Deutsche Sprache & process of learning German from own mistakes

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Let me introduce myself…in German 😉👌.

Hallo! Mein Name ist Agnieszka aber nenn mich Agni. Ich bin 27 Jahre alt und ich bin in Polen geboren aber seit 17 Jahren habe ich in Schweden gelebt. Ich bin ein Mutter. Ich liebe meine zwei Söhne. Ihre Name sind Aaron und Austin. Ohne ihnen ich wäre nicht was ich heute bin. Mutterschaft mein Leben verändert hat. Heute ich bin eine Frau mit Ziele. Ich hat viele Träume seit der Vergangenheit. Heute ich die Willenskraft zu erfüllte meine Träume haben . In der Zukunft möchte ich eine glücklich Familienleben und um die Welt zu reisen mit meine Liebling Ahad. Aber bis dahin werde ich hart arbeiten. Danke und Schönes Wochenende. Morgen ist Freitag !

I hope that the German native speakers that understand English enjoyed my not so perfect german grammar. I am aware I could’ve made some mistakes. Building a sentence in German is not easy. That some words need to start with capital letters gave me a lot of setbacks in my learning process as much as understanding how the way we speak can affect the outcome of what you are saying. There are so many rules to follow. German besides French has so many genderlized nouns which can change depending on its form. Then we have der,die,das. It supposed to equal to “a or an” in English but defines the gender of the substantiv. It took me a while to get it right. Now I am struggling with ackusativ in sentences and modal verbs but it slowly going forward.

I am taking my German classes online so I am not sure how me speaking German will turn out in reality but my writing somehow improved. I strongly believe that my future lays in a Germans speaking country. Not sure if its because of my parents that used to leave me to go there for work or because of the trip I made to Austria in 2019 but my heart yearns to go back.Who knows, maybe one day I will be making a set of motivational videos or writing books in German. Unitl then I will try my best to be better at speaking and make friends at school and work. I still got some self improvement left.

Bis Bald.



Me & my little urdu vocabulary

Before I was never inclined towards urdu. I used to learn many languages but the learning process depended on my state of mind. I always felt that I need to feel a connection in order to learn a language.

European and Latino languages come much easier for me than any of the languages in Asia. It could be due to the differences in writing and pronoucation. But also the fact that Asians don’t only speak with their mouths but whole bodies. There are also honorifics that are being expressed and are of more significance in Asia than Europe.

The nearest language to urdu that I’ve heard before was hindi and punjabi. Maybe because a part of Pakistan used to belong to India before and somehow these were mixed into urdu. Urdu is not only spoken in Pakistan but in some provinces of India as well.

The first sentence I ever learned in urdu must have been ” Me apse bahut pyaar karti hoon” meaning ” I love You“. To express love for people has always been easier for me. Usually that’s how I take interest in the more complex languages.

Other than that I’ve learned simple phrases such as ” Ji” meaning “yes” or ” Nahi” meaning “no“. ” Shukriya” means “thank you“. I always mixed it with English while being in Pakistan but this is one of the phrases many people understand. When I try to tell anyone what is my name I tell them ” Meri naam Agni hai“. My name is quite difficult so I always try to go with the nickname. In case of questions about my well being I answer ” Me tikku“.

The words I’ve learned while being in Pakistan were as follow:

Ke Matlab – Meaning?

Ap kesay hou? – How are you ?

Tumhara naam kia hai? – What’s your name ?

Kyu ? Why ?

Sasur – father in law

Mat karo Don’t do it.

Garmi Hot

Pani/ juice/ chai pyo gi ? – Do you want to drink water/ juice/ tea?

Khana khao gi ? – Do you want to eat ?

Chalo na/ Jao gi. – Let’s go.

Chutya Morron

Pesay – Money

Sunno na – Listen

Mazay ka – Delicious

Boti – Chicken

Kon ? – Who ?

Jaldi – Fast/ Quick

Bas Enough

Mein bhi – Me too

I probably have more vocabulary hidden deep inside than what I can think of at the moment. Nevertheless, I am thankful to God for this gift. Sometimes I am feeling like I have got a dictionary inside of my brain. I’m waiting for meri jaan to show his skills in Polish next 😉.