Kindness, consideration, respect – should be taught at home, not school !

Good afternoon my dear readers !

Today I’ve actually worked for few hours as a temp in the sewing class and I must say this is the first time in my my whole career as a substitute teacher that I’ve met so evil-natured children. I will not tell you which school I’ve been to because kids are under protection but I can tell you what they did and what I found unaccaptable.

That kids do not like certain subjects does not give them right to abuse their power or act in an unaccaptable manner like running around the classroom playing football or keep throwing pens on the floor while I keep picking them up. Morever it is not okay to destroy for others and to disrespect someone that tries to help you.

Today I had to actually have a talk with these individuals at the end of their class and make a point that their behaviour is really embarrassing. 12 and 13 years old kids acting as if they are 6 and do not know the rules, treating school as a playground instead of an institution that is the beginning of their journey to becoming a responsible adult.

I am really surprised that none of them were taught about kindness, consideration and respect. It’s the basics of life. But it does not seem with these young people and it truly makes me concerned and sad for their future. Luckily, I am not set to work in this environment for long. I plan to switch to a desk job next spring. Being a teacher to people that do actually don’t want to learn anything feels like a waste of energy and time. But to you who really found a calling in teaching a big respect to you. You are awesome !

Thank you for reading !

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Principles of a Go-getter

New year, a brand new me. And the year of Chariot. Here I come!

Changes as most of things need patience and courage. There is plenty of work behind it as well. Nothing comes to us from above except duties and even more hard work than it was at the beginning. A principle of a Go-getter is sustainability. Long-term aims and goals to be fullfilled little by little, every day.

Where am I headed ? – is the question you need to repeat to yourself every single moment your lose the desire to keep going.

A Go-getter does not fear challenges and does not wait for opportunities but rather creates his own stage to perform at.

If you never waited for the “right” tools but rather used whatever you had at hand – A way to go , Go-getter!

So far my life was about SYNCHRONISATION. This year is about ACTION. Action means moving forward in life, turning dreams into plans with clear goals, travelling and exploring, getting new insights and using them as inspiration for the betterment of the future, my future. And believing in yourself is the key. Striving for something is the mechanism of it all. And so I am headed towards becoming someone above my current self. Someone no one imagined that I could have become.

What are you striving for future Go-getter?

I know my answer to this question. Do you ?

Thank you for reading! Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

What will you become when you grow up?

As children we have so many dreams. We constantly imagine us as in different roles ; a doctor, a computer engineer, an astronaut, a beautician. Then we hit our teens and we are forced to choose one option of a dozen other choices. Some young people really get their calling right and lead a successful career-life. Others have so many options to choose from and so many talents, they constantly swing between one idea to the other, not really getting anywhere or doing various jobs. And there are as well the people that do not dare to dream about becoming someone they cannot afford.

The question : What will you become when you grow up? , does not have an obvious answer anymore. Why? Because people change. Dreams change too. One’s circumstances can either make someone to withdraw or inspire to envolve, explore and be their better self.

So what will I become when I grow up? Hmm…I don’t know because to me “grow up” means being at the stagnation stage. I don’t really feel like settling for one thing. I am way too curious for that. And probably many of you will feel same. Monotonous assignments at work are not for everyone. And creative individuals are good at multitasking so why settle for one thing when being creative gives you so many ways of expression? So if I had to give you one direct answer that would be probably when I grow old but to be honest the older I become the more curious and active I am.

You could say that I am kind of a late bloomer when it comes to choosing directions in life. I always listened to other peoples suggestions and to be honest I feel like I’ve been misguided in life a lot. And probably I will still happen to make some wrong choices but I am more aware about where I am headed in life and where I want to be at the end.

I know I would love to publish at least one book in this life, I would love to become a lecturer and an entrepreneur. The knowledge I possess is very broad thus I would love to leave a piece of it for other generations. Maybe that is the reason I am so into blogging. I can be expressive in so many ways. I can do designing, I can write poems and kind of give lectures on the subjects I find interesting. I think what really is important in choosing your path if for you to feel comfortable in your role. That is the reason self discovery becomes so essential. Because we cannot know what we like before we explore all the options, every layer we have.

And what about you? Was it easy for you to choose your path? Did you know from the beginning what you want to become once you grow up? Maybe you are still searching for that one thing you are good at ?

No matter which one. Don’t worry. One day you will reach there. Just listen to your heart, not other peoples whispers.

Thank you & have a pleasant Sunday!