Killin that PMS Bi-atch!

Good Wednesday afternoon!

Day began with tears, just like it ended up the night before. My worries are not as scary in reality as they are in my head. Having PMS since the day I’ve started being sexually active has been tough. I’ve never taken any medication nor any procaution. I simply did not know what PMS is until after my kids were born. Even knowing I still did not go to doctor. I thought I could manage by myself but the issue is getting worse and worse for every freakin period I get.

Having more and more feelings for my long distance marriage partner is not of a big help either and the distance causes me a lot of emotional turmoil during the days I am pretty low. Just imagine your libido was at the peak the night before and when you wake up all confidence and happiness turns into moodiness or depression. I think I’ve cried 2 liters of tears since last night. And although I’ve tried to change the mood by working out, cooking, baking… I still feel like I am sitting on a bomb.

I honestly cannot wait to see Ahad again. Although things are not so easy I think I will need to break my rules sooner or later, maybe January? Not sure, everything depends on state of my wallet. Nevertheless, I will do my best. But first of all the PMS Bi-atch… I’ve got to get rid of her.

I’m actually thinking of visiting a doctor soon. I feel like my anxiety is getting out of controll these days. My current solution – eating what I like, is not going to work in the future. Exercise does not give the right amount of healing that I need. Peace could fix the issue for a moment or two but there is no way with two active children at home…only hope – my next period in 14 days. At times like this I really miss being preggo… When other women cry, I feel the calmest.

Killin that PMS Bi-atch…. will I ever succeed?

Ginger cookies for Santa

Happy Sunday to you all! There is barely any snow outside of my window but it does not mean we do not feel the Christmas atmosphere approaching. For many this Christmas will be a very sad one due to death of their dear ones or because they’ve lost something important to them but there are also people that despite all things going wrong whole year do their best to not show it and give a try to the X-mas preparations such as cooking or baking.

I have two very active boys at home that love experimenting and so they love to bake as well. Today as I passed the cooler in the grocery store I found some adorable christmas coookie stamps and gingerbread dough. I used to be very busy earlier this year and couldn’t do too many activities with my kids so I’ve decided to sit down with them and let them create.

Both Aaron and Austin were super happy to make their own cookies. They made cookies that looked like Santa Claus, snowman, snow flake and a christmas tree. You could feel the christmas coming with the scent of gingerbread spreading in the whole apartment.

Aaron tried to decorate his cookies but they were nice without anything so we left them that way. After the cookies cooled down Aaron and Austin sat down with a glass of warm milk and enjoyed their yummy baking. I placed the remaining cookies in a jar for the kids to enjoy in the upcoming days. And who knows maybe Santa will have a bite while leaving the christmas presents on 24th of December.

Thank you for reading & Wishing you a pleasant evening !

Using yeast in pancakes

Hello ! Today is 7th of December 2021. Today is my 1st marriage anniversary, my grandmas funeral and the day that changes my academical life. I’ve been doing my German homework this morning and guess what 😋… I’ve learned that German people are crazy about donuts 🍩 but they call it in some regions as “ Berliner” or “Krapfen” and even “ Pfannkuchen”.

So I’ve thought why not add some yeast into the pancake dough. And so I did. And it was so “ yummy yummy in the tummy” ! You can add different toppings, fillings or just have some sugar on top.

I choose though to have some chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce and some jam on the side.

I received so much hate from dumb, stubborn and ignorant people in the last week, I needed this sweet treat. Now I can finally breath. This morning I’ve received the best news ever. Thesis completing my Bachelors in Tourism sciences got accepted by the examinating teacher. With that said although life is heavy like digesting this pancake 😅 .I will keep working hard and evolving.

I hope to share with you an awesome receipe for sallad next, so stay tunned until then. See you!