They ask me if I did not had enough…

Hi! Hello! How are you ?

Today is a Monday, 17th January 2022. And officially the spring term at the Swedish Universities has started. And that’s why many people ask me: Didn’t you have enough of studying?

My answer will always be a “No”. To be honest every day is a new lesson, whetever I attend school or not. But studying is my drug. I cannot stop. If you ever tried to stop drinking or smoking then you know. It’s my way of taking my stressful life into other dimension and just focus on one thing instead of hundreds that I usually do since I became a mom.

This term, I am a student at Mittuniversitetet, where I attend two courses. One is about Action Learning as a Development Method. It’s a pedagogical course so I guess many teacher students will be there. And then English Writing for Business. And of course I’ve written essays, cover letters and CVs in English but this one will be about deeper stuff. At least that’s what I hope for.

Then I am a student at Luleå Tekniska Universitetet with the course of Basics in Programming with C#. I actually never did that much advanced programming although it reminds me of the JavaScript and PHP but let’s see how I will handle it. Why I choose this course ? It’s very simple. I need to know programming in order to be able to attend KTH, at least the Master programme in Interactive Media that I am intrested in. I have enough credits to get conditionally admitted.

Then at Kristianstads högskola I am to read about work and regulations; A Sustainable Working Environment, just to be more aware of how money should be handled. I will need those skills if I plan go all the way with my entrepreneurial idea of earning with my skills, writing, designing, creating content and sharing my knmowledge.

I am starting getting hungry… for knowledge but foremost I need my breakfast, thus thank you for being able to share with you about my plans and well, next destiantion: GROCERY STORE 😂😂😂 I wanna indulge in sweets and sallads.

See ya! Bye!


Principles of a Go-getter

New year, a brand new me. And the year of Chariot. Here I come!

Changes as most of things need patience and courage. There is plenty of work behind it as well. Nothing comes to us from above except duties and even more hard work than it was at the beginning. A principle of a Go-getter is sustainability. Long-term aims and goals to be fullfilled little by little, every day.

Where am I headed ? – is the question you need to repeat to yourself every single moment your lose the desire to keep going.

A Go-getter does not fear challenges and does not wait for opportunities but rather creates his own stage to perform at.

If you never waited for the “right” tools but rather used whatever you had at hand – A way to go , Go-getter!

So far my life was about SYNCHRONISATION. This year is about ACTION. Action means moving forward in life, turning dreams into plans with clear goals, travelling and exploring, getting new insights and using them as inspiration for the betterment of the future, my future. And believing in yourself is the key. Striving for something is the mechanism of it all. And so I am headed towards becoming someone above my current self. Someone no one imagined that I could have become.

What are you striving for future Go-getter?

I know my answer to this question. Do you ?

Thank you for reading! Wishing you a pleasant weekend!