I’m longing…

We took a big step forward, knowing it would not be easy. And I am missing you so badly and do not know for how much longer. Our bond is deep and my feelings are increasing for each day that passes by.

They say that a well established relationship is one where people live together for at least 2 years. But in my eyes it does not matter how many years or even months you live together. Many people do not know each other well even at the time they get married after being together for 4 years.

Photo by Ellie Burgin on Pexels.com

To me true love is not something like Cupid shooting you with his arrow and you are head over heels. That’s more like passion. And passion subsides. So to me a well established relationship is one where both people engage in it, communicate and try to find solutions together. It’s not about being physically there, but more about being there with your spirit and an emotional attached.

That’s why, I am longing to be with my Ahad. Because if we can keep going while we are separate then I don’t wanna think what kind of great things we can do once we live together… nothing less than that. It’s been 13 months since we are together and I feel blessed. I wish the sun will be on our side and we will be physically together again. Because I want to create with you and have you by my side when times will be tough. It’s always easier when two minds are trying to find a solution together.

Have a pleasant Thursday !


Endings are usually sad. It does not matter if its between co-workers, school mates, lovers or parents and their children. And today is an ending like this yet there is something we all forget. Everything in life is in motion and so are the endings. Endings mean that we have ended a chapter in our life but it also means that we can move forward, upgraded and create that kind of beginnings we have always wished for the minutes after a finished project, a separation or someones death. The important part is that we are still here. We can still thrive, inspire. move forward using our past experiences to enhance our future, the future of our friends, neighbours and children.

And to me that kind of ending took place today but even, days,months or years ago. The fascinating thing about endings is that we did not actually got an ending. We had definitely experienced setbacks but we are still in the initiation phase of our new beginning. Today as the course Challenge-driven Innovation with Design Thinking is over I have gathered so many insights after so many reflections on various types of subjects. Today I know things which I did not know yesterday and I know that life is like a huge kinder surprise egg. You never know what you get. All you know is that you either repeat getting the same kind of experieces or get a completely new experience you’ve never imagined you could get like ever in your life. The important thing is to evaulate everything, to add meanings, to reflect, question our actions and how these are connected to the final results and how could we do differently, is something is missing ?

But the question I find most important one should ask themselves is :

Do I like the outcome of it and how it shaped me as a colleague, parent, individual?

If not how do I change these things ? How do I make my new beginnings more fulfilling? Had I really given myself a chance to be the brand new me ?

See you tommorow with a new post !