Maturity of the planets and events connected to them

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It’s been a while since I wrote anything on the topic of astrology but well… you even stagnate while learning sometimes. In the recent month’s I’ve taken more interest in Varshphal. That is yearly horoscope or differently called solar return. And so I dig a little and found out that every planet has an maturity age and by the end when they reach maturity some events connected to these planets will take place. But before I jump into analysis of my birth chart let me tell you when each planet matures.

Jupiter matures at the age of 16. It is believed that at that time humans have already created a set of principles and a belief system which they follow through out life. As Jupiter represents wisdom as in education , husband for a girl and children as well as religion and travel, some events connected to the significance of Jupiter will take place between the age of 15 and 16.

Sun matures at the age of 21. As it stands for authority, recognition and career between 20 and 21 we should be able to choose our career path. We could get our first job or be rewarded for something we did. As Sun stands for father too, something related to your father could take place.

Moon matures by the age of 24. By that time one should have gained mental stability and show signs of a mature mind. Moon stands for mind, home, mother, family, nourishment thus something connected to these should take place. Maybe you will purchase your first apartment? For that you will need to check planet placement in your birth chart.

Venus matures at the age of 25. Between 24 and 25 we could meet our partner or we could have a lesson about love and relationships. By that time we should be mature enough to lead a one to one relationship.

Mars matures at the age of 28, which means that between the age of 27 and 28 you will take action towards something or the opposite, you may lose courage, depending on house placement and planets surrounding mars. By the age of 28 we should have grown enough to understand how we can control our anger and how to use the energy for our benefit.

Mercury matures at the age of 32. As it’s a planet of communication and business by that time something related to our communication like planning , organising , leadership may take place but does not have to. It could be related to writing as Mercury ruled Gemini represents hands or something analytical as Mercury is ruling the sign of Virgo as well. If you are a scientist, it could mean that you will reach a new level when it comes to your career or you could get a reward or a degree . As with the other planets, placement such as house, planets sitting around Mercury and lord placement of that house should be checked for getting a clear idea about the event that will take place between 31 and 32. As Mercury stands for siblings too, something related to your younger siblings could take place.

Saturn matures at the age of 36. As it’s about responsibility and duty in our life, an event that will will happen by the age of 35 and 36 will require greater maturity and the willingness to serve our karma. By that time we will be aware of our duties and responsibilities towards others.

Rahu matures at the age of 42. By that time Rahu loses its strength and a person is able to let go of their illusions and become aware of the fact that money is not all the happiness in the world.

Ketu matures at the age of 48. By the age of 47 and 48 one should know their spiritual path and come to a realisation that clinging into people or things does not serve any purpose. It could be a time when one gets detached from the world.

So finally 😂 let me tell you what happened to me. And you can practice using my birth chart.

Between age of 15 and 16, I’ve decided to study textile design in high school and I’ve got an award for my achievements at school.

Between age of 20 and 21, many things happened. I had to grow up and master the courage to save my relationship and so my kids dad came to Sweden and we moved to another place. I’ve also decided that I want to pursue a career where I can be creative and give service.

Between the age of 23 and 24, I’ve pursued higher education at university. I’ve also became a mother during that time and had to learn to handle the pressure of home and school and all the criticism that I’ve gotten from my classmates for having children.

Between the age of 24 and 25, it’s said in 2018/2019, I’ve gone through a transformation and I’ve got a few lessons connected to marriage and relationships. I’ve started also to gain more knowledge about astrology. For me that was a big boom 💥. I felt like I was floating in the air. Everything I knew felt so unrealistic. I’ve decided to divorce during that time as well and I made it before my 26th birthday.

Between 27 and 28 I’ve actually remarried. Why? Karma is a bitch 😅 and I guess divorcees with kids are hot. Mars is in 7th house and 7th lord is in 7th house too. Mercury which also resides in in 7th house stands for contracts/written agreements and so I did nikah at the court.

I am 28 right now + 3 months 😂 . And I am super excited for what Mercury will give me at 32. But as Mercury is in 7th house I hope next step will be business, not a divorce. I am not so sure though when it comes to the events connected to Saturn at 36. At 42, I suspect my mother will get sick or I will have a big argument with my husband. At 48 I suspect Ketu will either give me a good position at work or will make me away from everything that has to do with materiality. There could be something related to death too.

Wow! It’s been so refreshing sharing something new with you. Soon I’m gonna start my own channel on YouTube where you will be able to discover yourself a new together with me 🌟.

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Tarot Year Card: The High Priestess (2)

Hello my dear friends!

Let me present to you the Major Arcana card no.2 The High Priestess. This card is about letting go and believing in the inner gut. A year filled with High Priestess energy will make you synchronise with your inner self and you may experience a feeling of deja vu during this time but its actually your intuition that has become stronger, thus you may feel that something will happen without actually planning for it to happen.

No matter what kind of decision you make, you will take your time and think about it from every perspective before you settle for your or someone elses ideas. This year you will be even more into spirituality, yoga activities and to be calm and balanced will take most of your time.

This year will also be very important in aspect of self-discovery as you will start noticing some bad patterns you had in the past and you will more than welcome changes which could turn your life more positive. Stay calm and keep your daily life structured to keep being balanced. Surround yourself with people that always are there for you and don’t worry. This year you will transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Tarot Year Card

Hello everybody !

I hope you all are doing fine in this windy autumn weather. We are only 2 months away from 2022 so I thought I would start a series of posts dedicated to tarot amd some predictions of the year based on each of the cards belonging to Majot Arcanas. I’m sure that amongst my blog readers there is at least one person who has at least once wanted to know how their year will be. And even though many of us do not have any supernatural powers we can still see the theme of the year with tarot cards as a tool. How many of you were aware of this ? Probably not so many. So let me explain to you how do we calculate which tarot card is ruling your current year and which will be the next.


For example if you are born on 31 October and you want to know the theme for next year then you add 31+10+2022 = 2063.

Now you need to add 2+0+6+3 = 11. So this persons theme for next year is JUSTICE. In case your calculations add up to 23 and above you have to add them together as there are only 22 cards in the Major Arcana there THE FOOL with number 0 is counted as 22 when calculating the theme of the year.

In the upcoming days I will be posting more about each card of Major Arcana and what these could symbolize and give as a theme of a year. You will find these post in the category section under Astrology & Parapsychology. Stay tunned! And I hope you enjoy the content because I still have so much to share with you.