Aaron & Austin visiting a library

Hello! How are you doing ? Hope you are all fine despite the rain in some places around the world. So was the case even in Sweden since few days. It may start sunny but end up with pouring rain. But weather aside. The kids pre-school close for 4 weeks thus the summer holiday has started. Today I felt a little sick so they’ve stayed home as well but as they were super naughty I’ve decided to take them outside.

We went to the library in Nynäshamn. I had some errands to make and well… they’ve found ways to make their days at the library pleasant. After all they’ve found something they are really crazy about since two years – dinosaurs. You will ask me : “Dinosaurs at the library?

Yes, indeed. It’s all due to the fact that Swedes work towards making kids read early in life. And to do that you need to make the environment child-friendly.

While they played with the dinosaurs and animal toys I’ve printed some documents. After I was done I have promised the kids to take them to the art room underground. Even there we could find a dinosaur theme.

While Austin was amazed by the dinosaur sculpturs. Aaron has found a small room where he could do some Dino crafts.

Soon after Austin joined in. The first thing he wanted to do was to paint. Both of them settled very easily into their play. They laughed and talked to people in English.

We went pretty late to the library and as it’s summertime, the opening hours are not long thus we went home after finishing some projects and some other we took with us to finish at home.

That was a pretty adventurous afternoon 😋. And all I can wish you is an awesome weekend!

Stay tunned for more joyous content ! ❤️🌺

Making crystals DIY

Hello! How are you today?

I’m in a creative mood which means only one thing… the creative box of mine is outside of the wardrobe 😂.

Since two years back I’ve had resin mixture hidden. I planned on making some jewellery but then I did not have any mold. Yesterday my kids kept on fighting about a blue piece of plastic calling it crystal so I remembered that I had a package of risin in the box. I asked them “ Why not make more crystals for each of you?” . They were very happy to hear that so of course there was a “yes” from their side.

Resin does not belong to the cheapest and is actually not something a child should play with on it’s own. There is a lot of chemicals in the blend like the hardener for example but it’s fun to blend things. And yes, kids love being a part of the process.

I’ve prepared for them some coloring, glitter and decorations. They enjoyed mixing the colors and adding beans, hearts and pearls.

After blending the mixture with the colors and glitter it was time to pour the mixture into the little plastic balls mold. It was actually some plastic balls my kids used to play with before and I’ve decided to put them to use and I think I made a very good decision there 😂.

I used a funnel to transfer the mixture into the plastic ball through a small hole that I’ve cut with scissors at the top of the ball. Then the kids put their favourite decorations inside and we let it rest during the night. The package said 24 hours but it was done by the time kids had waken up for breakfast.

The only thing left was cutting the plastic balls so that we could get out the crystals and sure a real treasure was hiding there 🤩.

Creating with resin is both fun and easy. And the best part …

I have two happy kids. If they are happy, everyone is happy 🥳.

See ya soon with some more creative projects!

A verse from the Bible about talents

Hi! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I’ve been pretty busy and now I’m pretty much missing my hubby but nothing one can do when Pakistan has either shortage of electricity or issues with network connection.

Today I would like to discuss a verse from the Bible. A very interesting one actually. I remember my mother talking about this when I was a kid, right before we came to Sweden. That time she was still someone I could proudly call a mom.

You can find the whole story here :


Each and one of us got a godly gift. To be able to talk, run, create or plan is a godly gift. Although many of us see is it as a “norm”, something that we are born with, it is not completely true, not for everyone. But back to the story.

God has given us gifts and expects us to use them wisely. According to the story we have certain amount of capabilities and by using them, we end up creating or exploring even more new talents, we get to learn new skills and that’s what God is happy with. Those that are scared to plant seeds will never see what these seeds would grow into and would waste their life by not doing much or more likely not using their talent to help others, inspire. They would wither like a flower without water. According to the story it makes God very sad and angry that people waste the gifts given by him or use them to do bad deeds.

I am actually pretty lucky to have blossomed into someone that wants to explore more. I used to be a silent child but now I can both speak in an inspirational way, I can draw beautiful things, I can write and sing,dance and speak many languages. I can care for people although I never attented to have the knowledge of a nurse. These all small skills I got on my way create a whole new world, not only for me but others as well.

Thus, don’t be afraid to search within you and around you. As long as you try, it will be given to you. It will be filled with ups and downs but its life, not always tasting like cotton-candy and is not always predictable but it continues. And you have the power to change things around. Just believe in yourself.

Thank you & see you tommorow with a post about St. Andrews Day! Magical night ahead :D.