🃏Tarot & Numerology

My journey with tarot started when I was around 6 years old. I still remember that house filled with clocks and the sound they were making. My mom used to take me often to an esoteric to ask about her future. Looking back it wasn’t a coincidence. I was meant to be a part of that world – the world of paranormal psychology, the occult. The numbers and everything that surrounds us has been designed so it could give us vibrations. We ourselves were born with a code attached to our souls at the time of our birth.

16th March 1994 makes me a numerological life path no.6 – the nurturer and peace lover. Ruled by Venus, the planet of abundance and creativity.

My tarot birth cards are the Devil (15) and the Lovers (6). I am here to do transactions of love. And maybe it seems easy but there is always the bad side of it, lust. Love cannot be lust but lust always gets entagled with love. To create a healthy boundary between give and take is a mission. Your life will not be a piece of cake and constant challenges will make you look deeper for answers.

Life will teach you that what you want is not always what you need. You will need to fight your inner fears and demons. You may feel insecure but with the right surrounding you will get to be the beautiful flower you truly are.