Do you miss a friend as well ?

Good Saturday to you all!

Since I got the news that I will be representing EU Careers at my university, I got motivated to grab my old German books. I have joined a few forums to keep my writing skills alive. I still feel that I have a long way to go but I have explored as well that I can express myself on various topics in German which feels totally „ toll“ (A German word for amazing). I am about to know 4 languages, in speaking and writing. I suppose I am the first one in the Ratajczak generation.

The biggest subject that makes me driven to learn is well… my old friend. My Venus matured at the time when I met him and I started making a requirement list of what I need to feel happy. I met him at the time when I completely drown in agony. And what I felt at that time when we spend time together made a huge impact on me and thus I cannot forget him or the feeling I had and the transformation I went through in 2019/2020. I believe that we will meet one day… when I become stronger, wiser and more financially and emotionally stable. To reconnect and have exchange of thoughts which in my perspective did not go the right way the last time we spoke.

My Ahad asked me yesterday what was bothering me, if he should contact Shahzad for me but I declined. I am not ready and probably the man is still not ready as well to understand his mistakes or even why I am so obsessed over our past. But I do plan to drop by Vienna by the end of the year or at least before my 30th birthday. I would really like to attend the language test at ÖSD and try for B1 or B2. On the same time I could walk on the bridge over the Danube river and remind myself of the beautiful memories I made there. Every time I went there it felt like home. And perhaps while walking without a clear destination we will cross our paths once again…

Nevertheless… Bis Bald ! Vielen Dank fürs Lesen!

Tschüss 👋


6 years celebration 🎉

Hello my dear readers!

Sorry for delay. I was supposed to write 2 days ago but days are shorter and nights are longer… time is really speeding up as the sun takes over and the clouds and cold winds leave. Two days ago was a special day.

This boy —>

…turned 6 years.

Many things happened during these 6 years but he still grew up to be healthy, happy and confident together with his little brother who is his best friend and partner in crime. Since his dad moved out, Aaron became more mature and calm. He missed his dad a lot and so did Austin so we had planned to meet and spend time with kids. While waiting for this dad to arrive, we went to Mall of Scandinavia, the biggest shopping Mall in Stockholm city, positioned by the train station in Solna.

A birthday outing would not be complete without gifts and yummy food so kids went with their dad to a toy store and picked so many toys they barely could hold in their small hands. Later, we went to eat. I have not eaten anything spicy since a long time so it was really a nice change. The day ended with Aaron and Austin being happy. And I felt grateful for becoming a mom 6 years ago and to be able to see my little baby become the individual he is today.


Eid Mubarak ☪️

Eid Mubarak to you all celebrating and good Saturday morning to you all my readers and followers !

Why do we say ” Eid Mubarak” today ?

Well, because finally the month of Ramadan is over and Id al-fitr has started. Id al-fitr is a festival that brings joy to many people. It is celebrated worldwide I could say but mostly by people which follow the teaching of Quran. Even in India which population is divded into Muslims and Hindus are celebrating on many occasions together. Eid Mubarak means Have a great celebration. During this time and for the next 3-4 days families and friends unite and visit each others houses for the festives. There is food, there is music on some occasions and fireworks. In Islamabad for example, there were many ladies making henna tattoos for other girls. It’s a time people where buy new clothes and make donations. Kids usually get some money. It’s quite similiar to the Deshain festival in Nepal with the exception no one is putting on dye in the forehead or have grass behind ears.

Last year at this time I’ve travelled to Pakistan and was super excited. The 1st day I arrived I cooked noodles and barbeque. The 2nd and 3rd day of Id al fitr we had many guests to eat my cooking as well. Many people were curious if I am really that wonderful as the rumors say. They must have been surprised that I can handle the heat so well. I simply enjoyed cooking food for my husband. When you are apart for a long time, there are so many things you would like to do. Perhaps next year will be our celebration again. I wish for it, but until then …

Eid Mubarak !