Art and graphic design ? You will need a portfolio…

Hello my friends around the world!

Today I’ve applied plenty of jobs for the position of an art teacher. Not sure how things will go but I’ve made an attempt and that is more than enough. If you ever feel like being an art teacher or maybe a designer having an portfolio is a great start I must say.

What is a portfolio ?

It’s a file, page or book where you exhibit your creativity.

What does a porfolio contain ?

You can have all from pictures, sketches, illustrations to descriptions of your work. What is most important if you are planning to work as a designer for example, is the mood board or sketches. It is very important to exhibit the process rather than the final product. That is actually how the professional designers work. Now everything depends on what kind of design or art you want to exhibit. Photographs would have plenty of photographies in their portfolio, both edited and natural. It would probably show technics used to capture the pictures. On the other hand illustrations for animations focus on scale, perspective, movement. Even if you create one character, it needs to be shown from different angles so that the animation can work when rendered into a digital object. Designing clothes, shoes or accessories would require your portfolio to be a blend of digital and drawn by hand as it is about fabrics and patterns which you would need to provide or at least have an idea of how you can make or where to find, so that your design has a plan from start to an end.

My portfolio is filled with drawings, sculptures, graphic design, scrapbooking, video editing and different types of textile work. I still feel like I should have drawn two dimensional and three dimensional illustrations but going to give my current portfolio a chance before creating something new. The description is in Swedish but you are free to look at my work. Sometimes a picture is all you need.

Good luck with your portfolio !

That night on repeat…

I closed my eyes as I welcomed the darkness.

While looking inside my eyes,

a whisper left your lips.

Entering my fortress,

you left a print on my soul.

With a sweet scent leaving your lips,

I wished I could give you all.

While playing that night on repeat,

I hear the sound of my heartbeat.

Your hand in mine folded,

our bodies with each other molded.

While playing that night on repeat,

I cannot but to hold my breath,

because you left a print on my soul .

Oh what I wish for that moment to be on hold.

I’m yearning with all I am,

for the man that gave me his all ,

while holding me dear in his arms.

That night on repeat is all I want,

even as I open my eyes to welcome the day.

Ginger cookies for Santa

Happy Sunday to you all! There is barely any snow outside of my window but it does not mean we do not feel the Christmas atmosphere approaching. For many this Christmas will be a very sad one due to death of their dear ones or because they’ve lost something important to them but there are also people that despite all things going wrong whole year do their best to not show it and give a try to the X-mas preparations such as cooking or baking.

I have two very active boys at home that love experimenting and so they love to bake as well. Today as I passed the cooler in the grocery store I found some adorable christmas coookie stamps and gingerbread dough. I used to be very busy earlier this year and couldn’t do too many activities with my kids so I’ve decided to sit down with them and let them create.

Both Aaron and Austin were super happy to make their own cookies. They made cookies that looked like Santa Claus, snowman, snow flake and a christmas tree. You could feel the christmas coming with the scent of gingerbread spreading in the whole apartment.

Aaron tried to decorate his cookies but they were nice without anything so we left them that way. After the cookies cooled down Aaron and Austin sat down with a glass of warm milk and enjoyed their yummy baking. I placed the remaining cookies in a jar for the kids to enjoy in the upcoming days. And who knows maybe Santa will have a bite while leaving the christmas presents on 24th of December.

Thank you for reading & Wishing you a pleasant evening !