Jupiter conjunct Uranus in solar return 1st house

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The weekends tend to be short and well.. I felt it. But todays post is not about it. We are 4 months into 2023 and so far I went through a sea of troubles and still nothing seems fine. So I am already looking at next years transits. This year has a Scorpio theme, meaning that my 4th house of the natal chart is emphasized. Next year will be the year of Aries, meaning my 9th house will be making the solar returns theme. 9th house is about higher studies, religion, long distance travel. And Jupiter loves being in 9th house. On the other hand, Uranus is an airy planet and Aries is ruled by Mars – the engineer, so it feels pretty much like a trip by plane is awaiting me.

But it’s not everything.

You could be jumping from one religion to the other. But you could be protective of your religion as well.

You could turn into a genius as Jupiter is expansion, wisdom and Uranus is “outside of the box” thinking. Aries represents the head but even aggression, you could experience all your emotions intensely. Uranus tends to be erratic, thus your actions could be based on what you feel at the moment.

Becoming independent will be significant for you. Look for Mars placement to see in which area it will have effect on. Look at the 9th house of solar return to see if the plane trip will take place.

You can go even further by looking at the degrees of the planets. Jupiter will be at 19 degrees in Aries at the time of my birthday in 2024. My natal Moon is placed at 18 degrees of Aries. Uranus will be at 25 degrees in Aries sign. This could prove my theory of intense feelings and becoming a genius as Moon represents the mind and emotions. It could also signify a big change such as relocation to a foreign country as Jupiter signifies foreign and Moon signifies home. Moreover, Bharani nakshatra rules 13*20 – 26*40 degrees, which automatically connects to Venus as this nakshatra is its ruler. My solar return Venus is placed in Aquarius, 11th house together with Mars and Saturn. Solar return 11th house is in my natal 7th house. Mars and Saturn originally sit in Aquarius thus may have stronger influence than Venus. Nevertheless, the emphasis could be on gaining status or becoming self employed. What it really will turn to be we will see…

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Artistic careers/inclinations in astrology

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Todays post is dedicated to artistic professions and inspired by one of the most knowlegeable astrologers I ever got to come in contact with, Kapiel Raaj. I probably will never reach the same amount of passion for astrology as this man, but I would like to let his legacy to live on.

The reason, I’ve decided to take upon this topic is because I am currently feeling very blocked in a way or two. In the last 3 months, I’ve applied to over 40 jobs but even the interviews that I’ve been invited to did not give me the results I wished for. This makes me to question whethever tourism industry is really my calling. After all my 10th house is in Kritikka nakshatra and 10th lord is in 8th house in Pisces. Kritikka is about cutting and Sun and Venus in Pisces in 8th house is about creativity behind the screen, drama or movies like. My moon is in Bharani nakshatra and its my amatyakaraka as well. It’s connected to Venus and its significance. My atmakaraka is Jupiter, in Libra sign in 3rd house in Vishakha nakshatra, which is also about dual or split personality. My ascendant itself is in Leo, Magha nakshatra which makes me think that maybe I took the wrong path again instead of the one I’ve been following since high school, meaning arts and design. I’ve studied even my childrens horoscopes but it adds to the confusion.

Nevertheless, I would like to share with you about some of my findings with the hope I can help someone that is feeling as confused as I do.


When it comes to writing I do believe that there are many combinations. Nevertheless, a good rule is to have Moon, Mars, Mercury conjunction/ aspect/ being in each others signs. 9th house and Jupiter cannot be afflicted in the horoscope as it makes publication of work delayed.

4th, 8th and 12th house becomes important because of the need to go deep with their imagination. The mind need to be free from distractions like speaking to people. Writers do good if they can be the observer instead of the one engaging in conversations, especially non-fiction writers.

If the 5th and 3rd house exchange energy it could be an indication of creative writing too as originally 3rd house is ruled by Gemini and 5th house by Leo. But the type of creative pursuit will be shown by the actual signs and planets in 3rd and 5th house.

Scholarly writing can be seen if Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon are in kendra or trikon houses.

Journalists could have a Mercury Jupiter conjunction with or without connection to Rahu as journalism requires travel and going outside of the norms of society.


Actors usually have 10th house in movable signs or the 10th lord could be in movable sign. Another combination is that 10th house is connected to Moon, Mercury or Jupiter. Nevertheless, for actors the work place cannot be fixed.

Actors doing sad or tragedy movies need to have Saturn and Moon conjunct or aspecting each other. Saturn deals with public and moon signifies fame.

The best actors out there deal with personal issues either addictions or childhood trauma, that’s why 2nd and 4th house being in bad condition is a good indicator for a more emotionally challenging acting. Especially movie actors could have some combination of 8th, 12th house as again it’s house of drama and transformation as well as imagination but even a strong indicator is the Libra sign which represents dark room of the cinema if connected to either 8th or 12th house.

TV actors can be seen from 4th house or 4th from current dasha lord as it’s related to home and watching outside world from TV in our dwelling.

Online actors such as those working with social media’s as YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok etc, have a strong 3rd house. Especially people with Cancer, Leo, Aquarius or Capricorn ascendants are prominent for people working in media fields.

Nakshatras such as Moola, Ardra, Kritikka, Magha besides Rohini can indicate career in performing arts on stage.

People which engage in filmmaking usually have a prominent pattern of nakshatras such as Shatabisha, Chitra which focus on patterns, colors and designs. Kritikka and Vishakha could indicate editing as they represent cutting and splitting.


Dancers can have Venus in 12th house or in Pisces sign as it represents the feet. Ashlesha, Uttara bhandrapada, Rohini, Mrigashira are the nakshatras which are ruled by a serpant thus are prominent in dancers charts as a flexible body is important to dance. Hasta represents the hands, thus even it is important for dancers, especially in India or Thailand where many dances involve hand movements. People with Rohini nakshatra could engage in classical dance such as balett.

This are just a few of the artistic professions. But I hope it helped you somehow.

Myself , I’ve met a person with Moon, Sun, Venus conjunction in Aries connected to Mars and Mercury in Pisces and that person had a talent for poetry, seduction and making his home beautiful so as I mentioned first, this are just few of many combinations out there.

See you later with a new post !

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Lucky direction. What is that?

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Life is hard, but did you know that there is a way to make it less painful? The only thing you ought to do is to change directions , move a few kilometers or across the seas. And yes, you guessed right. Today’s post is on directions of planets and houses in our birth charts, how to use the map of the planetary alignments we got on the time of our birth to change the conditions in the spheres of life that we desire.

Before I start with some examples let me make a basic introduction to the topic.

Planets and directions

Sun – East

Moon – North West

Mercury – North

Mars – South

Venus – South East

Jupiter – North East

Saturn – West

Rahu – South West

Zodiac signs and directions

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – East

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – South

Gemini, Libra, Aquarious – West

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – North

Houses and directions

11th , 12th and Ascendant – East

2nd, 3rd, 4th house – North

5th, 6th, 7th – West

8th, 9th, 10th – South


Ascendant is in the east, 4th house is in the north, 7th house is in the west, 10th house is in the south.

Now, if you want to see the best direction for self development you will need to check where the ascendant lord is placed. In my case it is in the South – West. As you can see 8th and 9th house is placed on that corner and I can share with you that my university is actually south west of where I have been living for the last 18 years in Sweden. So something is in that.

When it comes to earning money the best place to do that would be in the West for anybody having their Sun sign in Pisces. 2nd and 6th lord is placed in the West and I actually tend to get more jobs in the west from where I live.

The karma of marriage would be fulfilled in the northern side from where you were born if you have Pisces as your Sun sign because 10th from 7th is 4th house. And marriage involves a process of two people creating a family. So yes, I moved to Sweden from Poland and created my family here. Sweden is in placed in the north from where I was born.

Hope that helps ☘️