“Cancel participation in the course” – A good choice or a reckless decision?

I woke up really early today. I planned to finish my assignments in German that did not get approved by the teacher and I worked really hard. But when I sync with myself, I understood that it does not give me any happiness like it used to. It became a lot of hard work to me because not only did I have to attend every class or take the class with people that missed it, I had two different tests and two different assignments in the forum but teacher would not help so often. In most cases I had to guess what I did wrong. Even though I was given to talk German with people I did not feel I got the real feeling there either because none of them was a native speaker.

When I checked the check-list this morning I just felt overwhelmed because whatever I did not pass and even some words which I did not know when I did the tests which I passed, I had to write them down and leave a comment to it. I am not very good at long term repetition. And to me effectiveness matters the most. I felt this course does not satisfy that criteria anymore. So even though I purchased the litterature for the next part of the course I just felt “Why not just do it on your own, since you do it any way?“. And I clicked the ” Cancel…” – botton.

Was it a good choice or a reckless decision?

I think the only thing I will miss will be the “Freie Sprechen“. I will not miss the ” Duggas” or the “Mina fel” file. It’s a nonsense to have attented the course before and to do everything from 0. And it’s a nonsense to have so many assignments when the course is 7.5 credits and goes 25%.

I have now three books of Lieber Deutsch 2.0 by Liber and a whole Delfin book. So I am thinking of repeating everything little by little. Translating the texts and just take it at my own pace, no deadlines and requirements. Life will be tough enough. To minimize the tension is natural to me. And I am not so bad at German speaking either. I just have to repeat and do what my teacher did not manage to help me with. Understand the rules of the German grammatics.

Thats’s all. I think its not a bad decision I made. But it will show in the future, I guess.

Thank you for reading & see you later!

Being a teacher of Household Management for the 1st time

Hello my friends!

Today I wake up at 5 AM & I know already am gonna feel so tired by the end of the day. Being a teacher is different right now, compared to the times I was an elementary school kid. It seems like many teachers are not allowed to sit down and I must say that standing for many hours can be a real killer for your knees. I felt like sleeping already at 5 PM yesterday. But today is a brand new day, new challenges, new experiences.

I arrived in school quite early because it was at least 45 minutes before my shift. The school was closed and I did not have a way to go inside. I had to go all around to be able to enter through the main entrance. Then the challenge was to find the right administration office since there were two different. But somehow I found my way. I got my key that I can keep until the last day of my work and the schedule printed out and I must say I was quite surprised when I saw that I got extra time before and after each class. One side of it makes me happy because I can prepare myself but on the other side too much time in between classes is not fun and I would prefer to finish earlier than walk in circles for hours.

Nevertheless, the class was fun. I’ve got introduced to the routines and regulations. The kids did some baking today and next time there will be even more baking. To be a household management teacher is really so much more than just cooking and baking. Before and after class I need to wash all the apron. The plates need to be nicely washed. There is trash that needs to be thrown. And before I even throw anything I need to sort it out.

I’m so excited for next Tuesday ! Yay!

Thank you for reading & until tommorow !

Working for the first time as an Art teacher ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽจ

Hi! Good morning & Good evening! ๐Ÿ˜

I woke up early this morning to prepare my paperwork before my first day at work and it definitely felt too early. My younger son woke up too and wouldn’t go back to sleep so I had no choice but to give him a cartoon to watch. Nevertheless, I managed to be done with my preparations and caught the train to Stockholm.

When I arrived in Stockholm I took some time to find my destination. I’m grateful for the implementation of GPS ๐Ÿ™. I arrived around 30 minutes before the class started. I’ve shown my criminal records, got my keys to open the classroom and shelves. And I’ve got a short tour around the school.

Finally, 10.15. I became an art teacher. I felt nervous and weak in my body but after five minutes the awkwardness wear off and I felt good in my role. The kids got an assignment to sketch ideas for a sculpture. I felt that some of them tried to take advantage of the situation and tried how far they can go with me.

I had two classes before the lunch and one class after and I must say that a teachers job has become tougher. Kids don’t have much respect and feel that school is a playground. There is a lot of swearing and sexism. I am not sure from where it is coming. Nevertheless, I’m gonna keep going. It was only one day out of my “teacher” journey. And there were actually many nice students too!

Thank you for reading & see you tommorow with a new post !

PS. Tommorow Agni will turn into a teacher of Household Management ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ.