Being prejudiced does not equal love

Good morning my dear readers!

I want to start this post by saying that I’ve missed you all 🤗 . I know it hasn’t been long since the last published post but I’ve really had an intense weekend and only today I feel like it’s all fine. Of course my life without astrology would be boring so let me tell you that I feel the energy of Mercury quite a lot these days.

You may suffer due to health complications. You will find it difficult to retain money as you will have tendency towards spending on luxuries and pleasures.This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Silly quarrels, misunderstanding and arguments can affect family’s peace and serenity. People jealous of you can cause problems, thus may get un-based accusations and create unhappiness in the family beware of them. You may have trouble from opposite gender so you need to be careful of them.

That’s pretty much what life has been these days. I fought with my mother, my uncle and even Ahad has gone through some intense time with his family during the same time. But this post is not about who fought who but rather why and what should we do in this kind of situations.

Last week as you know I went to work on Monday and then I took a leave for the rest of the week. I just felt too much overwhelmed by peoples rash decisions and their judgemental attitudes. As you also got to know I went to a police station. And that’s not for just any issue. I went to ask for advice as in my situation I really cannot make a rash decision. If relationships are like a building then you probably understand that it takes a lot of time to build but once it breaks it takes too much time to get it fixed. After all it’s about human life. No one wants to live in a building that can collapse at any time and endenger your health or life. And so it was the reason I went to police station as well. To know my rights and to see the problem I’ve been facing since a long time through the eyes of law practicing individuals.

What I got to know is that calling people names like “Muslim witch” or being critical towards others without any justified reason falls in the section of molestation and slander. If someone discriminates you and abuses you mentally, that’s molestation as well. If they tell you that they regret that they haven’t thrown stones at you, that’s a crime.

That’s what the Swedish law says about it :

1 § brottsbalken. Den som utpekar någon såsom brottslig eller klandervärd i sitt levnadssätt eller eljest lämnar uppgift som är ägnad att utsätta denne för andras missaktning, dömes för förtal till böter.

7 § brottsbalken. Den som fysiskt antastar någon annan eller utsätter någon annan för störande kontakter eller annat hänsynslöst agerande döms, om gärningen är ägnad att kränka den utsattes frid på ett kännbart sätt, för ofredande till böter eller fängelse i högst ett år.

To call someone different names that hurt that person’s integrity is a crime in the law of Sweden. It is even a crime to put on other’s crimes and actions which are far from the truth. Those commiting the crime of slander can be punished by penelty. Those that pshysically or mentally try to hurt another individual can be sentenced to payment of penelties or up to 1 year of jail. Of course the crime will be in the register for a few years at least.

So what is this post really about?

It’s about teaching other’s that love and care is not calling your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband wife, mother, father or children all kinds of insulting names. Tha’ts actually in the light of law a very serious crime. And just because I do not report you at this very moment does not mean you have the right to keep doing this all kinds of unjustified actions or say all this mean things.

Because the truth is I may have married a hindu, then a muslim but I’ve always been me. And the me I know has never wanted to harm anyone. And so I do right now but there are boundries which you should never cross if you really care about someone. Doing things and abusing someone mentally or physically because of a prejudiced mind is not love. Prejudice will always stay prejudice until proved being the truth.

Why waste time and destroy beautiful connections because of your weaknesses?

That I still do not understand but I know that once I cannot tolerate anymore how people try to keep looking inside my pants, wallet and my health card index next time I will enter the police building not to ask questions but to file a complaint againt the perpetrator. It does not matter if its my mother, uncle or anyone other family member. I have right to feel safe. I have right to live my life the way I want. I have right to eat what I want, dress however I want and marry whoever I want.

Thank you for reading !

✨ Wishing you a productive week ✨


Have you ever felt like you are not alone in the room? Maybe you befriended someone and that someone tried to cross the line without you being okay with that? Maybe you were the one crossing the line? How do we know when checking on someone is okay and when its not?

This is actually not a coincidence that I am taking this topic up. I had and still have a fair share of stalkers on my “account”. But it would be very hypocritical of me to say that checking on someone makes one a creep due to the reason I’ve done it myself. But I feel there is a difference betweeen an individual that wants to force itself into your life and one that just checks on you to make sure that you are really okay. There is clearly a difference between obsession and care.

An obsessed stalker will make itself believe that things were deeper between you that what they actually were. It’s a very dangerous state where an individual is so obsessed with having you that it may try to harm you or your dear ones if they cannot have you. The individual suffering of obsession is often having many psychological issues which untreated for a very long time bring dreadful outcomes.

Then we have a stalker that does not approach you diberately like for example knows and remembers the deal between you from the time you spoke for the last time. Maybe there is some care left for you but its so genuine they are just fine seeing you from afar. Seeing you happy makes them happy and its a good enough reason for them to start their life afresh without any bad feeling.

What makes the stalking bad?

When you make someone uncomfortable or scared thats when you have crossed a line you shouldn’t have. And I know what I am talking about.

In 2018 when I filled for divorce the 2nd time because things between me and my 1st husband did not go well. To be honest it was awful due to lack of trust between us and misunderstandings, I’ve started talking to people online. Just wanted to be friends, I was too much scared and hurt to think about trying to meet other people and to be honest I hoped things would be fine between me and my 1st husband. But I joined a group for French speakers because I tried to learn French at that time and a guy wrote to me. Everything was fine in the beginning. I could practice my French before actually going to the summer camp in Chambery, France. Then I told the guy that I think I will be getting a divorce, that’s when his behaviour changed.

I got clear signals that he wanted something from me. It started becoming uncomfortable so I’ve told him we cannot stay in contact. One month passed and I thought I would be fine but then he contacted me again when I was in France and I tried to talk to him. I’ve told myself that maybe I was overreacting but he was at that again. My grandad got his medical exam results at that time, which showed he had lung cancer so I did not feel like involving myself in more drama than there was already. I blocked the guy from everywhere. Then he changed his number and tried again in October of 2019 when I was on my way to Vienna. Once again, I’ve told him to stop bothering me. I asked him why he keeps doing it. His only answer was that he does not know and that I am the weird one because we were friends and I just block him like that. He completely lost his memories of me telling him to stay away, “poor” man. That man got a name, Ahmed Zitouni and no don’t try to google for him. He is always using alias on his social media accounts. But let me go to the main point.

He actually got the guts to write to me on snapchat today and calling that a coincidence but probably telling himself that it must be”fate”. The only question is how the f*ck he knew that it was me? My instagram is known, my facebook too but my old number is changed and I did not tell anyone about my snapchat ID. And here we go, obsessive stalker.

It used to make me scared. I felt like he was a creep. But right now I just feel so angry, I feel like going to Algeria to smash him on his head with a decent book so he will finally learn his lesson to know when enough is enough.

I am making it official: Ahmed Zitouni, I think you should stop working in a mental hospital and admit yourself as a patient instead as soon as possible! Don’t bother me! I am married and I feel happy with myself. I do not wish to be friends with you, no matter how many years pass you psychopath!

What makes stalking scary is that it does not only happen in physical world but digitally as well. You never know how many fake accounts such individual creates in order to have access to information about your life. Don’t let your fear make you weak. Such individuals need theraphy. Don’t let them make you feel like its all your fault. Because no matter if you have said NO or just blocked them, you gave them a signal that you are not okay with their behaviour. Don’t feel scared to talk to police about it. Better report it sooner than have regrets that you did nothing to stop them. And remember that stalking is a cybercrime as well!

Thank you & that’s all from me. God Bless you & Stay away from people that do not respect your NO!