Travelling with a baby vs two infants

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This week has been really suffocating due to the constant weather changes in Sweden. I am really craving some travel but since my piggy bank will remain empty for a few months more I had no choice but to travel back to the year I’ve really made a lot of travel – 2019.

I will be honest with you. I’ve always dreamed about travelling the world but I’ve never had enough money to do it. But in 2019, I broke my record.

Why? I think I needed to escape the sorrow I’ve been carrying in my heart. The first trip I’ve made that year was due to my grandfather passing away. Death can be a really awakening experience and so it has been for me. I’ve given birth to my youngest son Austin just 2 months before so as you maybe are guessing I’ve had some hormone issues taking controll of my emotional life.

I’ve travelled with my older son Aaron before and I must say there is a difference how things goes during a trip. While the older one does not like travelling much and ends up being really fussy after a few days, the younger one inherited love for travel from me and eagerly wants to see and touch things.

Travelling with one baby

The first thing about travel you would need to think about is probably the distance. A long distance travel with one baby will not be the same as a short distance travel. I’ve travelled both long distance and short distance with my son Aaron and as for him the short distance is better than the long distance travel. The other thing you would need to think about is if you travel alone or with somebody. Travelling with somebody may be a better option if you know your child is demanding.

I had a case on my way back to Sweden from Nepal where I couldn’t visit toilet for 9 hours as I was travelling alone. It was time for baby formula and the flight attendant would not come despite me ringing for a long time. My arms were falling off from carrying all the luggage and the baby and since he was sleeping I’ve just put him on the seat and run to the flight attendant seats to get some water. I barely made it there and my son slipped from the seat and started crying. I was both sad with myself and angry with the flight crew. And that’s where we come to a 3rd important factor which is the childs age. I think when it comes to long distance travel your child should be at least 5 years. This way it can walk on its own, it can eat on its own and won’t be too much dependant on you.

I’ve been actually satisfied travelling short distance. In 2019, I made a three day trip crossing two countries with my youngest. First, I’ve visited Brussel. Took around 3 hours from Bromma airport in Sweden. Austin was around 8 months. A perfect age to travel short distance with a baby. It was his first time travelling so he had been curiously looking around. Brussel was really beautiful. You have to try their Belgian waffles. During the flight my baby caught the flight attendants hearts and all the female crew took a picture with him.

The 2nd destination we had travelled to and actually stayed there for two nights was Vienna in Austria. Vienna is perfect for those that love walking. I do believe that Vienna is one of the capital cities in Europe that mastered to balance greenery and urban life. The rich culture and architecture is just a cherry on the cake. It’s a really family friendly place and I wish I could live there. It energizes my artisitic soul. And I think so was the case with Austin too. He pretty much enjoyed our walks through Vienna and the beautiful parks and castles too. Next time I would love to take both of my kids there. I’ve never rode the attractions in the Prater Park which by the way feels so fun.

Travelling with two infants

Well… As you perhaps may be thinking, two babies and long distance travel is impossible, at least for me. I must admit that travelling short distance invites a lot of unwanted adventure such as one of your children sliding down the stroller and running towards one side and the other trying to take the toys from the duty free store 😅 . You can really go nuts when they try to overtake you and ignore your constant reminders of how dangerous it can get if they lose the sight of their parent. My oldest son is the most stubborn child ever. It takes a lot of explaining for him to start listening to you as he does not like rules and boundaries. The younger one listens more but as he grows up he is copying everything his brother says and does which does not make things easier.

I’ve made my first trip with both of my boys by the end of 2019. It was Christmas time and we had been invited to celebrate Christmas at my grandmothers house in Poland. Although the plane travel did not belong to the best, they had enjoyed meeting the family and decorating the Chritsmas tree. If you are going to take many children with you make sure you have some toys or books with you. Boredom can really hit small children. Even at your destination make sure to take your kids to some adventure. This way their brain will be stimulated and will lead to a greater travel experience for them.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! Feel free to tell me about yours. Maybe there is a place that you had been to and ended being an awesome place with lots of joy for the children.

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Midsummer in Sweden

Hello my dear readers!

I’ve been quite busy these past few days. I´ve been actually working at the kindergarten in Lindigö, Sweden – the island of the rich 😂. Then the weekend has been divided between doing school assignments, doing house chores but I even had the chance to grill at my brothers place and I think this was the first party without any alcohol involved which I really enjoyed.

So what was the occasion ? Well, the very known holiday in Sweden where the day is longer than the night – Midsummer.

What do we do except having grill party’s ? We can dance around a huge cross decorated with flowers or enjoy strawberry and rhubarb cake. Many cities organize festivals where you can enjoy folk music.

Summer is the best time for Swedes as they can connect with nature on another level, making the Midsummer preparations more joyous than Christmas. If you ever would like to take part in this magical celebration you must visit Sweden between 24-25th June.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with a new post !

A different Easter than the others

Happy Easter to you all! How are you celebrating these special few days ?

I must say that this year for me is much different than in the past years. First of all my kids are not at home, secondly instead of baking and cooking I am cleaning after the renovation I’ve done at home. There won’t be any fancy dinners or going over to family this year.

Honestly, I don’t have any energy for it. The renovation takes a lot of strength, time and money. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results. The place looks stunning, like never before. But I don’t mind doing it next year or maybe even at Christmas, now that I fixed the table and am about to purchase some extra chairs. To be honest I’ve always dreamed about a beautiful home and whole family coming together and celebrating. I’ve got this dream since I was at my step-brothers cousins place. I’ve felt the magic at some point.

But anyways, I am not going to take a lot of time here. I am actually pretty exhausted and sleepy these days and so it’s time for me to wipe clean the floors that I’ve planned these last two days. I am off.

See ya soon!

Backstage : The day two hearts became one

My dad paid me a visit in the evening of 22nd August 2021 saying he only wanted to see his grandchildren he did not meet since a long time. I felt nervous fearing that he would tell me to stay in his house instead of my grandmother’s. Luckily this time it was only visitation. Somehow I smelled that it was all my mother’s doing. Visiting my kids was only a pretext to check on me without awakening suspicion. Nevertheless, I kept my cool but inside I felt sad. My father told me just one year before to not even think of coming to his funeral and dah… he came himself to me under pressure of my mother.

After he left I packed my bag, made kids fall asleep, put my phone to charge and changed my clothes into the ones I would wear while travelling. But I felt so tensed I could not fall asleep that day. I were on my feet by 2 am, had some tea and then took my bag and headed out. During my walk to the train station I felt like an animal running away from a hunter. But even so I did not turn around I headed forward. I reached the train station and waited for the train. I felt pretty tired and disoriented and fearful how things would go as I had a limited amount of money with me.

Once I reached Krakow, I headed for the tram. It started raining pretty much at that time and I still did not have a clue about how to reach the place where I booked my vaccination. I had to use the GPS but I felt so cold and uncomfortable and the rain got pretty heavy I kept going in circles for 20-30 minutes. Then I found the direction and headed straight without looking back. Then while I was crossing the road, a big rolly drive past and all the rain that was on the ground came all over me. I felt sad but I had to keep going. I crossed the road and arrived at the place 15 minutes before time. My phone was fully drenched but still working, but the battery level kept me worrying.

After the vaccination, I headed as quickly as possible back to the main Krakow station. I missed one tram but luckily got into another one shortly after. When I reached the Krakow main station I tried to find a place where I could print out my documents but without any luck and the time started time and I did not have a choice but to run to the bus station. When I reached there, the bus was not there yet. It arrived with 20 minutes delay. Once I got inside the bus another disappointment crossed me. There was no place where I could charge my phone. I felt pretty exhausted at that time so I tried to relax. I’ve never expected that when I reach Warsaw the bus would come with a delay of minimum 1 hour. I stepped quickly into the center on the West Warsaw bus station and bought something quickly, by then I realized that I really need to find a taxi driver. To my surpise I had only 40 zloty on me and it took me 3 drivers to finally meeta decent person that would take me to the airport without asking for more.

Once I reached the airport I had about 1 hour before boarding. But it did not help me at all because my phone was not working. I could not charge it, even drying it with a dryier did not help. My hands started shaking. Then I took a deep breath and run outside opening my luggage and took out my laptop. I could luckily access one of my e-mail accounts and show my visa, then I struggle with showing my covid test results. The flight attendant felt sorry for me and decided to give me her own phone to show the proof of the test. At that moment my luggage was takeninside the plane. But I still could not go I had to show that I filled up the PassTrack that Pakistan required fro boarding. Somehow I managed to do it but the application would not accept anything else than photos, there I got help from the flight attendent once again. After that I had 5 minutes to go. I run all the way in to the plane as the last person on the passenger list. I sat down, all sweaty, finally able to breath. I took out the charger cable but it would still not work so awkwardly I put my phone inside of my pant to dry it with the help of my bodyheat and finally after 1 hour I could charge it. I plug it into my laptop that I had with me.

Usually I would take a nap when travelling by plane but that day I could not sleep even a wink. I was too much terrified fo what else could go wrong.

The rest you can see in the video below :

Thank you for reading & watching!


The Testament

My name is Agnieszka Ratajczak. I’ve lived 27 years, 10 months and 13 days in this world. It’s 2022 and the world is making attempts to change. Yet, the process of change is not easy. Materialism, ego and greed are battled by love, sincernity and spirituality.

Religion is used against those that believe, making them drift away from God. The priests are the devils hidden army, speaking about Jesus and its love and telling people to come to church, mosk, temple or synagogue to meet God while collecting payments. God has created this world, a building is not where we can meet God. The church is not truly a church. As Jesus has mentioned, a church is made out of people who believe in God, the Holy spirit and the Gods son. It is in our subconciousness and our hearts but the devil made a physical place to meet God and thus people go there to create illusions about their person but only a handful truly believes. Being a priest and all the priestly responsibilities should not be monatized, thats not Jesus teachings. We do not need money on the other side and we are not here to live a comfortable life. We are here to work us towards a place in the Gods paradise.

People do a balance walk between being self-centered and overly considerate. Those that meet halfway lead the happiest life’s but they are not many. Those that lose appreciate their losses only when they are at their worst, only a handful actually learned their lesson and makes wise and healthy changes.

I’m walking amongst them all, questioning every step I take, because I do a walk between two worlds. The world of Materialism and Spirituality. And there is not a day that I am not thinking if the way I go about things is right, and not a day that I am not thinking if things could’ve been done differently. There is not a day I do not reflect on the meaning of spirituality and if money are necessary for survival. And so I am walking with the head in another dimension and the body in this world wondering, thinking, speculating how to improve, how to make my existence meaningful. The most precious and eternal are the memories, not the items, properties or social standing. And so I am who I out to be. Someone with a depth and in search of answers for my existence is indeed a puzzle piece shattered, lost, wanting to be found, waiting for enlightment while being pulled by the power of materialism.