Like a magnet

I keep my distance to stay sane

knowing I could lose myself in the intensity.

Sharing the space with you

makes me question my identity.

I lower my gaze in shyness

thinking you could hear the beat of my heart.

In the background of thousands shining stars,

my face turns redish like the planet Mars.

Dreaming about your magnetic smile non stop.

Sweet and alluring like a lollipop,

making me wanna kiss you on the rooftop.

While we stay side by side,

you expose an aura,

that awakens my inner fauna.

And even if we would be miles apart

like a magnet,

you would make me gaze at you like a piece of art.

Father’s love

Not experienced, yet dreamed

father’s love unfulfilled .

Emptiness echoing from the core of one’s heart.

A jar filled with hopes and wishes spilled,

difficult to put it back in one piece.

Once you’ve reached your limits of yearning,

what stays forever is a sense of mourning.

Pessimistic thoughts every morning,

being set on warning alarming.

For the times which could be beautiful,

instead painful one’s depriving you from the will to strive

for better tommorow,

for the revival of love

between the father and his child.

Thinking of the unfulfilled dreams playing up in my mind,

I smile.

What a great feeling it would be,

if my fathers love for me hadn’t died.

Close mindeness and his big pride,

too late to guide one’s set of direction in life.

Despite the disappointments,

making a find,

once the darkness becomes overshadowed by the light.

Divine father’s love,

feeding my human hungry heart.

That night on repeat…

I closed my eyes as I welcomed the darkness.

While looking inside my eyes,

a whisper left your lips.

Entering my fortress,

you left a print on my soul.

With a sweet scent leaving your lips,

I wished I could give you all.

While playing that night on repeat,

I hear the sound of my heartbeat.

Your hand in mine folded,

our bodies with each other molded.

While playing that night on repeat,

I cannot but to hold my breath,

because you left a print on my soul .

Oh what I wish for that moment to be on hold.

I’m yearning with all I am,

for the man that gave me his all ,

while holding me dear in his arms.

That night on repeat is all I want,

even as I open my eyes to welcome the day.