The tricky thing about knowing

I’ve published quite many solar return predictions in the recent days and I know that many of these predictions will come true, even though I don’t know the exact timing and can only speculate about the feelings and emotions these may bring. When you check other people’s future you feel quite happy when you know your intelligence and intuition were strong enough but there is a tricky thing to knowing and predicting the future as well – when you and your loved ones are the subject of the prediction.

I’ve always wanted to know my future to prevent bad things happening until I’ve realized that I cannot. It’s a part of my karma. I cannot dogde everything. I can only prepare myself and find ways of expression which will not destroy who I want to be.

Why I am telling you this?

Because bliss tends to be short-lived. When you know your future, it can be for bad or good. It’s quite painful to experience your future in the present moment. Sometimes we make our future more painful than what we wanted it to be. Sometimes we create unnecessary stress and difficult situations because our birth chart or solar return chart awaken suspicions towards our friends, family, spouses, co-workers. I know my future but on the same time I do not. I don’t know what I did or what I shouldn’t have done to dogde some bad effects of the disaster that will be there in my future. There are many questions poping up. Should I ?Should I not?

I don’t know how painful the future will be to me but I am already feeeling the effects of it and that’s really painful, imagining how your trust is broken and that you are not enough, maybe you will never be happy with anyone. Based on my future I’ve written a letter to my future self that I will probably read and publish on mine and my husbands Youtube channel Ahad & Agni : Life with a foreigner, in the near future.

Solar year 2027 –

Natal ascendant in solar return 9th house. Natal ascendant lord Sun in solar return 4th house.

During 2027 the way I believed a family should be like will most likely be tested. There could be some kind of extraordinary arrangements in the family but even loss of family members, worry and anxiety. A lot of focus will be on the changes within home and family relations. You could say that the worst you ever imagined about your love and family life could happen. And the questions you would ask yourself are, if you should keep going or let go and start from scratch? You could be inclined towards escapism and thus leave your home for some time.

Natal 2nd house in solar return 10th house. Natal 2nd house lord Mercury in solar return 3rd house.

This year would be a lot about settlements, dividing assets of the home, in laws etc.

Natal 3rd house in solar return 11th house. Natal 3rd house lord Venus in solar return 2nd house.

This position indicates monetary gains. There could be meetings with siblings and friends. And exchange of favours.

Natal 4th house in solar return 12th house. Natal 4th house lord Mars in solar return 8th house.

Due to the ups and downs in family matters and possible illness or death in the family an inclination towards spirituality is possible in order to keep calm. There could be sickness or accident happening to mother. Even in laws could be going through a difficult time healthwise or pass away. There could be stomach and troubles to sex organs.

Natal 5th house in solar return ascendant. Natal 5th house lord Jupiter in solar return 8th house.

The mind could focus on children, education or romance. In case of children their health could be worrisome. Romantic relationships could experience ups and downs.

Natal 6th house in solar return 2nd house. Natal 6th house lord Saturn in solar return 4th house.

You could experience financial difficulties and increase in health expenses. You could also not earn enough and thus fall in debt.

Natal 7th house in solar return 3rd house. Natal 7th house lord Saturn in solar return 4th house.

This alignment indicates news from trial.

Natal 8th house in solar return 4th house. Natal 8th house lord Jupiter in solar return 8th house.

There is an indication of a will being settled during the year. Someone from the family would die.

Natal 9th house in solar return 5th house. Natal 9th house lord Mars in solar return 8th house.

Having this alignment indicates romance in foreign country or overseas studies. There could be overseas tours and emotional satisfaction.

Natal 10th house in solar return 6th house. Natal 10th house lord Venus in solar return 2nd house.

Someone could try to damage your reputation. There could be questions of morality poping up like for example monogony/cheating. On the same time you could enjoy things becoming calmer after the heavy storms.

Natal 11th house in solar return 7th house. Natal 11th house lord Mercury in solar return 3rd house.

There could be losses or theft in business matters by spouse, friends or associates.

Natal 12th house in solar return 8th house. Natal 12th house lord Moon in solar return 7th house.

All the troubles you had regarding finances would be settled. Your worries could decrease too, especially connected to your married life.

My life feels like a melodrama …


Your words,

are like an invisible knife piercing through my heart.

Your actions,

restraining me from a fresh start.

Although years had passed by

I still ask in the depths of my heart ” Why?

Why did you make me cry?

Why did you leave me dry?

Why lie about gifting me the sky,

when you think the price to pay is too high?

This never ending quest for answers,

no goodbye to the memories we shared.

Only a tiny hope,

to be spared another betrayal at the love’s end.