Speculating about second half of life? A prediction based on Navamsha (D9)

Good afternoon everybody!

I am a little gloomy today as I keep having dreams about people which I used to cherish a lot and on the same time I go through the analysis of my life. I go through this quite often as I am getting older, perhaps I am starting to feel time passing through my fingers as my children become more independent. No matter what reason … a thought passed through my mind while sorting out my clothes recently “I used to be so colorful before I married these freaking Capricorns“. And yeah… both of my husbands are born in December and both of them put me in a state of despair and lack of excitement in life. But this post is not about them.. so let’s cut to the real topic – speculating out 2nd half of life using D9 for prediction.

Instead of taking house by house I will be analysing what matters to me the most, else I will get pretty much lost in my thougths. You saw those two at least a hundred times by now 😅 My Lagna chart and Navamsha. So lets start!

Appearance & personality

Most of my youth I spend transforming, going through ups and downs and my life reminded of a drama show. I was pretty much losing and gaining weight , changing appearance. As per the Navamsha if I look at it as a Lagna chart I will be quite anemic in my 2nd half of life. The ascendant lord is together with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars signifies the physical. And as Mars is in 10th house of Navamsha with Ketu I believe I will be very active as Ketu is the headless demon and will copy Mars. It is connected with my natal 6th house which signifies health so I believe that my health condition will force me into losing weight. The reason behind it is because the Sun meaning the focus of my mind as its in Cancer in Navamsha is on health related issues. In the natal chart Cancer is in the 12th house and 12th house is about losses. So thats how I think I may start thinking about weight loss or maybe my health will get worse. But lets go back to the Navamsha lagna lord.

Venus in sign of Scorpio will make me very magnetic in a sexual sense. I suppose like in the case of wine, that it tastes better with time 😅. Mercury will make me jovial. And as I met a lot of harsh and conservative people in my youth, I believe I will meet a lot of deep and attractive individuals, especially men as Venus and Mercury in 7th house are the people that I meet. Many of them will be human as my 4th house in lagna chart is in Scorpio sign but may be kind of secretive or have deep wounds and traumas.

I may have a more visible gap between my front teeth and short curly hair.

Resources & career

Scorpio rules 8th house in the astrological belt counting from Aries sign and 8th house is the house of research. Its a technical sign. Venus is about beauty or better said aesthetics, while mercury is the communication. 7th house of navamsha is connected to 10th house of navamsha due to the Mars. I believe I did not choose to study media technology for nothing. As Aquarious is the sign of new age and networking , internet … I do believe that my profession will have to do with technology or at least sustainability with the use of innovations. Then as 10th lord is connected to 9th house I will need to obtain a higher degree of education. In conclusion, I do believe that I will earn either through creative online services as online shop or through teaching on the subject of media and technology, graphical design or communication. Ketu stands for languages too as in programming. Nevertheless, my career will not start until the age of 33. Around the age of 36, I will experience a significant betterment as I will be mature, just like my Saturn. Navamshas 2nd house is in Gemini sign which means that I could actually do some multitasking in the career areas. In my lagna Gemini sign is in 11th house and the Scorpio is in the 4th house which I believe is another indicator of earnings through teaching as 4th house stands for the pedagogics as its originally ruled by the Moon.

Another thoughts I am getting is a creative kind of business like selling candles as there is quite a lot of fiery and dry energy around the profession houses.

Romance and self expression

When it comes to romance and self expression I believe that my DNA cannot be fixed. Both my parents indulged in flings and no matter if I want or not I will attract people without wanting to. If I go that way I should not count for more than short term relationships as God has decided that I wll marry only 3 times in this life at max. So yes, I may actually end up marrying again at the age of 32 would be the timing of me meeting the 3rd and last husband.

I will be more creative the older I get as my Sun will not be as blocked as it was when I was a child. As you can see Saturn in navamsha aspects Sun and the Cancer sign which the Sun is positioned in is connected to 5th house. I will do a lot of writing and a lot of detail oriented work. I will be creative but it will be more expressed as critical design. Same with writing. If I will write something it will not be bubbly and dreamy. It will be based on real stuff. I will be more cautious in the way I express myself, I believe I can blame my past experiences for that.

Thats pretty much for now 🤔.

Thank you 🙏

Everything happens for a reason

Hello everybody !

Its almost thursday 12th of January. As I mentioned in the previous post I had to take kids for a meeting. I think it went okay. Although Aaron was very scared and asked me to follow him inside and so I went. I tried my best to just listen, sometimes I explained what Aaron meant as he spoke very silently. I am not sure what the outcome will be as I opened about my childhood but well… let’s hope that God will protect my babies and that we will be able to live together without any issues. I believe that everything is happening for a reason. Nevertheless, I felt like crap today. On one side I have a mother that is a controll freak and then I have a father that let his insecurities take over and installed in me forever a certain feeling of loss and sadness. In other words, I had to tell the story of how my father tried to hang himself when I was 6-7 years old because my mother cheated him and asked for divorce. Probably, I will tell them more but when they asked what kind of help I need I did not have an answer. They think I am new at this or that I cannot take care of my kids. But the truth is I had to prioritize myself last year so that we could finally go separate ways with Prajwol. And as I promised myself I did it, I finished my bachelors degree in tourism studies. I am supposed to have a meeting alone with them on 13th Friday unless they cancel. I think I will need to take my big folder with all my degrees, grades and recommendation letters. Everything that can show that I am not a weakling and that I am the person that I potray myself to be. Not an easy task… but nothing seems to be easy in my life. Another few pair of stairs to climb but don’t be sad for me. My day actually ended up well. I have two beautiful kids sleeping in my room. And I got selected for an interview in the city where I reside. The job is not 100% what I want to do but I know that the more experience I gain the better. So maybe this summer I will be a Destination Gotland crew member. They said in the adverstisement that they may hire part time during autumn and winter season as well and that would be awesome as I really would love to move to Märsta and work in the airport instead but for that I need 6 months salary statement. If not there, then Gothenburg or Malmö.

But before anything … I have a Mars period ahead and then finally Rahu period. You can ignore the dates. Its going to happen sooner. I am predicting that Mars period will shoot me already by the end of this month and Rahu period by the end of February and last until end of April. Jupiter will start giving its fruits in May and end 1st week of July. Its going to be a very intense few months but I believe that its the best that could happen to me. Hold thumbs for me 😅 because I may end up becoming a mom to a third child by the end of this year.

Thank you for reading !

You are the one that need me. I don’t need you.

Good morning my dear readers and followers!

Im writing to you from a rainy Nynäshamn in Sweden. I am a little bit nervous today as my kids are meeting some people today and I will be meeting this people on Friday 13th. Not a very good day for a serious meeting but at least I have one good news. I got hired yesterday and my salary is 16 EUR per hour. Nice! For someone without a teacher certificate. But as always there are not many people to pat my back and say that I did a great job. My ex did and my current husband. I suppose the story repeats itself. Strangers are closer than your own blood related family. Nevertheless, I am not in a place to let it take over my head. I need to be quite action oriented. The Saturn transit conjunct my natal Merc.ury is giving me trouble though. My whole body seems to be vibriting these days whenever I am tensed… anxiety I guess. Thus, I am keeping myself occupied. I have to submit my media technology thesis this Sunday. Maybe I will be doing some cleaning after I come back home with the kids in the evening. It always eases me in some way. But okay… let’s talk about that title that you got interest in and led you to read this post.

“You are the one that need me . I don’t need you.” – is what I have heard from my mother yesterday when she announced that she will no longer help me with the kids or in any other way.. Stating that I am on my own now because she is older than me and I don’t give her the respect she wants. The only thing I had to say was to her future husband “Good luck” . He will really need it because after she stops talking to us, he and his company will need to take her verbal abuse. I remember that last year or so I was the one saying that she is the one that need me. And I think that was pretty true. You can say that I am wrong. It’s okay. But that is my way of treating someone with narcissistic ways. No one protected me when I was a child and I developed anxiety which I fight to this day. I may seem cruel giving cold shoulder to the woman that gave birth to me but that is my way of protecting myself. Because I am not brainless as she always says that I am. I have my brain and heart at the right place. For me my grandmom was more of a mother than my own mother. That’s how I am good at drawing, doing all kids of crafts, sewing and I have easy time talking to strangers. My grandmom finished only 8th grade but has more logical thinking than my own mom. Thus, I will keep studying and becoming a more confident self. It will be difficult of course. No single mom has an easy life. But I definitely will find at least one good soul to help me when needed. And its not like I was needing any help after I moved from my moms house at the age of 20, 2015. My economy became worse when I moved to our current apartment in 2019, because I had two small kids, too many days filled with all kinds of baby diseases and a husband that did not want to cooperate so I could go to work.

So my dear readers if anyone is telling you that you are worthless or that you will not achieve anything without them know that it’s called gaslighting and its mental abuse which in most countries is illegal. Instead of questioning yourself , just go out for some fresh air and focus on your own goals. If you don’t have, create some. It’s always better than being in stagnation mode. I know that its difficult at times when there are too many problems to carry on your shoulders but believe me you can do it!

Take baby steps, but do it!

And if anyone talks to you about respect… Just tell them to look at the mirror.

“Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them. Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing. Respect doesn’t have to come naturally – it is something you learn.” (kidshelpline.com.au)

Thank you for reading !