Separate but together. Happy 1st marriage anniversary!

Hello my dear readers!

How are you ? Cuz…I am dead tired to be honest 😂 But even when I am tired I still have some moments in my life that bring me joy. Meeting my husband is one of these moments. Before I tell you the story of our first face to face meeting let me tell you about today.

Today reminded me pretty much about that day one year ago with the exception I was running late for my work, the SL app stopped working and then my SL ticket vanished but at last I made it. Indeed I felt for a moment like I am cursed and started wishing for a better wedding anniversary next year because what if it starts becoming a tradition, me having constantly issues with traffic and technology on that day. But then I thought that I am quite lucky. The bus driver let me in so I could go to Globen, later the metro stuff let me through the gates so I could take the train to Skanstull where I had been working these past two days. Then luckily Clarion Sign Hotel had free internet so I could ask for help and so I called the SL customer service and luckily even though I reinstall the SL app they could find my ticket and activate it again. Even when my life leads me to the feeling of hopelessness I gather the courage to believe that God will never leave a person in need and so it send me all this angels.

Our wedding day ❤ 2021.08.25

And then we come to my hubby and our marriage…marriage anniversary. I wish this day could be celebrated in the most colorful way but I suppose we are meant to work hard first and then enjoy the fruits of our labour. We celebrate separately but still together. I came to a conlusion that we should celebrate each day we are together rather just some specific days. Being married is a celebration itself is what I feel. I think I am learning some important things about long lasting commitment. I am not sure if I would see it the same way if we had lived together at once but that’s how I see it today.

I still remember that day, the day I held Ahads hand for the first time. It was very warm, soft but on the same time strong. It felt as if he couldn’t believe that I actually am there holding his hand. The plane landed in early morning. It was still very dark outside. But we still could see our faces and well, we gave each other awkward looks because we talked about kissing on the airport but with all people around looking at my white face it just felt too much overwhelming. So I just sat inside the car holding Ahads hand, we kept laughing and hugging. Probably at 2/3 of the way back to his home I kissed him. I just felt the tension was too much. I cannot handle nervous people 🤣. He was so much tired and lost somewhere in his thoughts he did not understand what he was doing nor what’s happening. We arrived at his home by 4 or 5 AM. All family members greeted me. They were super excited I guess. I was so tired I just changed my dress and went to sleep with Fatima in her room. I did not even have the strength to talk much. I fell asleep very quickly but probably did not managed to sleep more than 5-6 hours that day. When I wake up Ahad was feeling a little better and wasn’t so awkward with me anymore. It felt like I am seeing a small kid getting a christmas gift. He was just too much excited and overwhelmed by me being there. And as today is our anniversary, I really really miss him. But probably we will need to wait for some time to meet up again. I truly hope to celebrate one of our birthdays together this year or next year. I will work really hard for it to come true. So hold thumbs for me.

Happy Wedding anniversary to us ! Cheers!

See you soon with a new post my dear brothers and sisters !

Vacation’s over. Action, baby!

Good morning!

It’s a sunny Sunday this morning in Sweden. And I feel in love or more likely I do yearn for love. Not sure if it’s because I slept with husband by my side (on the other side of the phone) or I’ve slept well knowing that vacation’s over. Nevertheless, today is a day I’ve started dreaming like years ago which brought me to thinking that maybe what I need is closeness, doing things which I cannot do with anyone else.

Watching my husbands back while he’s sleeping awaken a lot of feelings of affection. Whenever I am in Pakistan I always watch him sleep because he looks super cute. I am the one to cover him with blanket. He probably would take care of me too if not that he is a deep sleeper.

I’ve exercised this morning, thinking about my future self. Every day I see a improvement. I’ve got my curves back and feel more tight. I cannot wait to go on dates with my hubby in this body. I’ve probably checked dozens of dresses I would like to wear next time I am with my jalebi baby. When you are with somebody that knows how to give and take love, care and time, life feels very balanced and healthy. And that’s where action comes to play.

Vacation’s over. Action, baby!

It’s time to go back to work. I’ve got plenty of courses in hospitality management and event planning, a YouTube channel to run and of course Shades of me content to improve. But beside that pretty many bills to take care of. Money is in, money is out 😂. That’s pretty much my life. And don’t misunderstand me. I’m not chill about my financial problems. I tend to erupt like a Vulcano at times, sometimes it’s intense like a tsunami and comes without warning but I’ve just got to keep calm and keep working towards a better future which I hope will somehow come after my 33th birthday 🎂. And yeah… that’s in like 5 years but looking forward to it makes me want to improve myself. I know I may get sick if I try too hard but that’s just how I am.

Thank you for today & for the days on ward lord 🙏

See ya!

Saturn Return in 7th house

Hello everybody!

In the last 29 years of your life you had been going through different stages in life where you had to learn the meaning of resposibility, duty, respect, restriction and grow the ability to choose what is better for your growth even though at times it was difficult to let go. Those that tried to disobey authority, their parents and other elders in teenage years or early 20s had gotten bitten by the karma as anyone who tries to break the rings of Saturn suffers losses and has to experience a lot of misery connected to the placement Saturn sits in at birth. In this post we will be discussing about Saturn Return in 7th house.

Saturn is one of the most feared planets aside Ketu , Rahu and Mars. When in 7th house it signifies that you should marry only after you are at least 30 years old. Before that things like dating, living together or marriage should not take place as it will bring you suffering. Saturn wants you to work on your own achivements in the work environment or business before you settle down.

Once you are in your late 20s until Saturn changes sign you will experience many tests related to business, courts, partnership and wherever Saturn own the house. Those that got married before their 30s will get a test connected to their spouse. If you pass your marriage will be stronger than ever before but if you give up you will divorce to find someone more suitable for yourself. If you never dated or lived with anyone Saturn will let you meet someone which you could end up marrying.

Saturn will be aspecting your ascendant. How much of influence the Saturn Return will have on you depends on the planet which rules your ascendant. If your Ascendant is in Leo expect a lot of tension from authoritative people like for example the government or people above you at your working place as Sun and Saturn are enemies. Sign at the cusp of 7th house has importance too. While Saturn in Capricorn in 7th house could signify commitment to work and relationships, Saturn in Aquarius in 7th house could be about becoming responsible for your future. You would be forced to think more about what you want and how you could reach there. That’s especially true if you had lived so far for other people, trying to meet their requirments, fullfilling your duties towards others while putting your goals and dreams aside. Aquarius is a sign of networking and the masses as well which could indicate you becoming a person that looks more outwards and does things to make the world a better place. Expect doing some charity work during that time as it eases the influence of Saturn. Even knowing the position of Saturn in Navamsha and Dasamsha chart will give you some more indications about the influence of the transit of Saturn through houses.

I did not have my Saturn Return yet but believe me, I feel the restricitive powers of the planet with the rings especially when I am getting near my 29th birthday and Saturn will transit to the same place where it was at the time of my birth trice due to its retrograde movement. When you hit 33 years you would be more practical about relationships and parterships. You would be able to handle your duties and have a different approach to life. Saturn matures at the age of 36 and that’s where you could see the fruits of your personal growth. It may hurt from time to time, after all Saturn has the ability to really frustrate people at times but never give up. Live to your fullest potential.

Thank you and stay strong my friends !