Making a cake with Pokemon theme

Good Sunday to you all my dear followers and readers!

Do we have any Pokemon lovers here? Maybe your kids are if you are not ?

Well… I used to watch Pokemon as a child and I think I ended up sending over the Pokemon fever to my eldest son, Aaron. His birthday is coming up and he wished for a Pokemon cake and so I took the challenge this morning to actually create one. Although I must admit that sugar paste crafts are not a piece of cake. I believe I lack the knowledge to handle the materials.

But well… let me tell you how I proceeded with the construction. You are free to be my judge because to me my childs smile matters the most.It says it all.

If you want to make it the easy way, go with simplicity. I bought a package of cookies which I crushed and blended with melted butter and then I put it to oven for 5-10 minutes to make a giant cookie chip as a buttom of my cake. I put this to freezer for few minutes to cool it.

Then I have mixed seperately chocolate powder and vanilla powder together with milk which became chocolate mousse and vanilla mousse. I added a tea spoon of gelatin to each mousse for it to be more hard as the next step would make the cake collapse if it was too soft.

Next, I put the mousse cake in the freezer and started coloring the sugar paste. Its good if you have some icing sugar as it can get quite sticky. I did not have any so I had to use flour which dried the sugar paste completely and make it break all the time.

I believe that I don’t need to explain much here. Making crafts requires a lot of patience and proficiency which I totally lack at the moment. But this challenge taught me that there are limitations which I have to address but that as long as I try I win as I know what I am good at and what I need more practice in. I did not have black color for example so I used medical charcoal for the belt. I did not have any cutters or dyes and so I took whatever could make a circle shape. Problem solving skills has been increased for sure and I cannot wait to create even more awesome things for my babies.

I believe that my effort was great as my son got all excited and wanted a charmander on the cake as well and even the younger one was eager to make his own figures but well, got to wait until 9th to see if the cake really is a success.

Pikka! Pikka!

Thank you for reading!


Sketching that becomes a drawing (+16)

Good tuesday to you!

Not sure if its a coincidence that I was done with my drawing today but tuesdays are ruled by Mars and Mars is what ? That’s right ! Passion.

And so is the theme of the drawing. I will be honest with you. I have at least 7 days lenght of sexual alignments in my horoscope and I thought I would be spending this time with my husband in Pakistan instead of putting my desires on paper but well…

So first of all if you are not comfortable with looking at pictures of naked people, having a special wooden manekin for beginners would be a good thing if you want to draw different positions and make your characters more alive.

I, on the other hand gave birth to two boys in the past so kinky things and nudiness does not scare me anymore.

Be ready to use eraser quite a lot and take your time. I had to close my eyes quite for some time as I cannot see things which I cannot imagine. In my head everything is playing like a movie so its easier to get angles right .

You will probably want to change some things like I did in the last moment and that’s okay.

The plan was to keep the characters “RAW” but well… thats for you who are sensitive to nudiness ๐Ÿ˜‚ ENJOY!!!

Have a HOT day!

Layers, shadows and tools in drawing

Good Sunday morning!

I have good news for you. Jesus has risen and so I think I managed to overcome my creativity blockage this morning. Although to be honest I would prefer different shades of colors and layers but well… got to use what’s at hand when life requires from you to step down from your throne and look at the world as it is… in the shade of white and layers of gray. So yes…

I will not go around the bush ๐Ÿ˜‚ I drew a picture of my husband in bed.

I actually took the picture yesterday when we were talking on WhatsApp and decided to challenge myself. I think what I felt at the moment of drawing made mine dopamine to increase. Actually, my heart is still beating at this very moment. Not sure if its my alluring husband or that I drew after so long but maybe you can tell me.

Before I show you the final result let me tell you about the importance of having the right tools.

You know that most drawing require paper and a pencil. But did you know that all the pencils have different functions ?

When we start going to school we probably use pencils which are hard. That in the artsitic terms means that these pencils are good for clear lines but very difficult to remove with an eraser if you make any mistakes. In other words, its suitable for for writing but not exactly for sketching.

When you start a drawing project it almost always starts with sketching, getting the shapes and proportions right before you focus on the details. The harder pencils have the letter H on them while those used for details such as layers or shadows like in the case of my drawing which you will find below have a B. HB tends to be neutral neither hard or soft. The numbers like 2B or 2H indicate how soft or how hard a pencil is.

If you are going to go white and shades of grey like me, be prepared to use the eraser quite a lot as the drawing will be more about getting the shadows right than the lines.

If you are a beginner start with a soft and thin paper which is used for sketching. The more proficient you get the more advanced materials and tools you will be able to use.

And now to …..

๐Ÿ‘‘ The outcome ๐Ÿ‘‘

Thank you & see you again !