Travelling with a baby vs two infants

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This week has been really suffocating due to the constant weather changes in Sweden. I am really craving some travel but since my piggy bank will remain empty for a few months more I had no choice but to travel back to the year I’ve really made a lot of travel – 2019.

I will be honest with you. I’ve always dreamed about travelling the world but I’ve never had enough money to do it. But in 2019, I broke my record.

Why? I think I needed to escape the sorrow I’ve been carrying in my heart. The first trip I’ve made that year was due to my grandfather passing away. Death can be a really awakening experience and so it has been for me. I’ve given birth to my youngest son Austin just 2 months before so as you maybe are guessing I’ve had some hormone issues taking controll of my emotional life.

I’ve travelled with my older son Aaron before and I must say there is a difference how things goes during a trip. While the older one does not like travelling much and ends up being really fussy after a few days, the younger one inherited love for travel from me and eagerly wants to see and touch things.

Travelling with one baby

The first thing about travel you would need to think about is probably the distance. A long distance travel with one baby will not be the same as a short distance travel. I’ve travelled both long distance and short distance with my son Aaron and as for him the short distance is better than the long distance travel. The other thing you would need to think about is if you travel alone or with somebody. Travelling with somebody may be a better option if you know your child is demanding.

I had a case on my way back to Sweden from Nepal where I couldn’t visit toilet for 9 hours as I was travelling alone. It was time for baby formula and the flight attendant would not come despite me ringing for a long time. My arms were falling off from carrying all the luggage and the baby and since he was sleeping I’ve just put him on the seat and run to the flight attendant seats to get some water. I barely made it there and my son slipped from the seat and started crying. I was both sad with myself and angry with the flight crew. And that’s where we come to a 3rd important factor which is the childs age. I think when it comes to long distance travel your child should be at least 5 years. This way it can walk on its own, it can eat on its own and won’t be too much dependant on you.

I’ve been actually satisfied travelling short distance. In 2019, I made a three day trip crossing two countries with my youngest. First, I’ve visited Brussel. Took around 3 hours from Bromma airport in Sweden. Austin was around 8 months. A perfect age to travel short distance with a baby. It was his first time travelling so he had been curiously looking around. Brussel was really beautiful. You have to try their Belgian waffles. During the flight my baby caught the flight attendants hearts and all the female crew took a picture with him.

The 2nd destination we had travelled to and actually stayed there for two nights was Vienna in Austria. Vienna is perfect for those that love walking. I do believe that Vienna is one of the capital cities in Europe that mastered to balance greenery and urban life. The rich culture and architecture is just a cherry on the cake. It’s a really family friendly place and I wish I could live there. It energizes my artisitic soul. And I think so was the case with Austin too. He pretty much enjoyed our walks through Vienna and the beautiful parks and castles too. Next time I would love to take both of my kids there. I’ve never rode the attractions in the Prater Park which by the way feels so fun.

Travelling with two infants

Well… As you perhaps may be thinking, two babies and long distance travel is impossible, at least for me. I must admit that travelling short distance invites a lot of unwanted adventure such as one of your children sliding down the stroller and running towards one side and the other trying to take the toys from the duty free store πŸ˜… . You can really go nuts when they try to overtake you and ignore your constant reminders of how dangerous it can get if they lose the sight of their parent. My oldest son is the most stubborn child ever. It takes a lot of explaining for him to start listening to you as he does not like rules and boundaries. The younger one listens more but as he grows up he is copying everything his brother says and does which does not make things easier.

I’ve made my first trip with both of my boys by the end of 2019. It was Christmas time and we had been invited to celebrate Christmas at my grandmothers house in Poland. Although the plane travel did not belong to the best, they had enjoyed meeting the family and decorating the Chritsmas tree. If you are going to take many children with you make sure you have some toys or books with you. Boredom can really hit small children. Even at your destination make sure to take your kids to some adventure. This way their brain will be stimulated and will lead to a greater travel experience for them.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! Feel free to tell me about yours. Maybe there is a place that you had been to and ended being an awesome place with lots of joy for the children.

Until later ! ❀

Pros and Cons of having small children at home +/-

Hello my dear friends!

Its been more than a half day since wrote lastly. I have been taking up the topics of relationships, psychology and astrology in the last month so I’ve been thinking that its time to come up with a topic about children and parenthood again. I have been really close with my children in the recent days. Since I have been the only adult at home and probably because my little ones caught a bad cold and just feel more needy. Nevertheless. I’m going to start working part time from tommorow so I thought why not have a list of Pros and Cons of having kids as a woman. So here I go.

Let’s start with the pros. I think there are many. One of the positive aspects of being a mom is that you see yourself in a different way. Even if your relationships with other people are the worst, maybe you had a bad day at work, these little kiddos brighten your mood with just a smile. When they learn to walk, hold a spoon or start learning how to read and write by themselves it makes you so proud because you gave birth to such independent and intelligent beings. I myself am stunned how intelligent my kids are and its more because of a input such as Youtube videos than actually me holding a book and teaching them every name of the objects, animals etc..

When it comes to cons. Well… There are actually a few that I have been struggling with for quite a long time. And it is about breaking things, not listening when I warn how things may end. It can be pretty stressful when your child gets upset and throws an iPad on the ground or when a child jumps on your printer because it seems fun and you are left with material losses.As a mom that studies it can be quite challenging to keep exchanging things or buying new ones when your assets are a BIG minus. Then there are unexpected events where we cannot be angry like a childs sickness and my boys were sick way too much in the recent months.Fever, cough, vomitting, diarrhea and Covid-19 this summer.

I have never taken up a serious job since I got my children because it equals expenses. I always try to give a reasonable salary for those that stay with my kids but right now my economy has been quite tight and I cannot allow myself for such expenses. But sooner or later I will need to. Especially when I am planning to live on my own.The biggest challenge I can imagine is my kids being sick since that is when I need to stay home other than that I do not see any issues in their young age.

What we must remember though is that these little bundles of joy will not be small forever. Time passes so quicky after they turn three years and start being active in every way possible. Like yesterday for example when my boy Aaron became my assistent in the kitchen. I cut the vegetables and meat and he put them in the big jug. We made a soup together and it feels great to have these little helpers around.

Hope you enjoyed the post & see you tommorow !

Features which we find attractive in our partners & how these boost our love life πŸ’–

So I presume the majority of individuals reading this post had been in a relationship at some point. There may have been some outer or inner features you appreciated in your man or woman. I myself had one serious relationship before I remarried. Then there were many one-sided loves but let’s leave it for another time πŸ˜….

So past is past, forget it fast πŸ˜‚… I will share with you what I love about my current man.

First of all I love him. He is a cozy individual. I love his hands, shoulders 🀭butt…, his lips that turn me on and big eyes that make me feel like I dive in the ocean of cotton candy. One part of him feels to me just like the way I felt when I hugged a teddybear when I was a child. I feel safe in his arms. He is an empath as well and can feel in an instant if something is off with me. The way he smiles makes my heart beat faster and my cheeks turn pink. He got a way with his words or maybe its his voice that it soothing but it calmes me down. To be honest it feel way too good to be true at times. But everything he say or does makes me fall deeper for him. We are newly married after dating online for 9 months (call me crazy πŸ€ͺ ) so I think its pretty common to feel this rush of emotions called passion. But to me he is way more than just a man I will be sharing a bed until my late 50s, 60s or 70s.

He is my friend before he is my lover. The way he cares about what I think and what I like and dislike is what makes me to open up to him. That he does not mind trying out things he never had tried before or even had clue it existed … it all boost my love for him. Because he is present. Despite it being very late at his side (we still live separately due to some matters) he is always staying up to keep me company.

His outer features make my body to boil but its the inner features that make my heart to melt and yearn for him every single day. Especially during current rainy autumn season. What I wish I could cuddle with him in the blanket while taking breaks from my studies and work πŸ₯°. Every day feels beautiful because I got him. I don’t need to feel scared that he won’t keep in touch if I miss to reply to his good morning message. There is no fussiness, no angry faces. There is only me and him, my bundle of joy. A man that makes me feel proud that I failed in life so that I could be wiser, stronger every single day and could appreciate every hour of my life as it is.

To not make it too much about myself πŸ˜… … that’s how someone’s love can be boosted. Being attractive does not need to be sexual. So what makes your partner attractive in your eyes? Have you told him/her? Do you give compliments based on these features?Did you ever thought about how to boost your love life without changing too many things about yourself?