๐Ÿ‘ถ Birth chart (D1)

Being born in Tuchow, Poland at 3:05 PM on 16th March 1994 gave me a Leo ascendant in my birth chart (D1).

Birth chart (D1)

1st house – Self

Ascendant or 1st house of a birth chart shows our self, appearance, beginnings in life, identity and how we approach life.

My Ascendant in Leo is ruled by Sun. Sun stands for the soul, government, father figures, intelligence, creative pursuits. This means that ascendant lord is in the 8th house in Pisces. What it basically shows looking at both the sign and house position is that one’s life will always have ups and downs which will be transformative in a way. Life will be a big lesson for the people with ascendant lord in 8th house. Venus is in 8th house as well. It stands for things like art, beauty, wife, spouse, luxury, finances, hospitality, love. Pisces as a zodiac sign is about spirituality. With both Venus and Sun in 8th house, it makes a person quite cheerful despite the challenges that could pop-up in their married life or relationship with their father or government. If you have your ascendant lord in 8th house you will be like the moon at night, showing the way to those that struggle to find their way out. You will have charisma and you could be extremely talented when it comes to creative pursuits like acting, drawing, dancing or singing. There will be always some sort of a dramatic yet beautiful feeling to the things you do. You will have a big interest for the unknown and probably will like to research a lot about different aspects of life. Spirituality will be a big part of your life.

2nd house – Values and possessions

2nd house of a birth chart shows our family values, finances, habits, work ethics and the type of food we eat as it represents the throat.

As the 2nd house is in the zodiac sign of Virgo, it’s all about health, being critical and diligent work. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is all about verbal and written communication, business, younger siblings. 2nd lord in 7th house is looking at the 1st house together with Saturn and Mars which indicates that one will not talk a lot but be very direct with their speech. People with this conjunction will meet often people that are strict with their speech and often harsh but it makes one a hard worker and achiever. If you have this conjunction you will be taught by many people that there is no free bread in the world and whatever you earn, you will highly deserve it because nothing will come easily to you before middle 30s. Another thing that it shows is that you could earn your livehood through business and partnerships. Your spouse could have an impact on your financial condition.

3rd house – Skills and early education

3rd house of a birth chart is about our communication, siblings, neighbours, media, skills, hobbies and early education. It represents those things where we can use our hands too.

3rd house being in the zodiac sign of Libra is all about creativity, diplomacy and upkeeping balance. While Jupiter is sitting in the 3rd house it indicates many talents but as Jupiter is not very friendly with Venus and usually makes things harder where it sits, those having Jupiter in this position will work hard to excel in the area represented by 3rd house. You would be very good at writing stories and your soul would be that of a poet. Once Jupiter matures at the age of 16, you would excel in making inspiring speeches in front of a large crowd. You would have many younger siblings. As Jupiter is the significator of a husband and children, you could meet your spouse early on in school, through your neighbours, siblings or in the social media. You would treat your siblings as your children or your children as your siblings. As 3rd house lord is in 8th house, you would communicate a lot about different situations in life, money, death, the occult and debts. Your siblings could go through ups and downs in their life too as much as your husband due to their way of communication.

4th house – Home and family life

4th house of a birth chart shows details about our mind, mother, home, family environment, vehicles and happiness.

4th house being in the zodiac sign of Scorpio indicates a very deep, not always healthy bond with the family members. The native of 4th house in Scorpio has always some kind of psychological issue or trauma, thus over the years they become good psychologists or at least can put themselves in other peoples shoes better than anybody else. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and with the 4th house lord sitting in 7th house, your mother would have a lot to say about your choice of partner. It shows as well that you would see your partner as your parent, thus your bond would be deeper and difficult to let go of even when there may be warning signs in the relationship. Your mother would feel very distant to you due to her aggressive nature and harsh speech. Even your spouse could be very musculine and argumentative. Rahu being in 4th house of the horoscope indicates home in foreign lands. You could have foreigners in your home or foreign objects. Since 4th and 7th houses are connected it indicates that your spouse would be of foreign origin. As Rahu is an outcast you would not be able to stay happy in one place for a long time. Travelling would be the best scenario for you as Rahu represents the head of a demon and it never feels satisfied with what it has. Thus, easily obtained property, car or partners would not give you happiness for a long time. During the Rahu or Mars dasha you could have trouble with your mother, spouse and healthwise you could visit doctors quite a lot, especially if you are a woman with sex and hormonal issues.

5th house – Romance and children

5th house of a birth chart is all about intelligence, self-expression, romance, children, luck and stocks.

When 5th house is in Sagittarius one thing is clear. You will need freedom in order to grow. Your intelligence could be enourmous depending on where Jupiter which is the lord of 5th house is sitting. As 5th lord is sitting in 3rd house, creative pursuits and education will go hand in hand. Because Sagittarius represents philosophy and higher spheres of life, you could learn foreign languages, take short-trips to foreign countries and your 1st child could either have their moon, sun or ascendant in Sagittarius. You would fall in love with either very intelligent or foreign individuals. Because 5th house makes both connection with 8th house and 3rd house you could earn money through creativity like blogging or shooting movies. Another thing is that you could meet your first partner in a hidden place like for example a chatroom or websites for dating and making friends. As an adult you could make a wonderful teacher, professor or counselor. With Neptune in the 5th house, you would be a dreamer once in love. Your imagination would be strong and take you to places which you never knew had existed.

6th house – Daily routines and health

6th house of a birth chart is all about daily work, health, pets, enemies and disputes.

6th house in the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Here the person will be working with serving other people. The work would have long hours and would be connected to government like for example hospitals, schools, elderly homes. If your 6th house is in Capricorn you would have issues with your joints but as 6th lord is in the airy sign, Aquarius you could have gastric issues as well. 6th house lord in 7th house indicates disputes coming into the marriage. As Uranus is in the 6th house it indicates that you could have issues with your nervous system that could impact the function of your body. You would get easily bored with repetitive work and would need to engage in unconventional activities.

7th house – Marriage and partnerships

7th house of a birth chart is all about marriage, business, the people we meet, court, spouse.

7th house in the sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and it’s co-ruler Uranus. As Saturn is placed in 7th house and rules it, it would be best to wait until 30 to get into a serious relationship. Relationships in early 20s will end up with heartbreak, marriages will face divorce or separations. Your partner could be older than you or at least mature in thinking. As Aquarius is a zodiac sign of innovation and an humanitarian, your spouse would serve others or at least do things with the purpose to help large amount of people. As Mercury and Mars sits in the 7th house as well, he would be talkative, energetic, cheerful and either muscular or very argumentative. Your spouse would respect duties and order.

8th house – Longevity

8th house of a birth chart is all about the darker side of life like death, debt, sex, the occult, inheritance.

8th house being in the sign of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter but even though Jupiter is a benefic planet it will not save you from all the bad people lurking around. You may get a lot of spams on your e-mail, you will get loan proposals which will make you in debt and you may even get scammed by people that work in spiritual fields such as fake teachers, tarot card readers or astrologers. Since 8th house rules the death and inheritance your death will involve water or rather lack of it if you have hot planets like Sun and Venus in the 8th house in Pisces. Venus stands for kidneys as well which means you could have death due to kidney failure. Having Sun and Venus in the 8th house means that you could get inheritance due to death of your father or spouse. Since 8th house covers endings you could receive alimony from your spouse after a divorce. When it comes to sex and relationships as its sign of Pisces you would be a dreamer. You view of how sex should be could be far from realistic. You would dream of meeting a prince on a white horse and live your life happily ever after but as Venus and Sun are in a malefic house that fairly tale would end and even awaken fears of loving and devoting your life to someone. Your relationship with the father would be distant or you could never experience love between father and you due to his death, thus you would choose partners which would remind you of him, especially if you are a woman. You would be a very spiritual person and very sacrificing in nature.

9th house – Religion and higher education

9th house of a birth chart is all about higher learning, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, luck.

9th house being in the sign of Aries you would be very protective of your beliefs. You could engage in sports or your studies could be of a more technical nature. With Moon in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter in the 3rd house you could be very intuative and your words could be predictive. With the Moon in the 9th house you would be cheerful and lucky. You could gain recognition in foreign lands. You would travel to exotic places and would eat spicy food. Your mother or whole family could be very religious. You could become a teacher or professor. By the age of 29-30 you would have been done with your higher studies. No matter how many times bad things would happen in your life you would come out of it with more knowledge and calmness. Your dreams and wishes would come sooner or later. It would feel like you and God has a deep connection and you can communicate with each other. You would be adventurous and discovering new places would be beneficial for your growth. You would be happy when doing something creative and challenging. You would not be scared of going to places and doing things which others would be very scared of, thus you will know a lot about other cultures and their traditions. As 9th house lord Mars is sitting in the 7th house of marriage and partnership, you could become an engineer or athtlete but your husband could be one too. You will marry in foreign lands and to someone with a different religion or from different country than you. You would not change your religion for your partner but instead would make your spouse adjust with your culture even if they don’t make any significant changes thus they could celebrate same holidays as you or learn to speak your language.

10th house – Profession and reputation

10th house of a birth chart is about your final career, reputation, achivements and gains from the goverment.

10th house in the sign of Taurus indicates that you would yearn for stability in life but as Ketu sits in the 10th house you would not have any desires for status or becoming overly rich. Ketu in the 10th house would make you think few times before you do anything but even that does not gurantee that you will succeed or achive your goals. As 10th house in Taurus is ruled by Venus your work could be about becoming a philanthropist. As Venus is in the 8th house together with the ascendant lord Sun, people could view you as someone creative but on the same time controversial. Your career could be about handling secrets or doing research. Money and luxuries would not come easily to you though and marriage life would be filled with hurdles due to Ketu in the 10th house. You would feel more lonely in relationships than when you are alone. Your work environment would not be consistent and you could be taking breaks often. You would not be entirely satisfied with your work conditions and thus you could have a change in employment, unless you become scientist or astrologer where you can dig deeper, thus your interest could grow over time. Ketu means detachment but represents mobiles, small electronics and knife as well. You would know about your exact path in career only when you reach your mid 30s, before that you could go in circles and feel a lack of direction.

11th house – Networks and gains

11th house of a birth chart is about gains, friends, networking, big organizations, wishes and desires fulfillment, elder siblings.

11th house in the sign of Gemini indicates that you can make friends very easily. You would befriend people that are either as curious as you, intelligent or like to have fun. As 11th lord is in 7th house you would befriend your spouse before getting married. You would also gain after marriage or through your spouse. 11th house connected to 7th house could mean too that you will have an online business, if not your spouse would work in the IT or communication field. Because Saturn sits with 11th house lord Mercury in the 7th house your way of communication and making friends would be surpressed, meaning that you would have only a handful of people which you could call your friends and so it would be in the case of your spouse as well. Your spouse ascendant could be in the sign of gemini or aquarius if these are connected by the exchange of house lords. You would have high expectations from your spouse which could end up in a divorce as Gemini is a zodiac sign of duality, meaning that the possibility of the 2nd marriage is there. You would have a love marriage nevertheless. You would fulfill your spouses dreams and desires.

12th house – Spirituality and losses

12th house of a birth chart is all about spirituality, dreams, imagination, hidden enemies, expenses, losses, foreign lands, liberation.

12th house in the sign of Cancer indicates that you would be very intuative and you would feel other peoples emotions as your own, you could have visions and a gut feeling about different aspects of life. Because Cancer sign indicates home and family, you could settle down overseas. If your 12th lord Moon is connected with the 9th house you would have foreigners in your family. You could lose your mother due to your set of principles and beliefs. You would be selfless and love your family unconditionally. You could be emotionally fragile as Cancer represents our mind and you would be moody or depressed during transits of the Moon. You would put your parents on the pedastal, even when they do things which hurt you in the end. Many family secrets would leak out and you would feel obligated to repay for the sins of your ancestors. Once let down, natives with the Cancer sign in the 12th house can become manipulative and lie in order to gain what they’ve lost. Because 12th house Cancer natives are selfless they often are inclined to do charity work or become a part of NGO. Happiness comes your way only when you learn to live at your own, loving yourself as you tend to fall pray to dependency. Your home could be near a lake, sea or other kind of watery environment.