Pakistani look tutorial

If you love bollywood or you are a pakistani bride to be but a pale foreigner just like me this tutorial is for you.

To be honest I am so bad at make up. Especially my eyebrows are not easy for me but we only live once so let me show you the before and after pictures and let me describe step by step how I’ve turned into a Pakistani wanna-look-like goddess.

As you can see I need not only practice but better quality of products as well. The eye-liner shouldn’t be too dry. There should be a marker touch to it so it can give your eye a vibrant line. I did not contour my cheeks as I feel that my face would lose its jolly person vibe. You can wear whatever make up you want but it should only strenghten the qualities you already have, not make you into totally a different person. Your make up equals your personality is what I am trying to say.

To accomplish a look similiar to that you will need eyeliner, eyebrow pen, shadows (shade depends on your skin tone), mascara ( and probably some fake lashes if you really want them to look longer), lipstick and some nice jewerly Pakistani style or even mehendi would be stunning.

Probably in the near future when my hair has grown a little longer and I buy my first lehengi or salwar kameez you will see me with a better version of this look.


Make-up : A feminine look


If you had always neglected your beauty due to your financial situation or because you did not learn to appreciate yourself, here I come with a tiny tutorial. You will not need any concealer. I believe our natural skin is the most beautiful and especially women with sensitive skin should not put too much make up on their faces. If your face is full of rashes or pimples I recommend checking what you eat and if there are no hormonal issues behind. Even stress can be quite significant for the health of our skin.

First of all you should wash your face with luke warm water. Dry it. Put up your hair so it will not be in the way. If your dress does not have any buttons or zipper wear it before you put any make up on. Then try to cover your chest with towel to not make your dress dirty while applying make-up.

I will not give you any specific brand names when it comes to cosmetics. Let’s just focus on shades, colors and functions. It’s supposed to be wallet friendly, remember.

My face is oval. My skin is reddish in some areas due to dryness. As you see I am not very good at using face creams. But it’s okay. For this look you will need an eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick. You will need eye shadow in two shades. One peachy and one darker shade. You can put the peachy shade all over the eyelid and the black shade on the corner. Try to mix it in together on the eyelid.

As for eye-liner you should use a black color. Same with mascara. Apply the eyeliner in the lower bow of your eye. The lipstick should be in the shade of fuchsia. But what is special about the lipstick I wear is that it’s water proof. It dries and stays on my lips up to 11 hours.

If you would like to be extra beautiful, take care of your nails. I used a matching nail polish to create harmony between my dress and make up. As you can see this make up gives a lot of life to my face and no matter if your skin is darker or brighter than mine you will look stunning, just like me 🥰.

Beautiful and ready for going out in no time !

Cycle of transformation with Venus conjunct Ascendant lord in the 8th house : Appearance

Hello! Welcome to the post about the cycle of transformation. A post expressing that little beauty and astrology blend and how do these correlate.

Venus conjunct Ascendant lord in 8th house will make you transform not only when it comes to your hair or style but even how you express yourself. The way you express yourself depends on the zodiac sign on the cusp of 8th house as well as the placement of 8th house lord, conjunctions and aspects.

What you will notice is that the more dreamy feminine zodiac sign rules 8th house, the more you will experiment with hair color and different styling and that due to the reason you will express your inner feelings and thoughts. Sometimes you will feel like a character in a drama series and so you will turn into one by having that specific style.

With the ascendant conjunct Venus in the 8th house makeover will be a part of your life and can bring both good and bad things into your life. As Venus stands for finances and spouse, your makeover could either bring your spouse closer to you or give the opposite effect. Its the same way with a job. You could get one after changing something about yourself.

Transformation will all depend on colors and patterns. If you have Venus in the 8th house, white or pinkish should be a part of your wardrobe. I’ve passed my job interviews whenever I would wear either white or pinkish t-shirts or dresses with flower pattern. Zodiac sign in the 8th house and ascendant lord will tell you more about which changes you will make and in which area as zodiac signs rule different part of the body.

Aries rules the head for example as its 1st in the astrological belt and since its ruled by Mars, the color would be red. Even houses signify a body part. For example if you have Pisces in the 8th house with Ascendant lord Sun conjunct Venus, 8th house would signify the waist or lower part of your body like butt, Pisces signifies the feet while Sun being the ascendant lord signifies the head. As Venus is the significator of beauty and 8th house signifies transformation your hair color would change a lot. Sun is rulling Leo, the king of drama and creative pursuits and Pisces is a imaginary zodiac sign, Venus is rulling both Taurus and Libra which automatically says that you would be born with an extra ordinary appearance or at least would have that magnetic aura around you. You would look cute, alluring but could take on a more dramatic style as well due to the 8th house emphasis. Ascendant is not only your head but body in general thus with Aries you could be athletic, with Pisces ascendant you could be little overweight as its ruled by the planet of expansion Jupiter.

Thank you for reading and stay tunned for a continuation of the topic 😀

Happy first week of July 2022!