Strategy to decrease population?

Hello my dear followers & readers!

It has been some tough time. The only thing that makes me happy is that I am actually getting closer to 2023, where many challenges will have its end. But well… until that time I still need to climb this mountain that has been created especially for me. Like for example last week I got to know that the healthcare has turned me into a villain that does not care about my child’s health because I pushed forward the visit a few times due to various circumstances. It lead me to meet the social workers. Not super fun can I say. I thought that it would be more serious but I guess making people into clones of each other is a serious topic to them. What do I mean with that? Well… being slim is considered being normal. But trust me, once my kids turns too slim they will accuse me of starvation, just like right now they accuse me of putting my child in danger because he is a chubby little boy with a bright smile. I guess chubby people should be crying and feeling like black sheep for this psychos to feel satisfied.

What makes me most furious about this is that they actually tried to awaken feelings of guilt in me by saying that my child will be victim of mobbing. Why do I need to be held responsible for someone else not knowing what is right and what is wrong? Its a parents duty to teach their kids to respect other people. Why do I need to pressure my own child to change and make him feel like he is the problem because someone lacks empathy and does not know any etiquette?

It feels like all this regulations and obligations is a plan to make people to decline wanting to have kids…

The most absurd thing is not done yet. Tomorrow, I will meet the person behind this situation and I will not be as nice as before. Until then you need to anticipate my next post… but it will not take long…

See ya !

“You don’t have big debts” he said…

Good thursday afternoon to you!

I’ve just reached home and I feel better than when my husband said that he loves me. Weird isn’t it…? I suppose the difference is that more experienced people are more stable in their mind, thus their advice tend to make me calmer. My heart finally beats a few times slower than those last two days. The only thing I need now is actually the call or e-mail from Bemannia but about this I will tell you at the end of this post.

Today, after dropping kids at their pre-school I travelled back to Nynäshamn to meet the man that calmed my heart – the debt and budget counselor. He looked through all the debts I have and without any seriousness in his voice he said ” You don’t have big debts“. At once I looked at him in shock and answered “But for me this is a catastrophy. It is too much“. He just laughed….

He told me that I cannot get “skuldsanering” so called debt restructuring, because of the simple reason I don’t have debts above a certain amount. My mission is to find a stable job and pay the necessities while trying to not get more into debt.

On the same time I’ve gotten information about other rightful measurements which I could take once Prajwol moves away. I feel a lot better knowing that I will be moving to a little calmer waters soon.

My all mind is getting into event, projects or tourism management positions. At least 75% is my aim. If I cannot turn my life around I will do everything to start from scratch in Austria. As I mentioned about Bemannia. I’ve applied a very honorable job which they offer. But as it is almost 1 PM I don’t think I am the choosen one. It would be really fun and interesting to be able to work as liason officer and take care of the people that help us create this world but I suppose its not my time yet.

Anyways.. Gotta go… this news has been so reassuring I’m going to donate some clothes to those needing them more.

God Bless you & hold your tumbs for me!

See ya ! ❤️❤️❤️

Starting the weekend with an adventure at Maritime Museum in Stockholm

Good Saturday morning!

I cannot believe that I’ve actually slept today without waking up in the middle of the night. I guess I was exhausted but on the other side its good with a little rest. I did not have enough these days and I still need to keep my fighting spirit up. The last 30 days has been filled with many challenges and confusions especially for Austin and Aaron. I had to gather the last piece of energy yesterday and decided to take them out. They were eager to go to the Maritime Museum. We made a stop at McDonalds first.

Of course a little bit of plastic was definitely more interesting than the food 😂 … But somehow we managed to leave after 1 hour, happy and few pounds heavier.

Aaron and Austin were happy to look around the museum. They even found a place where they could play.

Them being happy despite the circumstances we adults are in is probably the greatest gift a parent can get. I would feel totally devastated if I would be the reason behind tears.

The visit did not last long. They got pretty much bored running around so I’ve decided to use that energy and take a walk back to Stockholm City. This was the first time they walked 3 km with me. Austin got pretty much exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I put him in the stroller. Aaron still had some energy and took a last picture with the lion statue .

But well…even the most energetic child gets tired…

Any last words?

Well… if you want to teach your kids something and want them to explore all sides of life go to museums, theaters, cinemas. Spend time with them. Having parents involved in their activities will make them grow into independent individuals. They will be more expressive and willing to challenge their boundries. If you like taking walks like me, take your kids with you. Aaron and Austin became very innovative on the way. They used the street lightening and benches to create a game where they collected points by running and touching them.

Thank you for reading !

See you soon with a new amazing post !