My first time with Adobe xD : Creating interactive prototypes

Here I come. A little later than I would like to. But there is always a reason. I’ve actually had a class 6 hours in a row and felt somehow dizzy afterwards so I’ve decided to take a nap and somehow I ended up sleeping two hours instead of 30 minutes. But it was well deserved. I’ve actually worked with an interactive version of a platform in the course Challenge-driven Innovation with Design Thinking. I’ve challenged myself last night and sat for sometime with this project alone. I’ve never used this software although I’m familiar with other tools from Adobe and I do not regret it a bit. Maybe I will not become a User Experience Designer in the future but at least I won’t be completely green and once I will need it next time I am going to be more proficient than what I was yesterday when I started from zero.

My first project in Adobe xD – Designing space for online interaction for public sector

So I must say that this tool is quite cool although it was irritating at times like for example when I tried to drag icons. I ended up pulling other objects instead. Changing size was tricky too at times and I could not understand how I was supposed to duplicate the artboard until later. There are still many things I do not understand like for example why I cannot use hyperlinks in this software to make more interaction within and why do I need so many plugins in order to make the prototype to look professional?

Nevertheless, my classmates were happy. They called me a Super Girl and a star yesterday. Not sure though if they really meant it and somehow I do not take it to my heart much because I am just doing my part. We are almost done with the course and I must say I feel quite disappointed that I couldn’t be there from the start. there are so many things which I would like to change like for example the ” Emphatize stage”. I feel that my classmates did not think about things before they started and I did a mistake by not saying anything. I felt I did not have much rights to say anything since I missed the first three classes while I was abroad in Pakistan. But anyways I’ve learned so many things and it was fun to take a different approach to school matters since we had so many team exercises that are not really much academical. It was more about everyones wellbeing. I think it was the first course I’ve ever participated in that cared about our viewpoint and feelings regarding diffrent aspects of life. I really felt welcomed and a part of the group.

With that all said I am wishing you a wonderful evening (or morning). I gotta head to call my hubby. He is having a really bad cold since few days.

Ci vediamo ! Bis bald! A plus tard ! Vi ses! Do zobaczenia !