Aaron & Austin visiting a library

Hello! How are you doing ? Hope you are all fine despite the rain in some places around the world. So was the case even in Sweden since few days. It may start sunny but end up with pouring rain. But weather aside. The kids pre-school close for 4 weeks thus the summer holiday has started. Today I felt a little sick so they’ve stayed home as well but as they were super naughty I’ve decided to take them outside.

We went to the library in Nynäshamn. I had some errands to make and well… they’ve found ways to make their days at the library pleasant. After all they’ve found something they are really crazy about since two years – dinosaurs. You will ask me : “Dinosaurs at the library?

Yes, indeed. It’s all due to the fact that Swedes work towards making kids read early in life. And to do that you need to make the environment child-friendly.

While they played with the dinosaurs and animal toys I’ve printed some documents. After I was done I have promised the kids to take them to the art room underground. Even there we could find a dinosaur theme.

While Austin was amazed by the dinosaur sculpturs. Aaron has found a small room where he could do some Dino crafts.

Soon after Austin joined in. The first thing he wanted to do was to paint. Both of them settled very easily into their play. They laughed and talked to people in English.

We went pretty late to the library and as it’s summertime, the opening hours are not long thus we went home after finishing some projects and some other we took with us to finish at home.

That was a pretty adventurous afternoon 😋. And all I can wish you is an awesome weekend!

Stay tunned for more joyous content ! ❤️🌺

Like a magnet

I keep my distance to stay sane

knowing I could lose myself in the intensity.

Sharing the space with you

makes me question my identity.

I lower my gaze in shyness

thinking you could hear the beat of my heart.

In the background of thousands shining stars,

my face turns redish like the planet Mars.

Dreaming about your magnetic smile non stop.

Sweet and alluring like a lollipop,

making me wanna kiss you on the rooftop.

While we stay side by side,

you expose an aura,

that awakens my inner fauna.

And even if we would be miles apart

like a magnet,

you would make me gaze at you like a piece of art.


Your words,

are like an invisible knife piercing through my heart.

Your actions,

restraining me from a fresh start.

Although years had passed by

I still ask in the depths of my heart ” Why?

Why did you make me cry?

Why did you leave me dry?

Why lie about gifting me the sky,

when you think the price to pay is too high?

This never ending quest for answers,

no goodbye to the memories we shared.

Only a tiny hope,

to be spared another betrayal at the love’s end.