Making crystals DIY

Hello! How are you today?

I’m in a creative mood which means only one thing… the creative box of mine is outside of the wardrobe 😂.

Since two years back I’ve had resin mixture hidden. I planned on making some jewellery but then I did not have any mold. Yesterday my kids kept on fighting about a blue piece of plastic calling it crystal so I remembered that I had a package of risin in the box. I asked them “ Why not make more crystals for each of you?” . They were very happy to hear that so of course there was a “yes” from their side.

Resin does not belong to the cheapest and is actually not something a child should play with on it’s own. There is a lot of chemicals in the blend like the hardener for example but it’s fun to blend things. And yes, kids love being a part of the process.

I’ve prepared for them some coloring, glitter and decorations. They enjoyed mixing the colors and adding beans, hearts and pearls.

After blending the mixture with the colors and glitter it was time to pour the mixture into the little plastic balls mold. It was actually some plastic balls my kids used to play with before and I’ve decided to put them to use and I think I made a very good decision there 😂.

I used a funnel to transfer the mixture into the plastic ball through a small hole that I’ve cut with scissors at the top of the ball. Then the kids put their favourite decorations inside and we let it rest during the night. The package said 24 hours but it was done by the time kids had waken up for breakfast.

The only thing left was cutting the plastic balls so that we could get out the crystals and sure a real treasure was hiding there 🤩.

Creating with resin is both fun and easy. And the best part …

I have two happy kids. If they are happy, everyone is happy 🥳.

See ya soon with some more creative projects!

Right Timing, kids & household duties

Everything in life is about timing. There is always the right time, age, situation for certain actions in life. What every parent has to realize is that our small hearts are growing and no matter how much we would like to protect them from the harshness of this world, we cannot. It gets especially difficult when the kids are showing the signs of wanting to be independent. Often children are clumsy at this stage, often making mistakes which we adults find irritating at times like for example when we need to run to catch the train for school or work. We adults often don’t think of the results of our words or actions and later in life we slap ourselves because our kids grew to be served instead of cooperating and being responsible for their food, school assignments or their things.

As a parent I don’t expect my children to know how to do everything. I would like them to go at their own pace but sometimes its difficult, especially since they’ve started kindergarten and expectations have been brought upon them and us parents. My kids are sensitive beings. Showing authority over them does not always make them to listen to any of us. It just wounds them.

I noticed since some time ago that my kids like to be involved in baking and cooking so at times I let them join me. They have a lot of fun. It makes them feel important. I think the first person to really let them involve themselves in cooking is my brothers girlfriend which I am very thankful for.

Since my children changed their school from Utsiktens förskola in Nynäshamn to the current one, where they can speak both Swedish and English, my boys have become more independent. Aaron started making his own sandwiches and pouring drinks in the glass by himself. He can open the refrigerator as well (which is not so good at times ) . He learned to ride the escalator and knows more about the traffic rules like checking his right and left side of the road before walking through. But what I am super happy about is that they do not cry when I leave them over there. They are always cheerful when going to their new pre-school. Especially Austin is proud to wear his rubber boots and asks even during weekends if we are going to school.

Aaron learned to use toilet about 8 months ago which makes me happy. After few months its Austins turn. Beside all these ordinary tasks we will have many doctor visits. I suspect that my eldest has dyslexia or something related to that because he does not have a good memory and has difficulty to stay focused. Nevertheless, he is an intelligent kid that at times knows more than we adults do. I just want him and his brother to grow up safely into confident individuals.

So when it comes to household duties I think its fine to involve kids in small tasks such as carrying a lighter bag when we do shopping or cleaning after themselves. But I feel that the initiative should come from the child. I don’t feel like enforcing anything into them will result in anything positive. As I said, everything is about right timing and kids have their own pace when it comes to their development and needs.

Stereotypes 👀

No need to be Einstein to understand that this world is filled with judgemental eyes.

“Blond girls are stupid.”

“European girls are easy.”

“All Muslims are terrorists.”

These are only few examples of stereotypes created by narrow-minded people. I’m not going to tell you to be overly optimistic. Bad people, stupid people …they do exist. But ! They do not need to be Muslim to be terrorist or do not need to be blond to be stupid. To show disgraceful behaviour to European girls just because they dress casually is very ugly because wearing less should not be read as invitation for sex.

Many of the stereotypes come up because of media and its influence. The scary thing about stereotypes is that it is brought upon so many people. Stereotypes have a flair for being involved into increasement of racism. Even my own mother, a well educated woman is being influenced by media thinking that her daughter is being kept hostage when the truth is far from her imagination.

Let’s work towards a better world where no one is better than the other. We cannot be equal but we should at least make a try. Don’t make any baseless accusations. We should see people one by one. Not groupwise. What one person does should not be effecting the other. The are so many rules and regulations that should protect people if only used in the right way.

I will be honest with you I wasn’t always open minded like this. It only happened after I explored the world, met people from other countries and tried to understand their belief system. Then I fell in love and sunburned skin turn into just a skin and a person my heart couldn’t beat a day without. And although I failed my 1st time, I keep going believing there are good people out there and that love can conquer any obstacle that comes our way.