🎎 Navamsha (D9)

As I was born in Tuchow, Poland on 16th March 1994 I’ve got my ascendant in the zodiac sign of Taurus in navamsha . D9 is a divisional chart showing the strength of the planets, our 2nd half of life and quality of our marriage.

Navamsha (D9)

1st house – Overall fortune

Ascendant in a Navamsha chart shows the overall fortune and quality of you marriage. It’s like casting a theme for how your marriage will be or your life will turn out to be after the age of 30.

With Ascendant in Taurus in your Navamsha chart you would desire luxury and romantic-comedy kind of love. You would desire good food, travel and a social life. You would be fond of music and art. For you a husband that can give you stability is a must. The Ascendant lord in 7th house in the sign of Taurus shows that you have too high expectations from your married life and you have to be practical in order to handle the ups and downs of a marriage. You would be devoted to your marriage. Your spouse though would have trouble with your parents which he would need to obey to avoid conflict. As you get older you would detach yourself from the society, family and devote yourself to spiritual practices. You would like to travel to places with high buildings and there you can find mountains. You would always turn to the divine when you are in crisis, otherwise you would not give much time to God. When having Taurus ascendant in Taurus in your Navamsha chart you have some karma towards your spouse, thus your spouse would come to you.

2nd house – Prosperity through marriage

You would make your wealth through multiple sources or through business and communication. As your 2nd lord Mercury sits in 7th house you could have a business related to woman like beauty and textiles or communication like couple counsoler or motivational speaker due to the conjunction with Venus. Your spouse would be helpful with the gains of wealth. You would have a childlike voice and you would like have a sweet tooth. Your spouse would like to have some sweets from time to time too. Your communication could be both passionate and argumentative towards your spouse. Nevertheless, you would try to be as diplomatic as possible before turning into heated exchanges.

3rd house – Strength of your marriage

With 3rd house in Cancer zodiac sign you would use your emotions when making decisions, it could be for bad or good. As Sun is sitting in the 3rd house there would be a lot of pride in your communication between you and your spouse. As Sun is aspected by Saturn from the 9th house at the age of 33, there could be something significant happening regarding your career which could be influenced by your father in law. Even disputes with the government and health issues could take place at the age of 33 with this position.With the Sun sitting in the 3rd house you could become distant to your siblings or you could be above them in social position, thus they would distance themself from you.

4th house – Conveniences

4th house in the sign of Leo in the Navamsha chart indicates that you will live in a house that would look like a palace or at least you would make it look this way. With the Rahu in the 4th house you would have many foreign objects inside of your home. You could have some kind of Godess or Jesus mother in the middle section of your home. There could be many unexpected events happening at your home. Since 4th lord Sun is sitting 12 houses away, that is in 3rd house in the sign of Cancer, your home would be in a foreign country and probably near a source of water. You could be very arrogant as a person, maybe even have power over your spouse. You would not like to be the one staying at home and not doing anything. Since Ketu and Mars is looking at the 4th house you could either have a very spiritual home or an abusive relationship with your spouse which would lead you to divorce sooner or later. You could catch peoples attention whenever you buy a property or a vehicle but you would not enjoy it much.

5th house – Conjugal happiness

Having your 5th house in the sign of Virgo you would be very analytical in romance. You would enjoy romantic gestures though due to the Moon. When you have Moon in the 5th house of your Navamsha chart you would have an abundance of feelings. You would be very much attached to your children and so they would be to you. It’s possible that your children could gain high position in the society and you yourself would leave some kind of legacy. Because 3rd house lord Moon is sitting in the 5th house you would use your way of communication and creativity to boost your conjugal happiness. You could be a very good writer as well and use your skills to earn money. Another skill you would have would be your knowledge of the stocks. As 3rd, 5th and 7th houses are connected you could turn your education or hobby into business, most likely online or overseas due to the further connection with the 10th house. What else you can see is that your mother would be very critical about the way you raise your kids and about your spouse as well. There could be upheaval due to that. Then there is a possibility of a love triangle as you can easily get swayed by the idea of love.

6th house – Obligations and obstructions

When 6th house of the navamsha chart is in Libra, you would be obligated to help your spouse deal with the people that has got bad intentions. You would need to balance your married life a lot as there would be many ups and downs in life. You could be having constant quarrels with your spouse as well. Then your spouse health could be good to just drastically be bad. Yourself you will need to deal with hormonal imbalance and diseases in the sex area. As Jupiter aspects the 6th house, you could have the skills to deal with the disturbances that may happen in your married life.

7th house – Details of your spouse’s behaviour and appearance

Having 7th house in the sign of Scorpio in your Navamsha chart can be quite interesting. First of all marriage will change your life for better or for worse but a change is to happen. Your spouse could be dealing with an addiction. Your spouse would be handsome and jovial. Your spouse would be of a darker complexion than you and could be younger in age. You would be having at least two marriages due to Venus and Mercury conjunction in the sign of Scorpio as Mercury is a planet of duality and Venus represents marriage and spouse. You could see your spouse being on phone most of the time and your spouse could have some kind of rashes on the face area. Your spouse would be business minded and could be rich.

8th house – Longevity of marriage

When having 8th house of Navamsha chart in the sign of Sagittarius you could have many expenses due to travel as 8th house lord Jupiter is in 12th houses of expenditure. You could inquire losses due to spouse, children, religion and school. You wouldn’t be able to have joined assets due to the lack of controll when it comes to expenditure. On the other side you would become knowledgable when it comes to astrology and things of other realms.

9th house – Religious path and luck

9th house of the Navamsha chart in Capricorn indicates that you would take your wife duties seriously. With the Saturn sitting in the 9th house you would do whatever it takes to be a devoted wife. You could be having difficulties with finding a teacher and would often fall pray to scams. As you get older you would not like to travel much for leisure but you would not mind being active as volunteer. The older you get the wiser you would be. Elderly people will respect you and look up to you. As 3rd lord Sun is looking at the 9th house you would have bad relationship with your father due to your view on religion. You would be someone that cannot be swayed easily once you believe in something. You could be going on pilgrimages in old age.

10th house – Reputation of the marriage

With the Mars and Ketu in the 10th house in the Aquarius sign in your Navamsha chart, you could be very active after marriage. There would be periods of time when you would feel dizzy due to the blood circulation issues. You could be esily frustrated and so could be your spouse, thus this conjunction could indicate domestic abuse and people could think of you as a toxic couple. But as Ketu means detachment and liberation you could be overly spiritual as a couple too. Whenever you travel your married life would blossom. You would feel hot most of the time. It is advised to meditate or take a walk in the morning to channel Mars energy properly. When it comes to career, your spouse wold be very career oriented as there is a connection between 7th and 10th house. You could be working in the IT and communication sector in the foreign lands or with foreign companies.

11th house – Fulfillment of desires

11th house in the sign of Pisces in the Navamsha chart with 11th house lord in 12th house indicates that you wouldn’t be after material gains to the same extent as others. You could actually desire liberation and end of your rebirth cycle and with Jupiter in the 12th house it could be quite possible as long as you do not engage in criminal activities and spend your life serving and taking care of others. You would fulfill your desires when it comes to higher learning and travel. You could become a professor or a spiritual teacher at the top when you are older. You would spend money to fulfill your dreams and wishes thus you would not have many savings. You would gain from foreign places and people. Your friends could be foreigners and spiritual as well. As Moon aspects 11th house you would like to be appreciated. You would need experiences and a social life to not feel agitated by your marital duties.

12th house – Distance travel and pleasures

With Jupiter in your 12th house of Navamsha you would expense a lot but on the same time you would be financially savvy. You would expense a lot either for long distance travel or higher learning. As 12th lord Mars sits in 10th house and 10th house lord is connected with 9th house, you would take on study loans. There would be expenditure due to work as well. Your husband would come from foreign lands only and you would marry in foreign lands too. You would have a high sex drive as 12th house is in Aries. You could have a long distance relationship in the initial stages and first years of marriage. You need to deal with your enemies using your wisdom.