Pray for me 🙏

Hello my dear people! It finally happened, I’ve submitted my thesis around 3PM today. And I cannot believe that I actually did it. After so much struggle… Right now all I have left is to wait … and pray that all the reading, interviewing and writing did not go to vain.

Not many people know but I’ve travelled the world in order to get the data to be as unique as possible. I’ve been in Belgium and Austria, then I interviewed a Spanish designing company. I went to three different museums in Sweden. You probably would never imagine but transcription of interviews is a real hell. It takes at least 4-5 hours to transcribe an interview that did not last for more than 20-25 minutes. I think the biggest challenge I had was with the Austrian museum where I sat in a busy coffee shop in the museum building and people kept screaming and running around. Luckily, I’ve recorded everything that has been said, else I would’ve been in trouble, a big one.

So what’s the next step?

If I clear the thesis, next will be trying to get an internship or just some other job to pass the time. I’ve applied for a Master program at KTH, starting this autumn, but I am not sure if I will get in. More than tourism, I would love to explore innovation, networking, design and teach others.

I am pretty exhausted. I did not sleep well these few days. I lost a lot of minerals from my bloodstream drinking tea like crazy and my eyes are killing me from all the light exposure. But before I go to hit the bed after a long battle, I would like to invite you to read the short abstract below.

Feel free to comment or message me to share your thoughts : ) Happy Sunday to you !


Aspects creating a rectangle

Hello after a two days break ! Don’t worry, I did not get dry on ideas but rather short of time. I’ve been busy figuring out the analysis – chapter of my disortation in the subject of Digital tool enhacements in museums. I’ve cleared 165 ETC and have 15 ECT left in order to complete my Bachelors degree. Thus, I’ve been very focused on it. I am still not completely done and will probably use every minute I have until 16th January 2022 11:59 PM. I treated this thesis as my baby those last two years and did not want to force anything just to get rid of it. And with all honesty, the examinating teacher is quite scary. He is a Scorpio, so I think most of you that have some clue about zodiac signs knows that these types are not easy, especially if they are involved with science and technology.

Nevertheless, today’s post is about aspects. I have actually checked this before I even opened the thesis file that I worked on. As you can see the time and date of the transit shown on the picture is 16th January 2022 at 11:59 PM. The blue lines are positive while the red ones create some opposition and indicate challenges. But what we will focus on are the lines making a rectangle.

What do they mean and what was I trying to see by checking the date and time I’ve chosen? Well, I think with the thesis mentioned you have probably understood that I wanted to see my feelings regarding the thesis on the time of its deadline. The rectangle indicates that I put my skills to good use. As you see there is a line between 3rd house of writing and 5th house of studies as well as the 5th house aspects the 9th house of higher learning and 9th house is aspecting 11th house of gains, fulfillment of wishes and networking. With that said, althought I may feel tensed until the end I will feel relieve once I send in the thesis. There are aspects between natal Jupiter and transiting Venus, transiting Venus and the natal Moon, natal Moon aspecting transiting Moon and transiting Moon aspecting natal Jupiter. With so many benefics connected, I am truly hoping for the best outcome.

So my dear folks 😉✌️ that was the mystical rectangle and now I’m planning to take a nap. Rest is important as much as breathing 😊.

Wishing you a Happy weekend!

“Cancel participation in the course” – A good choice or a reckless decision?

I woke up really early today. I planned to finish my assignments in German that did not get approved by the teacher and I worked really hard. But when I sync with myself, I understood that it does not give me any happiness like it used to. It became a lot of hard work to me because not only did I have to attend every class or take the class with people that missed it, I had two different tests and two different assignments in the forum but teacher would not help so often. In most cases I had to guess what I did wrong. Even though I was given to talk German with people I did not feel I got the real feeling there either because none of them was a native speaker.

When I checked the check-list this morning I just felt overwhelmed because whatever I did not pass and even some words which I did not know when I did the tests which I passed, I had to write them down and leave a comment to it. I am not very good at long term repetition. And to me effectiveness matters the most. I felt this course does not satisfy that criteria anymore. So even though I purchased the litterature for the next part of the course I just felt “Why not just do it on your own, since you do it any way?“. And I clicked the ” Cancel…” – botton.

Was it a good choice or a reckless decision?

I think the only thing I will miss will be the “Freie Sprechen“. I will not miss the ” Duggas” or the “Mina fel” file. It’s a nonsense to have attented the course before and to do everything from 0. And it’s a nonsense to have so many assignments when the course is 7.5 credits and goes 25%.

I have now three books of Lieber Deutsch 2.0 by Liber and a whole Delfin book. So I am thinking of repeating everything little by little. Translating the texts and just take it at my own pace, no deadlines and requirements. Life will be tough enough. To minimize the tension is natural to me. And I am not so bad at German speaking either. I just have to repeat and do what my teacher did not manage to help me with. Understand the rules of the German grammatics.

Thats’s all. I think its not a bad decision I made. But it will show in the future, I guess.

Thank you for reading & see you later!