“You don’t have big debts” he said…

Good thursday afternoon to you!

I’ve just reached home and I feel better than when my husband said that he loves me. Weird isn’t it…? I suppose the difference is that more experienced people are more stable in their mind, thus their advice tend to make me calmer. My heart finally beats a few times slower than those last two days. The only thing I need now is actually the call or e-mail from Bemannia but about this I will tell you at the end of this post.

Today, after dropping kids at their pre-school I travelled back to Nynäshamn to meet the man that calmed my heart – the debt and budget counselor. He looked through all the debts I have and without any seriousness in his voice he said ” You don’t have big debts“. At once I looked at him in shock and answered “But for me this is a catastrophy. It is too much“. He just laughed….

He told me that I cannot get “skuldsanering” so called debt restructuring, because of the simple reason I don’t have debts above a certain amount. My mission is to find a stable job and pay the necessities while trying to not get more into debt.

On the same time I’ve gotten information about other rightful measurements which I could take once Prajwol moves away. I feel a lot better knowing that I will be moving to a little calmer waters soon.

My all mind is getting into event, projects or tourism management positions. At least 75% is my aim. If I cannot turn my life around I will do everything to start from scratch in Austria. As I mentioned about Bemannia. I’ve applied a very honorable job which they offer. But as it is almost 1 PM I don’t think I am the choosen one. It would be really fun and interesting to be able to work as liason officer and take care of the people that help us create this world but I suppose its not my time yet.

Anyways.. Gotta go… this news has been so reassuring I’m going to donate some clothes to those needing them more.

God Bless you & hold your tumbs for me!

See ya ! ❤️❤️❤️

Art and graphic design ? You will need a portfolio…

Hello my friends around the world!

Today I’ve applied plenty of jobs for the position of an art teacher. Not sure how things will go but I’ve made an attempt and that is more than enough. If you ever feel like being an art teacher or maybe a designer having an portfolio is a great start I must say.

What is a portfolio ?

It’s a file, page or book where you exhibit your creativity.

What does a porfolio contain ?

You can have all from pictures, sketches, illustrations to descriptions of your work. What is most important if you are planning to work as a designer for example, is the mood board or sketches. It is very important to exhibit the process rather than the final product. That is actually how the professional designers work. Now everything depends on what kind of design or art you want to exhibit. Photographs would have plenty of photographies in their portfolio, both edited and natural. It would probably show technics used to capture the pictures. On the other hand illustrations for animations focus on scale, perspective, movement. Even if you create one character, it needs to be shown from different angles so that the animation can work when rendered into a digital object. Designing clothes, shoes or accessories would require your portfolio to be a blend of digital and drawn by hand as it is about fabrics and patterns which you would need to provide or at least have an idea of how you can make or where to find, so that your design has a plan from start to an end.

My portfolio is filled with drawings, sculptures, graphic design, scrapbooking, video editing and different types of textile work. I still feel like I should have drawn two dimensional and three dimensional illustrations but going to give my current portfolio a chance before creating something new. The description is in Swedish but you are free to look at my work. Sometimes a picture is all you need.

Good luck with your portfolio !

What will you become when you grow up?

As children we have so many dreams. We constantly imagine us as in different roles ; a doctor, a computer engineer, an astronaut, a beautician. Then we hit our teens and we are forced to choose one option of a dozen other choices. Some young people really get their calling right and lead a successful career-life. Others have so many options to choose from and so many talents, they constantly swing between one idea to the other, not really getting anywhere or doing various jobs. And there are as well the people that do not dare to dream about becoming someone they cannot afford.

The question : What will you become when you grow up? , does not have an obvious answer anymore. Why? Because people change. Dreams change too. One’s circumstances can either make someone to withdraw or inspire to envolve, explore and be their better self.

So what will I become when I grow up? Hmm…I don’t know because to me “grow up” means being at the stagnation stage. I don’t really feel like settling for one thing. I am way too curious for that. And probably many of you will feel same. Monotonous assignments at work are not for everyone. And creative individuals are good at multitasking so why settle for one thing when being creative gives you so many ways of expression? So if I had to give you one direct answer that would be probably when I grow old but to be honest the older I become the more curious and active I am.

You could say that I am kind of a late bloomer when it comes to choosing directions in life. I always listened to other peoples suggestions and to be honest I feel like I’ve been misguided in life a lot. And probably I will still happen to make some wrong choices but I am more aware about where I am headed in life and where I want to be at the end.

I know I would love to publish at least one book in this life, I would love to become a lecturer and an entrepreneur. The knowledge I possess is very broad thus I would love to leave a piece of it for other generations. Maybe that is the reason I am so into blogging. I can be expressive in so many ways. I can do designing, I can write poems and kind of give lectures on the subjects I find interesting. I think what really is important in choosing your path if for you to feel comfortable in your role. That is the reason self discovery becomes so essential. Because we cannot know what we like before we explore all the options, every layer we have.

And what about you? Was it easy for you to choose your path? Did you know from the beginning what you want to become once you grow up? Maybe you are still searching for that one thing you are good at ?

No matter which one. Don’t worry. One day you will reach there. Just listen to your heart, not other peoples whispers.

Thank you & have a pleasant Sunday!