Parents and baseless accusations : How your parents forgot their days as a parent

Hello my fellow readers! I am switching from astrology to more of a down to earth topic today. In the past week I’ve got a call which made me disappointed, not because someone was spiting hate behind my back but rather because the person that had to hear it got affected by it. By the title you probably understand who the culprit is and yeah… I am not proud of it in any way. I do not really want to go on making a blacklist of things that my parents did not the right way, nor do I care what people say about me because I have my own life and responsibilities, thus I do not give a damn about matters outside of my own home. But when my own parent plays a game of a good and bad cop, I cannot tolerate it, especially when it affects a person close to my heart that may not even have more than 3 years of life left due to a tumor in their head.

My self discovery journey made me to go very deep in to my subconsiousness. There was a time when I just had too much disappointment in my heart but I’ve never said anything that wasn’t true just so that it would sound like I am right and someone else is wrong. Since I’ve decided to divorce my first husband I’ve been quite distanced with my mother and father. Because they did not take my side. From their perspective I should blame myself. Thus, I got a proof of not being able to do mistakes or making wrong decisions without being blamed for it. To put more light into it, they care more about themselves and what other people say than actually their own kid.

The title takes up baseless accusations and yes, there are quite many. It comes especially from my mothers side. My father hasn’t been in the picture for a long time and I think that maybe it’s better that way, after all he wasn’t there when I needed him through out my teenage years. He met my ex-husband twice or trice and already made him his son. When I was about to divorce and I had gone through some difficult financial situation, the best thing he could write to my ex-husband was to leave me alone with my troubles because me and my mother are same. Then influenced by my mother last year he spit quite a lot of nonsense, like me going to foreign lands to meet a lover (not Ahad, my current husband) while I’ve still been married to my ex and spending my exes money on that person. More frustrating than that I couldn’t get. At least that’s what I thought until now. It’s been over a year now that I am not talking or visiting any of them. Occasionally, I say hello to my mother but she is the one to come to me first. I don’t need any drama, thus I avoid meeting her or being a part of her drama club.

Since I married Ahad I’ve been accused of being a selfish and careless mother by my own mother. She has been taunting me on and on about that as if I left them in a bad place. I left them with my grandmother for two weeks because me and my ex has shared custody and without him being okay I cannot take them anywhere .I left them with the same woman that my mother left me with for at least two years when she was away while working in Sweden. So the question pop-up automatically.

Was she angry actually because she cared about my kids or because I went to Pakistan to marry a Muslim and she uses my kids to punish me knowing how much I love them ?

Why the question pop up? Well, because in my memory she left me and my brother with our grandmother when she went to vacation with her lovers many, many times.

Why it bothers me? Because she as been dating a colorful palatte of men, Polish, Swedish, Marrocan, Indonesian and only God know who more. But that somehow seems to have been erased from her memory. But unfortunately not mine.

What about me? I had crush on many but the thought of becoming like my mom did not make me take any risks so I’ve never slept or kissed anyone that I knew wouldn’t be serious with me. It was enough that people that did not like my mom made me their trashbin and abused my pure mind.

Another accusation is about me not taking care of my kids and my ex doing a better job than me. This one feels very unfair and really does not make sense. Yes, he does spend more money on them now that I don’t have my student loan left but I think a parents role is more than just earning money. If I did not study during Covid-19 we would not make the months end without getting more and more in debt. When my ex got Covid-19 last year it was basically me paying most of the rent, then I had plenty of overdue electricity and internet bills, grocery orders and pre-school bills ( for those that are new…We stlil share the apartment). All was on me. Then our kids do not belong to those that are protective over their things, thus I changed the screen of iPads at least 4 times. In the end I did not have any strength anymore and just bought them a new one. With my name on the bill, not my ex-husbands. I’ve been going with kids to pre-school in the mornings while I still could afford it. Now I am working in school which means I am starting working when they just wake up so my ex-husband took the responsibility of leaving them at pre-school and I am picking them up. But still, the doctor appointments are on me and once I get a fulltime job everything will be on me.

Why talk shit about me? Because I don’t have any money to give away to her. But even if I had I would not give it to her knowing it’s for her fake luxurious life that she tries to project into the world. And I will certainly go further away once I settle well in life. I may come once she becomes severly ill, because I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her behaviour and the way she spits hate without even knowing anything or to be honest even wanting to know.

Any more memories from the time my parents were young parents? Yes, plenty of them. Our house in Dabrowka Tuchowska was situated by the road. My brother always used to leave our playground by home and drive his bicycle on the main road where lorries and other vehicles were driving. He was maybe 2 or 3 years old. But I guess, those so called responsible parents forgot that they were not so responsible in their 20s. Even I have experienced my parents “responsible” care and love. The mark on my back and on my knee is a proof of how much they cared what their child was doing.

The scar I got when I run into the fence that my dad installed so that my brother would not go out to the streets again.
The scar on my back that was caused by my mothers carelessness because she did not have money to buy me cough medicine.


In conclusion, my dear readers if your parents left you with trauma and scars even those which cannot be seen by human eyes. Do not repeat their mistakes. Learn from their mistakes as you are the best proof whether their way of upbringing children was good or bad. Do things differently, remember how you felt when you were a child because your kid is a person too and it can feel the same way as you did years back.

If your parents nag at you and criticize you, don’t take it to your heart. Everyone has the right to do mistakes, but its important you learn from them and you will with time. As long as there is a will, nothing is impossible. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing during my childhood. Guess, I am the only one that took it seriously.

You are not a robot. You have a heart, a soul, a mind. Your uniqness is what makes you beautiful. Never forget that!

I know that being a parent can be challenging. No matter what we teach to our kids, they will still do what they seem fit. Some kids listen more and some less. And in my case I have two very stubborn individuals, that cause me a heartache from time to time but as long as they are fine and healthy… Nothing matters more. They are my all.

To me being a good parent is being selfless. What does it mean to be a good parent to you?

Thank you for reading !

Equality in the world of prejudice

Hello to you my dear readers! This Friday morning could have been better but as there are clouds outside of my window and a fog in my mind right now I do feel kind of sad. I’ve wanted to create a space where people could find answers to their problems but today I must solve mine own.

Yesterday when I was on my way back home after work I’ve opened my phone and I’ve got a notification. I was too much wasted to open it right away so I’ve waited until I reached home. I still had to pick up my kids from preschool. Once I got home and did all the rutines of feeding my kids a dinner and helping them to wash up and so on, I lay down on the bed while talking to Ahad and checked the notification I’ve got on Kirva. I was truly devastated when I saw that half of the rent money was not paid. I fast checked my bank account bill and my half was sent in on time.

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I never suspected that my ex would put me in this situation. After all he is the one with money ALWAYS, while I am the loser that need to take things on installment to get by. But this time it seems he got overconfident and misjudged his financial situation. Nevertheless, the problem is that the bill is on me and I am seem to live in a world filled with prejudice and no equality. While I have all the qualification due to my studies and my wide working experience, my ex has no education and plenty of references because he put his career always above kids (and me while we were still together). The question is, why do I need to be treated like a disease just because I have kids while he climbs the ladder because he sacrifice his children along the way ?Why?!

Right now I need to work in kindergarden, do the job I hate so much. I don’t hate it because of the kids but more because of the boredom and unjust treatment I have to experience. Sitting long hours outside, walking in circles as if I was an eagle and no one even tries to remember my name correctly. They make either their own version of my name or just call me “temp” which is way too disrespectful. On top top of that Austin got some allergy reaction and I need to book appointment at the doctor because he could have pollen allergy or the same disease as my mother has which is freaking me out. If I knew that my kids would suffer because of my DNA I would never give birth to any of them.

Nevertheless, today I need to figure out a way to make a living in a way in which I can develop as a person and still earn good. This part is quite a hard part when people do not believe in your qualifications because you became a mom early in life or because you are bigger than average people. There seems to be so much prejudice everywhere. Why do we fight for equality when people already made their judgement even before seeing anyone work ?

My friends, I wish you an awesome weekend! And do not worry too much, my writing may be affected by my emotions right now but I am the moon in the darkness, I will always find my way to become a sun once again.

See you !

Tarot Year Card: The Judgement (20)

Have you looked a lion in to the eye? If not, you will get a chance this year. This year will be about being truthful and not going around the bush. You will be both giver and receiver of criticism. You will need to fight for your intergrity.

Some conflicts of the past may pop up. Maybe you had a case at the court going and you will finally get a final verdict. Those that hoped for healing will need to wait as people will not let you rest. This will be a year where you will need to evaluate your efforts and if you feel that you have not reached you goals, you will have the opportunity to give it a last try. Your relationship with people will need an evaulation as well.

You will need to question your decisions and the influence others have on you? Did you learn your lesson or do you still make the same mistakes regarding friends, your work, family ties, health?

Nevertheless, remember that life has been a rollercoaster ride before and you overcame it. I believe that you will succeed at overcoming it once again.