Baby steps into awareness

Hello my dear friends! How are you?

I have just started an intensive week. Work + studies. But I do not feel discouraged. Beside that I have some motherly duties to focus on. My baby Aaron is growing so fast. He will attend elementary school from August 2023. What comes with that? A lot of new challenges.

My son had quite a difficult start in life. Moving around, getting sick often, then me and his dad divorced, new people arrived into our life’s. I am aware it has been tough on him with so many changes. He needs a lot of care and understanding. Especially when it comes to boosting his self-confidence which he is short of in the area of learning.

My kids has been growing up with technology quite a lot due to my studies and covid19. Thus, it has affected the way they think and feel about necessities of life like reading and writing. Simply giving instructions on how to do does not seem to give effect which makes me to try new ways to approach the issue.

Yesterday, we had tried to write on paper and in a book especially made for preschoolers. The first letters “A” went well but as Aaron’s dad was watching I think our babies confidence went down. He did not want to continue anymore.

I’ve decided to take a different book out to make it more playable and less scary for him. He was more pleased by writing a small “a” than the bigger one. He was very confused as well by there are three different ways of writing “A“. We repeated the whole alphabet and will continue to do so. At preschool they do have some training in this area as well, thus it has become important to continue at home. I’ve pronounced the words in Swedish and Aaron pointed with his finger which one of the pictures illustrates it. We did an exercise of finding the sound “a” in the words. It can be quite tricky when you pronounce letters differently in Swedish and much differently in English but I believe that I’ve given birth to an amazing and talented boy.

As writing and reading letters in a book felt a little overwhelming, I’ve opened the computer and found a nice website for kids with games and different interactive ways of learning. Aaron has a highly developed visual-spatial intelligence like me thus I believe he will learn the fastest while being creative. Colors and space for expression are very important.

What made this interactive game very nice was that my son could click on the letter and he could hear how to pronounce the letter. I’ve noticed that he knows letter “A” very well as well as letter “O“. We will still practice though so that he can be more confident about his abilities.

In case you also would like to spend some time teaching you child about the alphabet or numbers, the website which I found so great is . You can find there everything for kids from preschool up to grade 6. Isn’t that amazing?

Thank you for reading ! See you soon again with some amazing post! ❤

Who is God, mom?

Good evening my dear readers!

Today was a very tough and stressful day for me. I’ve never thought I would end up going to police station to ask about restriction order rules and laws. But well… I guess its better to know before I do anything.

But what does it have to do with todays post you may ask?

Well… These few days has been quite religion focused but more likely religion has been used to explain ones thoughts and actions. But honestly these bad actions and words towards people of different religion cannot be justified just like that. Hate is never the language of God.

So what happened next is that I went to pick up my children from their pre-school, straight from the police station. And on the way home my older son Aaron looked at the grass in the park being dry and asked :

” Mom, why is the grass so dry?”

Of course I’ve tried to to explain the easiest way 😅 but you know the more you answer your childs questions the more questions it may have. So after answering that its due to lack of rain the grass is all dry, he had to ask why there was no rain. That’s where things got complicated.

I told him that I am not sure, maybe God has decided that there would not be any rain. And that’s how our small discussion about “who is God?” has started. But you must know that telling a child a story about creation of the world can be rather overwhelming so I’ve decided to play the same story I have already told him on YouTube.

Now you may be thinking what I’m really after, what is it that I want to say. Well, after having this terrible few days passed me I think that maybe this is a way of the God telling me to not doubt on myself, that what I am doing is not bad, that it’s watching over me.

Nevertheless of what the real reason behind it is… the Bible stories seems to have awakened Aaron’s curiosity. I’ve never forced any religious stories to him neither to his brother. I feel that the people that want to find God will find it.

So what was my answer to the question?

God is in everything that surrounds us, in people we meet, in the flowers and trees, in all life on Earth and that’s why we should love and care for everything God has created even our siblings and friends so that one day we can stand close to God and feel his presence even stronger.

Thank you for reading ❣️

Have a pleasant weekend❣️

A day without internet is a day filled with creativity

Hello my dear readers!

It’s past 1 AM , 2nd day of August and I’ve just found time to write this post. The 1st day of August started with a shortage in internet 😅… well shit happens when you don’t pay your bills on time but don’t worry 😉. Agni is keeping cool until all solutions has been tried. Long way to go…still I made use of time and instead of scratching my head and walk in circles I’ve decided to use this time to create together with my small one’s 🧸.

We had some empty bottles and I had pretty much hobby paint left in two colours as well as some patterns that I purchased when renovating the apartment so the idea came pretty quick. Why not paint the bottles and turn them into a piece of art?

My boys loved the idea and worked very focused on their own bottles.

My idea was to turn the bottle into a exhibition piece. Diamond pattern felt like a good idea. I had some flowers that Aaron collected for me on the way home from the park which I’ve decided to put to use.

Kids were pretty quick with their design and so we have covered pine cones with glue and some glitter in different colours. Even some of my eyeshadows has been out to use. Luckily it was just some cheap make up and I did not feel the loss.

The glue was very slimy and the kids enjoyed pulling out their pine cones.

While our piece of art was taking a rest, we enjoyed some lunch together. Today has been the first time since a long time since both of my kids actually made it possible and ate some veggies.

After the lunch the kids went to rest while watching cartoons while I worked on some other creative projects. After that we resumed our bottle project for few minutes. But it did not take long until it was dinner time and I’ve asked the kids if they would like to cook the dinner with me. And so I got myself four small hands to peel garlic and onion 😂.

We enjoyed dinner. As Aaron is very picky about tomatoes and onion in food, today he ate all which made me very happy.

Our bottle project turned to amazing exhibition pieces which can be displayed as a part of decoration or be a decoration itself 🥰. Very jolly moment of my day when I put the pine cones as a part of the exhibit. The colours and patterns are amazing. I still cannot believe that you don’t need much but with the right mindset everything you do turns to be so beautiful and unique. Most importantly, I spent the whole day just with my gems. It feels refreshing ❣️

Thank you for reading !