The last 29 years

Good thursday !

By the way today is my birthday πŸŽ‚ Happy B-day to me !

I’ve just found out today that 6th from Saturn is where my karma lays. Do you know where it is ?

12th house in Cancer zodiac sign. I was destined to change things regarding my roots even if it means losing my mothers affection. Every time I lose conneciton with my mom it is due to the matters of religion. And yes, 12th house lord Moon is in 9th house in Aries. And so my belief system did not only transform, I kind of lost touch with my roots.

To be honest with you all, I don’t regret going through this transformation, because you cannot be a devote of God without understanding humanity. And so you cannot call yourself a good person if you discriminate others based of their belief system, the way they look or are healthwise but even because of their sexual orientation.

So what would I like to share with you ?

I’ve been struggling a lot these 29 years of my life and tried to keep going forward with a smile but I don’t feel like being a fool anymore and wait for things to change regarding my finances and work. Its not easy to receive criticism when you know as much about your fate as I do know about mine. I am 29 from today onwards. These 29 years taught me a lot about who I am and who I would like to be. I actually married twice in the timeframe of 10 years. I met a lot of famous people like Markus Aujalay. I actuallt had a peeling potatoes-competition with him when I did my internship at his cafe in Aspudden in 2015. Then one of my classmates from high school became a social media personality through participation in Paradise hotel. Before I entered high school I met Daniel from Panetoz, a rap band and even got to practice singing with him. That is the reason I do not feel regret. I have probably experienced more than the people that do charter journeys once or twice a year. I saw the real world. The poverty in Nepal and the power of women in Pakistan. I experienced the life of a princess in the initial years of 20s. And I must tell you that although I did not always feel happy, I am very grateful for everything and everyone that came to my life, even a jerk like Shahzada or my ex-husband Prajwol.

I still have few years to go before I can look in the mirrow feeling proud of my achivements. But I am going to work harder then ever. I believe there is still a lot for me to experience. Doing things without a backup is scary to be honest but if I don’t try I may actually start regreting. So please cheer for me. I want to stand on my own and glow, even when the whole world is filled with darkness. On Monday, I will make the last purchase before I set on a new quest. Stay tunned. Soon this lady will try to use her own hands and her crazy imagination to earn her own bread.

Thank you !


Predicting weight loss with the help of astrology?

Good Saturday everybody!

I would like to take up a very intresting topic with you today – weight loss.

As many of you know I have been struggling quite a lot with balancing my weight. I have been either losing weight too fast making me reach my ideal weight in less than 6 months but feeling like shit as an outcome and there have been times , especially after I got pregnant where I gained enourmous amount of extra pounds in a short period of time. But this post is not about any diet or how I made it happen. After I understood that I cannot be above God, and that is real, not an excuse for not hitting gym, it made me realize that the way I am , the way I look I cannot controll. It’s a part of the challenge I’ve been given by God, to love myself so I can love others for more than just a set of abs or material happiness. But no matter how much I love the self acceptance journey, I need to set limits and I need health to keep inspire people and in order to prelong my life here on earth so I can be given the chance to do even more amazing things. So I have looked backwards and decided to see which alignments I’ve had in my yearly horoscope over 6 years ago when I had lost a lot of weight, to be able to see when the weight loss occures and maybe help those that are eager to make healthy changes for themselves.

So the first change of the way I looked happened when I turned 18 years in 2012. It started with a heartbreak and loss of a friend. I never got back from that pain to be honest and still do not trust girls wich are too much friendly with the person I admire. So what you need to know is that I am Leo ascendant in my birth chart. That means that 8th house of transformation ended up being my ascendant that year. My natal ascendant ended up in 6th house of health routines with Mars being placed there. As you see as well Sun which rules Leo zodiac sign is in my solar years ascendant indicating the change in my routines and how I handle my habits but thats not everything I see.

There is additionally aspect from Saturn which is in solar return 8th house. The lord of that house is Venus and its placed in 2nd house. 2nd house represents the throat and so the food we are eating. As you maybe understood it made me to consume less food and Mars made me crazy about exercise as the Leo sign fueled Mars and put it in combat mode. Saturn rules over Aquarius and its in 12th house, the house of losses in the solar return chart.

Does it mean the same alignments will be in your horoscope ?

The answer is NO. There are various combinations but from my observation the ascendant lord is involved, Saturn and Mars too. Saturn signifies losses after all, just like 12th house so checking your 12th lords placement or natal 12th house in the solar return would be a good idea. Check where your natal ascendant is placed in the solar return as well as the 6th house and its lord.

Here is another example . I was not as hard core as the first time. I was trying to lose weight for my wedding and I just changed my routines a little and eat more regularly. It happened in 2016.

Again natal 8th house of transformation (Pisces) was in my solar return ascendant. Saturn Mars were together in the house of philosophy, solar return 9th house. My natal ascendant is in 6th once again but this time with Jupiter. And you know what happened. I indeed lost weight just to gain it in the 2nd half of that year because I got pregnant in August 2016. So as you can see the result can vary depending on the combination, the houses, planets and lords.

I am predicitng the next change of appearance in 2024.

Okay. This one is a tough one but let’s see.

The solar year ascendant lord is in 11th house of gains in the solar return chart with Saturn and Venus. 6th lord Mercury is in the solar return 12th house of losses. On the same time 12th house lord is in the solar return ascendant.

It’s a totally different scenario from previous one. There is no solar return ascendant in Pisces. But I still believe that change in appearance will happen. Saturn Mars Venus is looking at my natal natal 1st house which is in solar return 5th house. Attempts to improve image will happen and so will the appearance change.

So how do I know ?

First of all Aries is the sign of new beginnings. With Jupiter in the solar return ascendant the Mars energy is magnified. The natal first house even when it gets aspect from Jupiter, its lord is still in the 12th house of losses. Big changes should not be expected but there wil be certain improvement because the courage and determination for change will be there with Saturn, Mars, Venus in 11th house of solar return aspecting the natal ascendant. The Jupiter will give an positive outlook and thus the motivation to go through the change. So in conclusion although the year will be more about economial or educational growth, the change of appearance including weight loss is there.

The rest is for you to see in the next 12 months.

Thank you for reading !

Speculating about second half of life? A prediction based on Navamsha (D9)

Good afternoon everybody!

I am a little gloomy today as I keep having dreams about people which I used to cherish a lot and on the same time I go through the analysis of my life. I go through this quite often as I am getting older, perhaps I am starting to feel time passing through my fingers as my children become more independent. No matter what reason … a thought passed through my mind while sorting out my clothes recently “I used to be so colorful before I married these freaking Capricorns“. And yeah… both of my husbands are born in December and both of them put me in a state of despair and lack of excitement in life. But this post is not about them.. so let’s cut to the real topic – speculating out 2nd half of life using D9 for prediction.

Instead of taking house by house I will be analysing what matters to me the most, else I will get pretty much lost in my thougths. You saw those two at least a hundred times by now πŸ˜… My Lagna chart and Navamsha. So lets start!

Appearance & personality

Most of my youth I spend transforming, going through ups and downs and my life reminded of a drama show. I was pretty much losing and gaining weight , changing appearance. As per the Navamsha if I look at it as a Lagna chart I will be quite anemic in my 2nd half of life. The ascendant lord is together with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars signifies the physical. And as Mars is in 10th house of Navamsha with Ketu I believe I will be very active as Ketu is the headless demon and will copy Mars. It is connected with my natal 6th house which signifies health so I believe that my health condition will force me into losing weight. The reason behind it is because the Sun meaning the focus of my mind as its in Cancer in Navamsha is on health related issues. In the natal chart Cancer is in the 12th house and 12th house is about losses. So thats how I think I may start thinking about weight loss or maybe my health will get worse. But lets go back to the Navamsha lagna lord.

Venus in sign of Scorpio will make me very magnetic in a sexual sense. I suppose like in the case of wine, that it tastes better with time πŸ˜…. Mercury will make me jovial. And as I met a lot of harsh and conservative people in my youth, I believe I will meet a lot of deep and attractive individuals, especially men as Venus and Mercury in 7th house are the people that I meet. Many of them will be human as my 4th house in lagna chart is in Scorpio sign but may be kind of secretive or have deep wounds and traumas.

I may have a more visible gap between my front teeth and short curly hair.

Resources & career

Scorpio rules 8th house in the astrological belt counting from Aries sign and 8th house is the house of research. Its a technical sign. Venus is about beauty or better said aesthetics, while mercury is the communication. 7th house of navamsha is connected to 10th house of navamsha due to the Mars. I believe I did not choose to study media technology for nothing. As Aquarious is the sign of new age and networking , internet … I do believe that my profession will have to do with technology or at least sustainability with the use of innovations. Then as 10th lord is connected to 9th house I will need to obtain a higher degree of education. In conclusion, I do believe that I will earn either through creative online services as online shop or through teaching on the subject of media and technology, graphical design or communication. Ketu stands for languages too as in programming. Nevertheless, my career will not start until the age of 33. Around the age of 36, I will experience a significant betterment as I will be mature, just like my Saturn. Navamshas 2nd house is in Gemini sign which means that I could actually do some multitasking in the career areas. In my lagna Gemini sign is in 11th house and the Scorpio is in the 4th house which I believe is another indicator of earnings through teaching as 4th house stands for the pedagogics as its originally ruled by the Moon.

Another thoughts I am getting is a creative kind of business like selling candles as there is quite a lot of fiery and dry energy around the profession houses.

Romance and self expression

When it comes to romance and self expression I believe that my DNA cannot be fixed. Both my parents indulged in flings and no matter if I want or not I will attract people without wanting to. If I go that way I should not count for more than short term relationships as God has decided that I wll marry only 3 times in this life at max. So yes, I may actually end up marrying again at the age of 32 would be the timing of me meeting the 3rd and last husband.

I will be more creative the older I get as my Sun will not be as blocked as it was when I was a child. As you can see Saturn in navamsha aspects Sun and the Cancer sign which the Sun is positioned in is connected to 5th house. I will do a lot of writing and a lot of detail oriented work. I will be creative but it will be more expressed as critical design. Same with writing. If I will write something it will not be bubbly and dreamy. It will be based on real stuff. I will be more cautious in the way I express myself, I believe I can blame my past experiences for that.

Thats pretty much for now πŸ€”.

Thank you πŸ™