Pakistani look tutorial

If you love bollywood or you are a pakistani bride to be but a pale foreigner just like me this tutorial is for you.

To be honest I am so bad at make up. Especially my eyebrows are not easy for me but we only live once so let me show you the before and after pictures and let me describe step by step how I’ve turned into a Pakistani wanna-look-like goddess.

As you can see I need not only practice but better quality of products as well. The eye-liner shouldn’t be too dry. There should be a marker touch to it so it can give your eye a vibrant line. I did not contour my cheeks as I feel that my face would lose its jolly person vibe. You can wear whatever make up you want but it should only strenghten the qualities you already have, not make you into totally a different person. Your make up equals your personality is what I am trying to say.

To accomplish a look similiar to that you will need eyeliner, eyebrow pen, shadows (shade depends on your skin tone), mascara ( and probably some fake lashes if you really want them to look longer), lipstick and some nice jewerly Pakistani style or even mehendi would be stunning.

Probably in the near future when my hair has grown a little longer and I buy my first lehengi or salwar kameez you will see me with a better version of this look.