Speculating about second half of life? A prediction based on Navamsha (D9)

Good afternoon everybody!

I am a little gloomy today as I keep having dreams about people which I used to cherish a lot and on the same time I go through the analysis of my life. I go through this quite often as I am getting older, perhaps I am starting to feel time passing through my fingers as my children become more independent. No matter what reason … a thought passed through my mind while sorting out my clothes recently “I used to be so colorful before I married these freaking Capricorns“. And yeah… both of my husbands are born in December and both of them put me in a state of despair and lack of excitement in life. But this post is not about them.. so let’s cut to the real topic – speculating out 2nd half of life using D9 for prediction.

Instead of taking house by house I will be analysing what matters to me the most, else I will get pretty much lost in my thougths. You saw those two at least a hundred times by now 😅 My Lagna chart and Navamsha. So lets start!

Appearance & personality

Most of my youth I spend transforming, going through ups and downs and my life reminded of a drama show. I was pretty much losing and gaining weight , changing appearance. As per the Navamsha if I look at it as a Lagna chart I will be quite anemic in my 2nd half of life. The ascendant lord is together with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars signifies the physical. And as Mars is in 10th house of Navamsha with Ketu I believe I will be very active as Ketu is the headless demon and will copy Mars. It is connected with my natal 6th house which signifies health so I believe that my health condition will force me into losing weight. The reason behind it is because the Sun meaning the focus of my mind as its in Cancer in Navamsha is on health related issues. In the natal chart Cancer is in the 12th house and 12th house is about losses. So thats how I think I may start thinking about weight loss or maybe my health will get worse. But lets go back to the Navamsha lagna lord.

Venus in sign of Scorpio will make me very magnetic in a sexual sense. I suppose like in the case of wine, that it tastes better with time 😅. Mercury will make me jovial. And as I met a lot of harsh and conservative people in my youth, I believe I will meet a lot of deep and attractive individuals, especially men as Venus and Mercury in 7th house are the people that I meet. Many of them will be human as my 4th house in lagna chart is in Scorpio sign but may be kind of secretive or have deep wounds and traumas.

I may have a more visible gap between my front teeth and short curly hair.

Resources & career

Scorpio rules 8th house in the astrological belt counting from Aries sign and 8th house is the house of research. Its a technical sign. Venus is about beauty or better said aesthetics, while mercury is the communication. 7th house of navamsha is connected to 10th house of navamsha due to the Mars. I believe I did not choose to study media technology for nothing. As Aquarious is the sign of new age and networking , internet … I do believe that my profession will have to do with technology or at least sustainability with the use of innovations. Then as 10th lord is connected to 9th house I will need to obtain a higher degree of education. In conclusion, I do believe that I will earn either through creative online services as online shop or through teaching on the subject of media and technology, graphical design or communication. Ketu stands for languages too as in programming. Nevertheless, my career will not start until the age of 33. Around the age of 36, I will experience a significant betterment as I will be mature, just like my Saturn. Navamshas 2nd house is in Gemini sign which means that I could actually do some multitasking in the career areas. In my lagna Gemini sign is in 11th house and the Scorpio is in the 4th house which I believe is another indicator of earnings through teaching as 4th house stands for the pedagogics as its originally ruled by the Moon.

Another thoughts I am getting is a creative kind of business like selling candles as there is quite a lot of fiery and dry energy around the profession houses.

Romance and self expression

When it comes to romance and self expression I believe that my DNA cannot be fixed. Both my parents indulged in flings and no matter if I want or not I will attract people without wanting to. If I go that way I should not count for more than short term relationships as God has decided that I wll marry only 3 times in this life at max. So yes, I may actually end up marrying again at the age of 32 would be the timing of me meeting the 3rd and last husband.

I will be more creative the older I get as my Sun will not be as blocked as it was when I was a child. As you can see Saturn in navamsha aspects Sun and the Cancer sign which the Sun is positioned in is connected to 5th house. I will do a lot of writing and a lot of detail oriented work. I will be creative but it will be more expressed as critical design. Same with writing. If I will write something it will not be bubbly and dreamy. It will be based on real stuff. I will be more cautious in the way I express myself, I believe I can blame my past experiences for that.

Thats pretty much for now 🤔.

Thank you 🙏

Baby steps into awareness

Hello my dear friends! How are you?

I have just started an intensive week. Work + studies. But I do not feel discouraged. Beside that I have some motherly duties to focus on. My baby Aaron is growing so fast. He will attend elementary school from August 2023. What comes with that? A lot of new challenges.

My son had quite a difficult start in life. Moving around, getting sick often, then me and his dad divorced, new people arrived into our life’s. I am aware it has been tough on him with so many changes. He needs a lot of care and understanding. Especially when it comes to boosting his self-confidence which he is short of in the area of learning.

My kids has been growing up with technology quite a lot due to my studies and covid19. Thus, it has affected the way they think and feel about necessities of life like reading and writing. Simply giving instructions on how to do does not seem to give effect which makes me to try new ways to approach the issue.

Yesterday, we had tried to write on paper and in a book especially made for preschoolers. The first letters “A” went well but as Aaron’s dad was watching I think our babies confidence went down. He did not want to continue anymore.

I’ve decided to take a different book out to make it more playable and less scary for him. He was more pleased by writing a small “a” than the bigger one. He was very confused as well by there are three different ways of writing “A“. We repeated the whole alphabet and will continue to do so. At preschool they do have some training in this area as well, thus it has become important to continue at home. I’ve pronounced the words in Swedish and Aaron pointed with his finger which one of the pictures illustrates it. We did an exercise of finding the sound “a” in the words. It can be quite tricky when you pronounce letters differently in Swedish and much differently in English but I believe that I’ve given birth to an amazing and talented boy.

As writing and reading letters in a book felt a little overwhelming, I’ve opened the computer and found a nice website for kids with games and different interactive ways of learning. Aaron has a highly developed visual-spatial intelligence like me thus I believe he will learn the fastest while being creative. Colors and space for expression are very important.

What made this interactive game very nice was that my son could click on the letter and he could hear how to pronounce the letter. I’ve noticed that he knows letter “A” very well as well as letter “O“. We will still practice though so that he can be more confident about his abilities.

In case you also would like to spend some time teaching you child about the alphabet or numbers, the website which I found so great is http://www.abcya.com . You can find there everything for kids from preschool up to grade 6. Isn’t that amazing?

Thank you for reading ! See you soon again with some amazing post! ❤

Being a mother … being a daughter

Good afternoon! Welcome to Shades of me !

Since it’s Mother’s Day, I’ve been reflecting a lot about me as a mother versus me as a daughter. The only thing that comes into my mind is that neither of the roles are easy. Being a mother means I need to be selfless, even if I disagree on many things I need to remind myself that I deserve to be my own person and so does my children. Of course I could easily manipulate kids into doing things which I see right for myself rather than them but that would mean I am not deserving of being called their mom. When I look at myself as the daughter that always was obedient, I really get sad when looking at the outcome.

I do not have issues with overindulgence when it comes to drugs or alcohol. I do not smoke even cigarettes. I am not a party girl. I do not leave my children with strangers to enjoy my life. I study, work, try my best to manage the household, going to doctor appointments with kids. Yet, in the eyes of my mother I am always not good enough. I am getting criticised, abandoned. I am being put in a sack with people that are thousands times worse. Is it a crime to love people despite their differences ? Is it a crime that I don’t spit on gays and lesbians? Is it a crime that I am tolerant ? Is it a crime that I have my own set of principles? Is it a crime that I don’t teach my children to hate others?

I am a wonderful human being and so are my kids. My youngest is the smartest kid I ever got to meet. He wasn’t even two years old and he knew the names of dinosaurs and pets, birds and sea creatures. And my eldest is the most sensible person I’ve ever got to meet. He is truly caring and innovative. He is not scared of being different. While other boys play only with guns, dinosaurs or cars, my boy does not mind playing with ponny and dolls. While his dad can make fun of him at times, I encourage him to play the way he likes because no one has the rights to choose what is better for you. If any of my children said that they don’t feel like being boys or that they have feelings for boys nothing would change my love for them. They are still my children despite all.

Unfortunately, I cannot count on the same. My grandmom called me today asking me to wish my mom a great day but I cannot. Not after she gave back all the gifts and cards I ever gave her for Mother’s day. To me it’s like saying that I am a marionette. Do what I say then you will be my daughter, don’t do and you lose the right to call me your mother – kind of thing.

But I’m not. If I can love her despite all irresponsible things she had ever done. She should too love us the same way. And I will not do any bargains on this.

Thank you for reading & wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day!