Midsummer in Sweden

Hello my dear readers!

I’ve been quite busy these past few days. I´ve been actually working at the kindergarten in Lindigö, Sweden – the island of the rich 😂. Then the weekend has been divided between doing school assignments, doing house chores but I even had the chance to grill at my brothers place and I think this was the first party without any alcohol involved which I really enjoyed.

So what was the occasion ? Well, the very known holiday in Sweden where the day is longer than the night – Midsummer.

What do we do except having grill party’s ? We can dance around a huge cross decorated with flowers or enjoy strawberry and rhubarb cake. Many cities organize festivals where you can enjoy folk music.

Summer is the best time for Swedes as they can connect with nature on another level, making the Midsummer preparations more joyous than Christmas. If you ever would like to take part in this magical celebration you must visit Sweden between 24-25th June.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with a new post !

A different Easter than the others

Happy Easter to you all! How are you celebrating these special few days ?

I must say that this year for me is much different than in the past years. First of all my kids are not at home, secondly instead of baking and cooking I am cleaning after the renovation I’ve done at home. There won’t be any fancy dinners or going over to family this year.

Honestly, I don’t have any energy for it. The renovation takes a lot of strength, time and money. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results. The place looks stunning, like never before. But I don’t mind doing it next year or maybe even at Christmas, now that I fixed the table and am about to purchase some extra chairs. To be honest I’ve always dreamed about a beautiful home and whole family coming together and celebrating. I’ve got this dream since I was at my step-brothers cousins place. I’ve felt the magic at some point.

But anyways, I am not going to take a lot of time here. I am actually pretty exhausted and sleepy these days and so it’s time for me to wipe clean the floors that I’ve planned these last two days. I am off.

See ya soon!

New Year’s resolution

First of all, Happy New Year everybody !

Some of you are just getting ready while some probably are minutes away from the celebration. A”habit” that became sort of a tradition in the world – New Year’s resolution, will take place across the globe. But how many actually stick to it? And why would they use 1st January as a start for their journey when a year got at least 365 days that are as special as that date?

Changes, those happen every day.

And it can happen for you too if you only have the drive to follow through with it. No matter if its losing weight, quiting smoking or drinking, becoming a better parent or doing meaningful things. Each day of each year can become meaningful to each of us, no matter if its 31 July, 15th September or 1st January.

Don’t we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year? Make a date for your own celebration, the celebration of the new you. Don’t wait until 1st January for a start. If you really want it, you will make it. A person with determination can do anything.

I started making my changes after I became a mom. I saw clearly that what I wanted for myself was different from the future my exhusband wanted. I wanted to shine, while he wanted to suppress my light which I had within me. It takes a lot of strength to follow your own path but to me it was the only way. Depressed while holding my baby which cried for hours, I’ve decided that I want to stand on my own two feet and not depend on a man that keeps me waiting for everything, even himself. By looking at my partnership I saw that I am not who I want to be and I am stopping him from being who he really wants to be. Responsibility over a family is not for everyone. And I know it myself. When a man chooses a bar instead of returning to his wife and kids, before and during the marriage, nothing can change there. A clear indication, someone feels trapped. And I wanted to be with someone that I can inspire and get inspired by. Someone my kids could look up to and grow into confident and strong individuals. But for that to happen I had to start with myself. And for you to get what you want from life, you need to start with yourself.

Are you strong enough to stand on your own, no matter if there are people supporting you or not? Those changes are the most difficult ones, because we want to be loved and appreciated. We want to feel supported. We want to lean towards someone when things get tough.

What if you start leaning towards yourself? Wouldn’t it be beautiful and more meanigful to love others by loving yourself first? By making changes within yourself and by these actions showing love and care for others? A father or mother that quits drinking and smoking to stay healthy? A daughter or a son that clears their schedules a day each week to visit their parents? A man and a woman that starts chosing healtier options of food, healthier relationships for themselves, hobbies which support their inner growth?

I may be asked what is my New Year’s resolution today. Do you know what my answer will be?

Making healthy choices for myself, so that when I look back at the end of a year I can clap my shoulder and tell myself: Good job, Agni!

But that’s not the end of it. It’s just start of something new, something that I will work on for more than just 365 days: Becoming the best version of me.

It indeed takes time, because compared to someone that is in their 50s or 70s, I am still green. My choices will not always lead to success or happiness but those choices will let me find out more about myself. Thus, treat each day as a gift, an opportunity to learn something new, a possibility to make yourself a pinch happier. Make promises which you can keep. Not those that will result in rebound.

Thank you for reading & once again …