The 10 Commandments & the world we live in

Many many many years ago, according to the holy scripts God has given us 10 commanfments which we humans should follow to as result be able to reside in the realms of God after end of our human life. All religions have different point of view when it comes to these rules that were said to be decided by God. Hinduism and Buddism teaches about re-birth and the bad and good effects of deeds and thoughts. The Abrahamic religions like Islam, Jewdism and Christianity have quite many similiarities since they belong to the same family tree. The world we live in has dozens of interpreations of the holy scripts. Some become very radical to the point of having a dictatorial mind, other tend to talk in a very deep way, creating images like in science fiction stories, discussing realms and mindfullness.

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1.You shall have no other God’s before me

When I was a kid I was teached that the there is hell, heaven and a world of redemption. In that case the theory about a cycle of re-birth wouldn’t be a complete lie. You will never hear me saying that my God is the best because to me there is one God with hundreds of different faces. God is almighty, I don’t understand why common people try to make God smaller and less significant by making categories of Gods. There is only one God and a religion is just a life style that one chooses to implement. In some countries it correlates with cultural values as well. We cannot be close-minded and create a gap between people just because of our personal issues.

Secondly, when people focus on fighting over whos religion is better we end up being quite ignorant. Just look around. There are people chosing computers over going to school or spend time with family. There are people chosing sex rather than commit to one person. When you make materiality your God, you obviously did not understand what God has asked from you. If you don’t understand let me explain.

God has created us humans as a recreation of himself. We are meant for greater things than being enslaved by television and addictions of all kinds. Being humble and generous would be the first step. Not to show the society how great you are but rather to feel at peace with yourself that you did something that may not have much of significance for your life but would mean the world to others.

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2. You shall not take the name of the God in vain

You should never use the Gods name for your benefit. God is almighty as I mentioned. I tend to tell people that I got a godly gift. I have many talents and skills but I know my limitations. There will be always someone better than me and I respect that. But you will often hear people use Gods name when criticizing others or blaming them without evidence. That’s not following the words of God. We as humankind should be scared of even using the word GOD in day to day circumstances. What does God have to do with your orgasm? What does it have to do with your issues? Why do you try to be above God and act like all know it when you just have a glimpse of knowledge compared to God?

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3. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy

In our modern society where money and technology devices has completely taken over our brains, we had forgotten what is a day of rest or celebration of God. Many people work over time. If not then they are busy with watching TV or playing games instead of doing something that would be good for our minds and bodies. Many people especially the young ones go to church, mosque or temples just because their parents and grandparents tell them to. They don’t understand why they are doing it and whats the benefit of it. We are creating a world filled with people that go further and further away from God. Many young people feel that going to church or learning all the holy books is some kind of punishment and thats all because they were forced. True obligation cannot be forced, it has to be felt and wanted if we don’t want to create a world filled with hard core muslims, christians than remind more of atheists than christians and so many other examples.

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4.Honor your father and mother

This one can be quite tricky because does honoring your parents mean letting them beat you up and not do anything? In my understanding it means respecting their efforts to bring you up, forgiving them and being by their side when they are of old age or when sick. Being at your best and doing your best I feel that’s honoring your parents giving you a life too. By doing good deeds to pay for them being bad parents we may reverse their jar of sins into a less painful death and afterlife.

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5. You shall not kill

In today’s society where the the law doesn’t punish people due to lack of evidence, many take justice in their hand not understanding that they will bear twice as much of a sin than the killer. Even though the surroundings will support them because no one likes rapist and killers, we should find other solutions. I know I may be naive but not everyone is born a killer or rapist. I possibly cannot understand the true pain of loss due to rape or murder because I’ve never experienced it on my own but I know one thing. Our loved ones once gone will never return. Killing someone is a sin no matter what is the reason and it feels like we are punishing ourselves for loving someone to the extent of destruction. God is the only rightful judge, that punish for the evil and rewards for the good. Have heard of the story about Cain and Abel?

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6. You shall not commit adultery

Adultery is common in all religious paths. In Islam you can actually get sentenced to jail. In Europe it’s bad but people still do it and act like they are the most religious people on earth. Probably all people in the world try to justify the act of cheating, nevertheless adultery is adultery. Until you state to your partner that you are not happy and want to end your relationship you probably will commit this sin.


7.You shall not steal

Stealing is a big problem in our modern society. It actually does not matter if you are poor or rich. Even the rich feed on the poor by cheating and doing frauds. I feel like the God would prefer if we asked for water or food than steal it. In Christianity we have something called Works of mercy.

  • Feed the hungry.
  • Give water to the thirsty.
  • Give clothes to the naked.
  • Welcome the travelling ones.
  • Cheer up the jailed.
  • Visit the sick.
  • Bury the dead.

Which means that if we had more generosity in us there would not be any need for stealing. Nevertheless stealing is bad, let’s find other solution for the problem. Work in exchange for food and accomandation?

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8.You shall not give false statements about others

This one is something that actually many people break. Rumors and gossiping are huge problems of the humankind. It involves deceit, greed and ego issues.

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9.You shall not desire for other’s wife

As much as the person cheating on their spouse, the one that helps you to cheat knowing you are married is also commiting a sin. Don’t think that just because you save someone from an unfortunate marriage you are doing something good. Ending things is important before commiting to a new relationship.

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10. You shall not desire for any of other’s property and things which he/she owns

People born today are divided between those having prosperity and no true friends and those that don’t have much but are robbed by people that never have enough. Greed does not find place in heaven.

The 7 deadly sins, have heard of it?

  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

I strongly believe that life on earth for many of us is a place of redemption, repeating life until we make all things right. I am not even going to guess where I will end up by the end of this life … let God decide.

Thank you for reading & peace !

Separate but together. Happy 1st marriage anniversary!

Hello my dear readers!

How are you ? Cuz…I am dead tired to be honest 😂 But even when I am tired I still have some moments in my life that bring me joy. Meeting my husband is one of these moments. Before I tell you the story of our first face to face meeting let me tell you about today.

Today reminded me pretty much about that day one year ago with the exception I was running late for my work, the SL app stopped working and then my SL ticket vanished but at last I made it. Indeed I felt for a moment like I am cursed and started wishing for a better wedding anniversary next year because what if it starts becoming a tradition, me having constantly issues with traffic and technology on that day. But then I thought that I am quite lucky. The bus driver let me in so I could go to Globen, later the metro stuff let me through the gates so I could take the train to Skanstull where I had been working these past two days. Then luckily Clarion Sign Hotel had free internet so I could ask for help and so I called the SL customer service and luckily even though I reinstall the SL app they could find my ticket and activate it again. Even when my life leads me to the feeling of hopelessness I gather the courage to believe that God will never leave a person in need and so it send me all this angels.

Our wedding day ❤ 2021.08.25

And then we come to my hubby and our marriage…marriage anniversary. I wish this day could be celebrated in the most colorful way but I suppose we are meant to work hard first and then enjoy the fruits of our labour. We celebrate separately but still together. I came to a conlusion that we should celebrate each day we are together rather just some specific days. Being married is a celebration itself is what I feel. I think I am learning some important things about long lasting commitment. I am not sure if I would see it the same way if we had lived together at once but that’s how I see it today.

I still remember that day, the day I held Ahads hand for the first time. It was very warm, soft but on the same time strong. It felt as if he couldn’t believe that I actually am there holding his hand. The plane landed in early morning. It was still very dark outside. But we still could see our faces and well, we gave each other awkward looks because we talked about kissing on the airport but with all people around looking at my white face it just felt too much overwhelming. So I just sat inside the car holding Ahads hand, we kept laughing and hugging. Probably at 2/3 of the way back to his home I kissed him. I just felt the tension was too much. I cannot handle nervous people 🤣. He was so much tired and lost somewhere in his thoughts he did not understand what he was doing nor what’s happening. We arrived at his home by 4 or 5 AM. All family members greeted me. They were super excited I guess. I was so tired I just changed my dress and went to sleep with Fatima in her room. I did not even have the strength to talk much. I fell asleep very quickly but probably did not managed to sleep more than 5-6 hours that day. When I wake up Ahad was feeling a little better and wasn’t so awkward with me anymore. It felt like I am seeing a small kid getting a christmas gift. He was just too much excited and overwhelmed by me being there. And as today is our anniversary, I really really miss him. But probably we will need to wait for some time to meet up again. I truly hope to celebrate one of our birthdays together this year or next year. I will work really hard for it to come true. So hold thumbs for me.

Happy Wedding anniversary to us ! Cheers!

See you soon with a new post my dear brothers and sisters !

Who is God, mom?

Good evening my dear readers!

Today was a very tough and stressful day for me. I’ve never thought I would end up going to police station to ask about restriction order rules and laws. But well… I guess its better to know before I do anything.

But what does it have to do with todays post you may ask?

Well… These few days has been quite religion focused but more likely religion has been used to explain ones thoughts and actions. But honestly these bad actions and words towards people of different religion cannot be justified just like that. Hate is never the language of God.

So what happened next is that I went to pick up my children from their pre-school, straight from the police station. And on the way home my older son Aaron looked at the grass in the park being dry and asked :

” Mom, why is the grass so dry?”

Of course I’ve tried to to explain the easiest way 😅 but you know the more you answer your childs questions the more questions it may have. So after answering that its due to lack of rain the grass is all dry, he had to ask why there was no rain. That’s where things got complicated.

I told him that I am not sure, maybe God has decided that there would not be any rain. And that’s how our small discussion about “who is God?” has started. But you must know that telling a child a story about creation of the world can be rather overwhelming so I’ve decided to play the same story I have already told him on YouTube.

Now you may be thinking what I’m really after, what is it that I want to say. Well, after having this terrible few days passed me I think that maybe this is a way of the God telling me to not doubt on myself, that what I am doing is not bad, that it’s watching over me.

Nevertheless of what the real reason behind it is… the Bible stories seems to have awakened Aaron’s curiosity. I’ve never forced any religious stories to him neither to his brother. I feel that the people that want to find God will find it.

So what was my answer to the question?

God is in everything that surrounds us, in people we meet, in the flowers and trees, in all life on Earth and that’s why we should love and care for everything God has created even our siblings and friends so that one day we can stand close to God and feel his presence even stronger.

Thank you for reading ❣️

Have a pleasant weekend❣️