Starting the weekend with an adventure at Maritime Museum in Stockholm

Good Saturday morning!

I cannot believe that I’ve actually slept today without waking up in the middle of the night. I guess I was exhausted but on the other side its good with a little rest. I did not have enough these days and I still need to keep my fighting spirit up. The last 30 days has been filled with many challenges and confusions especially for Austin and Aaron. I had to gather the last piece of energy yesterday and decided to take them out. They were eager to go to the Maritime Museum. We made a stop at McDonalds first.

Of course a little bit of plastic was definitely more interesting than the food ๐Ÿ˜‚ … But somehow we managed to leave after 1 hour, happy and few pounds heavier.

Aaron and Austin were happy to look around the museum. They even found a place where they could play.

Them being happy despite the circumstances we adults are in is probably the greatest gift a parent can get. I would feel totally devastated if I would be the reason behind tears.

The visit did not last long. They got pretty much bored running around so I’ve decided to use that energy and take a walk back to Stockholm City. This was the first time they walked 3 km with me. Austin got pretty much exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I put him in the stroller. Aaron still had some energy and took a last picture with the lion statue .

But well…even the most energetic child gets tired…

Any last words?

Well… if you want to teach your kids something and want them to explore all sides of life go to museums, theaters, cinemas. Spend time with them. Having parents involved in their activities will make them grow into independent individuals. They will be more expressive and willing to challenge their boundries. If you like taking walks like me, take your kids with you. Aaron and Austin became very innovative on the way. They used the street lightening and benches to create a game where they collected points by running and touching them.

Thank you for reading !

See you soon with a new amazing post !

Friday evening outing with my gems

Hi! What a crazy evening. You must have wondered where I was since its past 9 PM already.

Well, I promised my kids an outing at McDonald’s after their pre-school time is over for the week. And I always try to fulfill my promises to the kids as soon as possible as I know how it feels to not get what you wished for on time. The kids were super excited when we took the metro. I’ve decided to take them to Globen since I thought taking a bus back home instead of a train did not feel all that wrong after our adventure would be over.

The first thing we could notice is the Globe or more likely the Avicii Arena where many concerts used to take place before Tele2 Arena was built. Austin was super excited to see it as he shouted “Mommy! Look, a big ball! “.

On the other side Aaron was fascinated by the lights which he could see on the way to Globen Shopping Center. He liked the tower-like buildings as well. He asked for a photo and as always used his favourite pose. What’s facinating about it is that my son poses the same way to photos as me, except that beautiful and brights smile that makes him extremely cute. That is his own thing. Nevertheless, its my blood.

What every small kid is crazy about are the suprises and so a Happy Meal was a must when we ate at McDonald’s. It contained pieces of a dinosaur made in paper. And my kids were more interested in the toy than actually their food so I had to hide it from them. Once they’ve started eating I felt calm. They enjoyed their “coala” as Austin likes to call coca-cola. Austin loves chicken nuggets more than anything so that was his first choice while Aaron saved his portion of chicken nuggets for later and ate the fries. Well, as he says “The best should be eaten last”.

After Aaron was done with his fries I’ve decided its time to move and to look around the shopping center would not be a bad idea while we still had some spare time before the arrival of the bus. And so we found a cute setting for photos. What you actually don’t see are the few seconds after the photo was taken where Aaron was plain on ground with the snow man. That’s called a strike, my son !

Soon after that we went to bathroom because that’s a necessity and we bought some jellys at the grocery store before we took the bus home.

That was a joyous friday to us. And how about your friday? Anything you would have done differently?

Thank you for reading & have a nice weekend everybody !