Mulled wine vs Wiener Eis Kaffee

Good Wednesday evening everyone !

It’s been a long day. Even though I’ve been resting in the day time I felt extremely anxious and so I’ve decided to go out of Nynäshamn to Stockholm. It was quite fun to walk around after a long time but it was quite cold as well and I felt quite tired due to walking with some bags. On my way back I felt like drinking something after I reach home instead of buying drinks on the rail station. And so I went inside a local store just few minutes away from where I live and decided to buy some mulled wine without alcohol and some ice coffee that was supposed to be made according to a Viennese recipe.

I actually tasted both and thought why not write a post about it. A short comparisment post about drinks. Knowing what you like and being open to changes is a Shades of me – thing after all. I’ve never tried the Swedish version of mulled wine called “Glögg” so I took one bottle. I heard many things about the ice coffee sold in Willys so I thought why not see why people are going crazy for this coffee. And so I must say it actually won my heart as well.

The ice coffee wasn’t too sweet but had a taste of perfectly blended milk with caramel sauce and coffee flavor. It was not as aromatic as mulled wine but its a cold drink so no questions there. On the other side the mulled wine had an aroma of ginger cookie spices and dried plums. The aroma filled my whole kitchen and gave a real Christmas time feeling. But the thing about this drink is that its from concentrate and you need to blend it with water or other beverage for it to feel balanced to taste. I wish I had some white or red wine to mix with it. I am pretty much sure the taste would be out of this world.

Nevertheless, ice coffee is the winner !

How about you? Have you ever tried mulled wine or ice coffee from other countries than your own? How was the experience. Is there any drink that you would like to recommend to me?

Cheers! Thank you for reading & See you tommorow my dear friends !