I am to read about work and regulations; A Sustainable Working Environment, just to be more aware of how money should be handled. I will need those skills if I plan go all the way with my entrepreneurial idea of earning with my skills, writing, designing, creating content and sharing my knmowledge.

I am starting getting hungry… for knowledge but foremost I need my breakfast, thus thank you for being able to share with you about my plans and well, next destiantion: GROCERY STORE 😂😂😂 I wanna indulge in sweets and sallads.

See ya! Bye!