Tarot Year Card: The World (21)

Did you dream about discovering the world? Maybe you always wanted to move to that dream house of yours? Did you wish to feel happy with yourself?

I have good news for you. The World tarot year card makes it possible. It could be a year when all your dreams may come true. You could travel overseas for studies, work or to family. Maybe you had a long distance relationship for a long time. In that case, this year could be about moving in together. If you are single , it could be a year where you will have an possibility to meet someone that could turn from a friend into a lover. You could get married as well as its a beautiful beginning which the World card signifies as well.

This year could be about teaching and learning as well. You could be an advisor or you could be advised by other people. A year influenced by the World card is filled with philosophy and optismism. You could be reading more and exploring more about various topics. This year could be about being involved in publishing as well as its a way of reaching to foreign places.

If you had been working on a project. This year you will obtain the fruits of your labour. Those that felt their life has been stagnating finally will be getting a signal to move forward in life. By the end of this year you will feel a sense of belonging.


Tarot Year Card: The Judgement (20)

Have you looked a lion in to the eye? If not, you will get a chance this year. This year will be about being truthful and not going around the bush. You will be both giver and receiver of criticism. You will need to fight for your intergrity.

Some conflicts of the past may pop up. Maybe you had a case at the court going and you will finally get a final verdict. Those that hoped for healing will need to wait as people will not let you rest. This will be a year where you will need to evaluate your efforts and if you feel that you have not reached you goals, you will have the opportunity to give it a last try. Your relationship with people will need an evaulation as well.

You will need to question your decisions and the influence others have on you? Did you learn your lesson or do you still make the same mistakes regarding friends, your work, family ties, health?

Nevertheless, remember that life has been a rollercoaster ride before and you overcame it. I believe that you will succeed at overcoming it once again.


Tarot Year Card: The Sun (19)

This year you will be full of zeal and enthusiasm. Adventures, a rich social life and you being in the spotlight are very much possible indications for this year. You will stay positive as you will radiate with confidence and believe that your plans will come into a fruition.

You will feel happy and have fun. If the previous years were all about hard work and discipline, this year will allow you to be a little carefree. You could possibly go on trips with your friends or involve yourself in artistic pursuits. You could advance at your work and gain a higher position.

For those that were single, the year ruled by Sun will make you gamble… in love of course 😉. There could be plenty of outings to cinema or the theater. Even visiting castles and fairytale -like places could be possible.

Sounds like your hard work paid off😉. Congrats!🎉

Tarot Year Card: The Moon (18)

The moon is the mind, emotions, psychic abilities. This year you will be gifted with abundance of feelings. You may become quite sensitive to criticism and changes within the home. This year could be more about keeping thing for yourself which may create confusion for those around you.

It could be a year full of psychological turbulances making you to sync with the other side of you which you did not want to awknowledge before. This year you could go through a physical transformation as well as you will try to make create a new version of yourself that would reflect the inner changes which took place within you. There will be a lot of transparency in your life and nothing will look different from what it actually is. You may come to a realization that you have lived an life filled with illusions.

Just as there is a duality to our emotions, this year will make you to choose between two situations, people, solutions and opportunities. Your intuition will increase which will make you to feel things before they do happen, you will be able to read other people as well. Nevertheless you should be very careful as you may invite to yourself people that are not good for your wellbeing due to your sensitiveness.

Believe in that good things can happen in your life as well!

Thank you for reading & Take care fo yourself!


Tarot Year Card: The Star (17)

If previous year did not belong to the best ones, rest assured. This year will gift you opportunities to grow in all spheres of life. If you had been sick the year before expect an improvement of health. If your business did not show any positive results, this year will be quite prosperous with many proposals and collaborations. If you got your heart broken in the previous year, this year may surprise you by giving you a seriously commited partner or an engagement.

The Star cards meaning is all about wish fullfilment and so it may mean that things which were difficult to obtain previously will be obtained with ease. This year will fill you with optimism and hope. You will be generous to those that are not having it easy as you will have the understanding of their hardships. It may be a year where you will nurture others. If you are a medical students, perhaps its a year you will get your doctors license. For those that were expecting a baby, the Star year may make them parents.

The Star tarot year could make you more imaginative which could make you pursue a creative career. You could become famous during this year as well. Nevertheless of the outcome, you will win over every challenge as the Star card indicates celebrations of all sort.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world!